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How does marijuana help to fight heat?

marijuana fights heat

If you don’t like a lot of other ways to fight the heat (like a cold beer or ice cream), marijuana can help you cool down. Twist the joints, and it will help you cope with overheating when you need it most. It’s a medical fact – using marijuana lowers your body temperature.

What external factors can affect thermoregulation

Did you know that hot drinks cool better than cold ones? You read right: hot beverages cool down. A cup of hot tea activates the receptors on your tongue that detect high temperatures. These TRPV1 receptors send a command to the brain and trigger a cooling reaction. This reaction reduces the body temperature more than the hot beverage heats. Chilli pepper acts similarly – it also activates the TRPV1 receptors and triggers a cooling.

It must be the reason why hot drinks are prevalent in sweltering countries like India, where people drink hot teacup by cup and eat some of the piquant dishes in the world. Guess what other hot remedies are also popular in India? That’s right – bhang, charras, or cannabis. Cannabis seems to play a role in regulating body temperature, affecting the hypothalamus, although it can also cause temperature drops by activating TRPV1 receptors similar to chili peppers and hot drinks.

Decreasing body temperature under the influence of cannabinoids is considered one of the classic effects of marijuana found in experiments on mice and then confirmed by the surveillance of people who use cannabis.

How to escape the heat

If you feel that you are overheating, the first thing to do is to drink some water, which preferably should be at room temperature. Coldwater can cause an increase in body temperature because of the work your body has to do to heat it before it can assimilate into your stomach. Hot drinks (not boiling) keep your body refreshing. The World Health Organization has recently published a statement that drinks above 65ºC (this is hotter than most of us can physically drink) can cause esophageal cancer. Try spicy food as well – it should cause sweating to help manage the heat.

Fill up the bong

Last but not least, don’t forget about the possibilities of cannabis! Fill up your bong, get a vape, or eat a yummy snack with cannabis oil. The stronger the effect, the less heat you’ll feel. Turn off the air conditioning to make you feel like a Greenpeace helper, a responsible person, a nature advocate. Be sure you enjoy this kind of environmental activism.

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