How to Clean Bong

clean a bong

Cleaning glass bong may seem complicated, but it’s the most important part of your enjoyable and safe smoking experience. After all, water left in the device can cause mold growth, while fouling and tar can affect the quality of your smoking sessions. We will tell you the best way to clean a bong!

What to Use to Clean a Bong

how to clean bong

There are many ways to clean a bong using simple ingredients you have at home, like dishwashing detergent, isopropyl alcohol, and salt, or vinegar and baking soda. You can even use lemon juice to get rid of stubborn stains and odors.

Using a dish detergent is probably the easiest way to clean a bong. But often users complain that after a bubble cleaner, the bong emits an unnatural aroma. It all depends on the amount of product used. If you use it wisely, no unpleasant odors will remain, especially if you own a glass device.

With coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol, you can easily clean even a very dirty bong. Clean bongs with alcohol are not difficult at all! To do this, you need to put a certain amount of ingredients needed in a device and add warm water (the concentration is best selected by experience because it depends on the degree of contamination of the device).

Even the most stubborn dirt is easily washed after a few minutes of active shaking and stirring. The salt does not dissolve in alcohol and helps effectively remove dirt from the walls of the bong. And the alcohol disperses the odor perfectly, while not creating foam. Difficult-to-reach places can be cleaned with special brushes, cotton swabs, or other handy tools.

Cleaning bongs with baking soda follows the same principle as cleaning with alcohol and salt. Over time you will understand how to clean bongs at home without much effort. Cleaning and washing your bong will be a quick and easy process for you!

How to Properly Clean a Bong With a Percolator

ways to clean a bong

Cleaning a bong with a percolator is a little more complicated than cleaning a regular bong. Having a percolator greatly complicates the construction of the device, organizing a lot of hidden places and hidden corners.

  1. First, prepare in advance all the things you will need in the process of cleaning the device. That is hot water, cold water, cotton swabs or paper towels, containers in which you will wash the device, cleaner, sponges, and brushes for cleaning, etc.
  2. Place the bong on a flat surface and make sure you have nothing to tip over and enough room to move the device around.
  3. Prepare a cleaning solution. If you decide to use simple cleaners, no special instructions or techniques will be needed. But, if you’re using professional cleaners, be sure to follow the instructions on the package, so they’re as effective as possible.
  4. Pour the cleaning solution into the bottom hole and then into the bong (until it fills all the percolators in the device). If the contamination is very severe, pour a few spoonfuls of table salt into the neck for even greater cleaning efficiency.
  5. Close all the holes of the bong and shake it to spread the cleaning solution all over the unit. Leave the device in the solution for 10-15 minutes, and when the time has passed, take the bong in your hands again and stir vigorously until it is clean. The result obtained will largely depend on the initial degree of contamination and the concentration of the solution.
  6. Now that the residual soot has dissolved they can easily be brushed off the walls with cotton disks or soft brushes. Be careful not to damage the percolators, as most are thin and brittle. Use stiff bristle brushes only when necessary.

If your bong has a permanent and ingrained stain, then home remedies may be of little effect. Especially if your bong is designed with built-in percolators, multi-level diffusers, or an elaborate filtration system. In this case, the best way to clean your bong is to seek help from professionals or use professional remedies that have been proven by experience.

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