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How to flavor weed?

Even the highest quality buds can bore you. Daily use dulls the feeling, and you no longer feel the emotions you used to. In such cases, you should try something new. Of course, we mean new weed flavors. Smells can bring new sensations even to avid stoners. Do not be upset if the distribution in your country is limited, and there is no opportunity to choose flavored weed in the store. Moreover, even if you don’t grow the plants yourself, you can still add the scent to your joints. Does it sound intriguing? In this article, we will tell how to make your weed taste better.

How to give your weed flavor before harvest?

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We have a few options for weed flavoring. Of course, by growing cannabis, you have the greatest opportunity to influence its qualities. So we’ll start by enhancing the plant before the harvest.

As usual, you stop watering the bushes in a few days. A few days, not a week. You don’t have to stress the plant out and make the soil crack from dryness.

This way, your cannabis begins to feel a strong thirst. Prepare a mixture of water and essential oils according to your taste. Add no more than 10-20 ml of weed flavor drops per 20 liters of water. Water the bushes on harvest day with this mixture. Four hours and twenty minutes should be enough to quench the plant’s thirst. However, be extra careful when drying the buds, as increased moisture can lead to mold formation.

Even if you are reading this article after the branches have been cut, you still have the option of flavoring your crop. Prepare the same mixture of water and essential oils and bathe the green blossoms in it. As long as the plant is fresh, it is still metabolically capable. Hold the branches in such a bath for a few days and then dry as usual.

Now, information for end-users

Even the buds, which are ready to be consumed, can be modified. You need to take a sealed container for the final stage of drying and add some essential oils to it. It is best to use a cotton disc or just a piece of fabric for this. Keep an eye on the moisture level in the container when the process begins, and the plants begin to absorb the evaporating oils. Overwetting can spoil the finished product.

Lifehack for cannabis flavors

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You can use fruits and spices as a weed enhancer. Just add them to the teabag (tea can also be a new flavor of your buds) and close them in the storage containers.

It is important that the flavoring does not come into contact with your buds. The exchange of substances should take place through the air. Therefore, there should also be enough air. Do not fill your container with more than half of it.

As you can see, you always have the opportunity to experiment with your favorite plants. Remember that flavoring is not a substitute for traditional post-harvest bush cultivation, but only a pleasant addition. Also, don’t be under the illusion that you will be able to get rid of the original scent. Outdoors, the added smell will quickly weather out, so take care of an airtight storage facility. The worst thing you can do is allow too much moisture and mold. Anyway, don’t be afraid to experiment – new sensations are worth it.


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