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How much THC is optimal for the human body?

optimal amount of cannabis

As the demand for cannabis increases, the need for clear guidelines for its use also increases. Marijuana is a powerful drug, and as a drug requires a framework that minimizes harm. A standardized dosage can be a cornerstone of this framework.

Currently, the therapeutic landscape of cannabis is characterized by a lack of harmonization. Even in the states, not all doctors are well versed in the specifics of medical marijuana. Some doctors are not aware of the endocannabinoid system at all.

Although today there is an impressive variety of cannabis products and methods of using – food, fumes, cones, concentrates – each of them often contains different concentrations of THC. In an article published in Addiction in 2019, the authors of the study proposed a standard THC dose of 5 mg for all cannabis products in all injection methods. This approach echoes the way consumers were taught to understand alcohol.

A 5 mg dose of THC can produce significant effects regardless of the route of use while minimizing the risk of unpleasant or excessive effects for novice users.


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