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How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

sprouting weed seeds

A quality, decent harvest depends on a lot of factors, however, proper germination is the first and most important step to grow cannabis from seeds! To understand how to start marijuana seeds and grow potent plants, stick to the following guidelines.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

germinating weed seeds

Germination of cannabis seeds takes place fairly quickly under good conditions. The first thing that develops is the taproot. As it develops, it pierces and breaks through the seed’s membrane. After that, within a few days, the seedling begins to strengthen and the first two embryonic leaves, the cotyledons, appear. On these leaves, quite often, for a long time, the shell of the seed may remain. Do not be in a hurry to remove it by hand. The fragile seedlings are very fragile and any, even the smallest, damage can significantly reduce the power and growth rate of the future cannabis plant.

As soon as the seeds release a root, planting germinated marijuana seeds is imperative as soon as possible. Next, after the appearance of the seedling, it is important to provide the plant with the maximum amount of light. This factor triggers an active photosynthesis process in the plant, which guarantees a powerful growth of the future marijuana bush.

The secrets of the germinating cannabis seeds

germinating marijuana seeds
  • The ideal temperature. The most suitable temperature to germinate marijuana seeds is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius or 69 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to germinate the seeds in daylight without using additional, artificial light sources.
  • Seed varieties. Buying seeds from a trusted seed bank ensures that the germination time is not wasted. Trusted seed stores sell you the seeds which are sure to give you potent plants (if you grow them well, of course), which cannot be guaranteed when you buy low-quality cannabis seeds. Often “duds” have a pale white color and look very small. However, there is a possibility that the color is a specific strain feature.
  • Clear water. If you are not sure that the water and the containers you use to germinate your seeds in is sterile, add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide to 1 liter of soaking water. This will keep your seeds safe from mildew and further rotting, which is often the case with high humidity that allows the seeds to open.
  • Suitable soil. If you are going to germinate the seeds directly in the soil, then take care of the right soil. Not only the germination process but also the further growth of the plant depends on the substrate. Plant the seed directly in the substrate in which you plan to grow the shrubs in the future. The soil should have a neutral ph level (between 5.8 and 6.2) and be fairly loose (you can mix it with vermiculite or perlite, for example).
  • Storing cannabis seeds. Marijuana seeds should be stored in dry jars or bags. Humidity, mold, cold air, and draughts can all have a negative effect on the quality of the seeds and can lead to stunted growth or the seeds not germinating at all.

Germinating marijuana seeds in the ground

Planting cannabis herb seeds directly into the ground is a grueling option, as you will not be able to see everything from the moment the plant sprouts up to the moment it starts to sprout. When marijuana sprouting is in the ground, you want to avoid the urge to dig it out and see what is going on. Young cannabis seedlings are very fragile and any clumsy touch can break or damage the seedling and roots.

How to germinate cannabis seeds in cotton pads or a towel

If you’re wondering how to properly germinate marijuana seeds without loss, this method is one of the best. By soaking the seeds in a towel, on a cotton pad or gauze, you will surely be able to plant each seed. With this method, the seeds get enough moisture, air, and heat because you can easily watch them and control all the processes.

Germinating weed seeds in mineral wool and peat pellets

how to germinate marijuana seeds

Germination of marijuana seeds in mineral wool provides the highest percentage of germination. The device is a kind of grid with mineral wool blocks, which are placed in a special tray. The mineral wool has pre-made holes for the seeds, which are further covered with another layer of mineral wool to stop the flow of air.

Then water or special nutrient liquids for marijuana germination are poured into the trays, which actively supply the mineral wool with the right amount of moisture. To keep warm, the tray is covered, and the liquids slowly nourish the seeds. Since some types of mineral wool devices are equipped with heating units, such a device essentially becomes a mini greenhouse and the best way to germinate marijuana seeds.

Soaking hemp seeds

This method of starting marijuana seeds is used to germinate old, dried seeds that have been stored for a long time. It is quite dangerous because if the seeds are left too long in the water, they will simply rot away.


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