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How Much Does a Pound of Weed Cost And Which States Have The Lowest Prices

1 pound of weed price

Every day hundreds of thousands of deals are made and everyone is interacting how much does a pound of weed cost? They began to actively trade in marijuana back in the 1980s, but then the “weed” lovers bought it mainly on the street, in Central Park, for example. This was until the mid-1990s when the authorities cleared the streets of most developed cities of drug dealers.

However, it was not possible to eradicate the drug trade – it simply went underground and changed radically. Most of the weed is grown domestically, supplied in small batches, and distributed through a tiered distribution system and people will learn how much does a pound of kush costs. Such a distribution channel is very similar to the Internet – there are many hotbeds of activity in the absence of a single stationary center.

Using pagers, mobile phones, and a host of other devices, drug dealers create sophisticated and highly lucrative networks. The key to success is knowing how much to do a pound of kush cost and creating multiple layers of intermediaries between growers and buyers and making it as difficult for the law as possible to identify the connections between these levels.

1 Pound of Weed Cost

1 pounds of weed

California is the largest marijuana grower in the United States. The volume is 13 million pounds a year, but in 2019 prices have plummeted by as much as 12%.

As for 2020, prices also decreased, but not significantly, and the pound of kush price was $ 1510-1550.

Let’s take a look at the latest Cannabis Benchmark data for legal markets and find out how much is a pound of kush cost:

  • Average Marijuana Prices in Legal Markets:
  • Average wholesale price per pound for adult-use cannabis: $ 1,600
  • Average wholesale price per pound for medicinal: $ 1,800
  • Average for greenhouse-grown cannabis: $ 1,350
  • Average for indoor-grown cannabis: $ 1,900
  • Average for outdoor-grown cannabis: $ 750
  • Median average: $ 1,650

How much does 1 pound of weed cost on the black market, the prices are slightly different. They range from $ 2,000 to $ 4,000.

Also, the cost of 1 pound of weed depends on whether it is legal in the state and how it is in demand. Because of this, the price per pound can be between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000.

Previously, almost all marijuana was grown in the basements of private houses located in the vicinity of cities. A typical “gardener” cultivated from 300 to 400 plants, from which he annually took up to four crops of 15–20 kg each. The wholesale price of such a batch is from $ 150,000 to $ 200,000, and 1 pound of weed price is from $ 540,000 to $ 720,000. Marijuana was usually of the highest quality and was grown hydroponically using mineral fertilizers.

The wholesale distributor bought the “weed” at a price of $ 4000 for 1 pound of kush (450 g) and delivered it in small batches, several pounds each, to the chain management, who paid him $ 10000 for 1 pound of weed. He bought the product in small batches so that he could sell it quickly and never carry too much marijuana with him.

The marijuana was then packaged in one-pound bags and delivered to the “bases” – to call centers for which hotel rooms in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island were adapted, or to one of seven Nebel houses (all of them were recorded on dummy owners) in the vicinity of New York.


Since 2018, California has become the first American state to legalize the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. According to various estimates, the California marijuana market can reach $ 5 billion a year. A separate industry has become the work of trimmigrants – people who came from different countries and regions to try to pinch off at least a piece of billions in profits and start harvesting.

The Most Expensive and Cheapest Weed

pound of kush price

A study came out looking at the cost of marijuana in the United States. Found places with the most expensive and cheapest grass. The conclusions were unexpected. The prices for the grass were studied by the Israeli company Seedo, a global manufacturer of equipment for growing marijuana indoors. The “2018 hemp price index”, as the report is called, was formed on the basis of data on how much is a pound of kush in the American states, where there is either partial legalization or full legalization. The study was conducted to analyze the possible profits of the states from legalization, which will bring tax deductions from marijuana sales to their treasury.

It turns out that the cheapest weed in the US is on sale in Seattle (full legalization). Here the pound of kush price will be $ 3400. Denver (fully legalized) with $ 4,500 a pound is also a good marijuana destination. And Los Angeles, where full legalization is also in force – $ 3,650 per pound of weed.


In general, in the West of the USA, people who smoke weed are very good. And here’s just the trouble with the prices for 1 pound of kush on the East Coast. And especially in Washington. Capital planners are forced to fork out $ 18.08 per gram. However, this is the most expensive place in the United States with a wide gap in price from others. Chicago is the second most expensive – $ 11.46, which is several times cheaper than in Washington. But New York, which is considered the city with the highest per capita consumption of marijuana in the United States, hangs in the middle of the list. If you want to know how much do a pound of kush costs, then this is $ 4800. As the authors of the study note, a lot of factors affect the cost of grass – features of the legislation of individual states, the volume of cannabis production, and others. As a reminder, to date, marijuana, either in medical or reactive form, is available in 29 states of the United States.

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