How to Bonsai Cannabis?

weed bonsai

The ancient Japanese art of growing dwarf trees in pots called bonsai attracts not only the descendants of the samurai with their refined cult of admiring nature. When you live in a stone jungle without the possibility of contact with nature, the opportunity to create a cannabis mini-forest on your windowsill causes joy and childlike delight at the first results.

This activity is something to be proud of: marijuana bonsai is not a genetically dwarf tree, but quite a normal plant that has learned to survive in unusual conditions. With the help of specific techniques and devices, the gardener skillfully manipulates the energy of the growth of trees, creating living masterpieces.

Also, the man-made forest can be a lot of interesting things: bonsai cannabis between decorative trees can easily hide as a Christmas tree, and there will be plenty of gifts on it!

Cannabis Bonsai Guide

bonsai weed plant

Jha blessed his beloved plant with an enormous reservoir of vitality: Cannabis adapts well to the cramped conditions of a pot if you give it a little help. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to make a weed bonsai tree: discipline and perseverance are your best helpers!

Your steps can be divided into:

  1. Selecting good cuttings.
  2. Shape the trunk.
  3. Shaping the crown.
  4. Keeping an eye on the branches and trimming them back.
  5. Admiring your bonsai weed plant.

Prepare cuttings for planting

A beautiful bonsai pot plant can only be created from quality planting material. To create a small masterpiece, choose strong cuttings obtained from good parents. Place the selected stepchild in a flat square or rectangular pot with a diagonal of about 6 cm, to conveniently prune the branches. To make it easier to bend the marijuana bonsai tree, plant the cuttings not in the center of the pot, but closer to the edge.

Allow the seedling to take root, then trim off the shoots, leaving three to four twigs. When the top two shoots with serrated leaves have grown to 10-12 cm, fix them with a rubber band and a clothespin or cut off the tips just above the node. When the second pair of shoots catch up to the tops, pinch them off as well. Some gardeners allow their greens to grow up to three or more tiers and then wrap large leaves under the young shoots. Cross the leaves over each other by interlocking the petioles and edges.

Tie up the trunk

Before you start forming the trunk, drill a series of holes for rope or wire in the upper edge of the pot, which will be needed to install wooden sticks that hold the trunk in the desired shape. It is best to bend the Christmas tree towards the side which has the longer side shoots: then the crown will grow more evenly and the upper branches will not shade the lower ones.

Try not to damage the roots of the sprout by placing props. You can wrap the stem with cardboard. Once you have the bonsai cannabis plant trunk support in place, gently bend the stem or twist it around a stick, then thread the rope through the hole closest to the plant and tie off the shoot. Don’t use thin strings to garter and secure the stems so as not to damage the plant.

Shape the crown

bonsai pot plant

A well-shaped crown will add to the attractiveness of the tree. You can grow cannabis bonsai tree, giving the branches the fanciest shape your imagination suggests using garter and pegs. If you don’t feel like getting creative, you can simply twist the branch in any direction, relying on your intuition. By adjusting the level of the slope of the stem and branches, you will form a beautiful bonsai marijuana plant with a distinct personality. The stiffer you fix the branches, the stronger the slope – the looser the string, the higher and straighter the branches will stand.

Trim the branches

You will need to trim back any excess side shoots from the stem to keep the crown in shape. Also, the bush should not get too big to keep air circulating. Better ventilation will protect the roots from rot and mildew. The branches should be trimmed with sharp scissors without touching the main stem.

Admire your creation

After all, you have grown not just a home bush, but a real masterpiece, which had to be watched and cared for as a small child.

Advantages of cannabis bonsai trees

  • First and foremost, bonsai trees are an art form. For professionals in the business, it is yet another challenge to show that it is possible to create beautiful things out of almost nothing. For amateurs, it turns into an ordinary hobby, in which they find their satisfaction.
  • Secondly, bonsai has its philosophy. Creating and watching the process, your mind is completely relaxed and cleared of unnecessary thoughts, forcing you to focus only on your creation and imagination.
  • Thirdly you might ask: “Why cannabis bonsai? And why not: in every art, in every process, people have evolved and come up with more and more experiments. And when one succeeds, it forms a new branch, a new style that everyone follows.
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