How Long to Get Marijuana Out of Urine and How to Speed Up the Process

how long is thc in urine

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Urine?

Anyone who smokes marijuana, regardless of how frequently or how much, needs to know how long is THC in urine.

The most often used federally illegal substance in the United States is marijuana. Employers are well aware of this. Therefore, they typically ask their future employees to be tested for drugs.

Setting aside the many valid complaints of workplace drug testing, as well as disagreements over the tests’ usefulness and accuracy, and the overall humiliating, privacy-invading nature of the process, let’s focus on one simple question: how long does it take marijuana to leave your urine stream?

Overview: It’s… Difficult

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward solution. So let’s make things easier by rephrasing the query. You’re probably not looking for a lecture on cannabinoid metabolism.

You’re probably curious about how long does it take to get THC out of your urine since you’re about to take a drug test. So the actual question isn’t how long does weed last in urine, but how long does THC stay in your system? The actual question is when the level of THC in your urine will fall below the test-positive threshold.

To answer that essential, life-or-death issue, you must first comprehend why and how THC shows up in your urine in the first place, as well as the elements that influence how quickly your body removes it.

What Causes THC to Show Up in Your Urine?

It’s a trick question! THC, or more particularly, the delta-9 THC that makes you high, does not pass through your urine! So, what’s the big deal about a pee drug test?

Because psychoactive, illegal delta-9 THC molecules aren’t detected in urine testing. Instead, they look for what your body creates as a waste product when it metabolizes THC.

A metabolite is a name for the waste product. THCCOOH is THC’s version, which scientists refer to as a ‘carboxy.’ THCCOOH and other waste metabolites are removed by your excretory systems. THCCOOH does this via combining with glucuronic acid, a uronic acid that is excreted in the urine.

How Long Does It Take THC to Leave Your Urine Stream: Examining Every Variable

how long to get weed out of urine

Urine drug tests for cannabis are simply looking for signs that your body is still attempting to get rid of the waste products from your previous THC exposure.

They don’t display the last time you smoked. They have no way of knowing if you were high when you’re pissed. All they show is that your body is still trying to get rid of THCCOOH, implying that your body digested an illegal quantity of THC. At the very least, at some time.

But the answer to such an important question as “how long to get weed out of urine?” is difficult. So, here’s a rundown of the most significant factors.

Dose of THC

As previously stated, experts believe that 15 to 20% of a Delta-9 THC dosage is excreted in the urine. As a result, the potency of your cannabis determines how many metabolites end up in your pee. This also explains how test managers may link the minuscule quantities of cannabis detected to a genuine dosage.

Make Use of Your Habits

Smokers who smoke regularly are more prone to urine detection than those who smoke just sometimes. There’s a lot more. As a result, make sure you’re aware of the detection timeframes.

It might take as little as five days or as long as eight days for first-time cannabis users to clean up their act. Do you only smoke a few times a week? You should be OK in about a half to two weeks. Except for a few days a week, do you smoke every day? To get rid of all the THCCOOH in your system, it’ll take a month to a month and a half, if not longer.

If you’re a daily user, your urine drug test will likely take two months to come back negative. According to one significant research, it took 77 days for a participant with daily usage habits to pass 10 consecutive negative tests.

What Is the Time It Takes for THC to Leave My Urine?

On the surface, the answer to the issue of how long does THC take to leave my urine appears to be simple. It takes your body as long as it takes to digest THCCOOH and eliminate it as waste.

But keep in mind that the most crucial thing is that enough THC leaves your urine to pass your test. To put it another way, having fully clean pee isn’t required. What matters is how much time you have to give your body to work.

However, because each person’s body is different, the time it takes for THC to leave your urine will vary based on a variety of factors, including the dose and frequency with which you consume it, as stated above. It will also be determined by other factors such as your food and activity, as well as your body weight and body fat index. Your age and hormone levels also have an impact.

The countless chemical processes that occur inside your body to keep you healthy and functioning are referred to as the metabolism. Because metabolizing cannabis is a component of all of those processes, raising your metabolic rate—the rate at which your body works through all of them—will cause THC to leave your urine more rapidly. As a result, a variety of factors determine the amount of time THC may be detected in urine.

Factors That Shorten the Time THC Remains in Urine

how long does weed last in urine

So let’s have a look at a few of these variables. First and foremost, diet and exercise.

Yes, eating may speed up your metabolism, but some meals are more effective than others. Fatty meals, for example, only increase your metabolic rate by about 5%. Proteins speed up metabolism 4 or even 5 times better than fats. Accordingly, the more protein you eat, the faster THC will be removed from your body along with the rest of the elements. Hot, spicy meals have also been shown to have a significant influence on raising the metabolic rate in studies.

Exercise and physical exercise are also important. The more you exert your muscles, the more energy they require to function. As a result, frequent exercise might help you have a faster metabolism. Essentially, you’re teaching your body to burn more energy at a quicker rate.

You’re also gaining muscle, which requires far more energy than fatty tissue, raising your metabolic rate even higher. That is why body weight and body fat index are significant. Your metabolism will be quicker if you have more muscle than fat. And the more mass your body possesses, the more energy it needs to function.

These physiological parameters influence the above-mentioned average times. For example, two persons can ingest the same amount of THC or use cannabis on the same schedule yet have different timeframes for THC to exit their urine.

The individual who has greater muscle, exercises more and is more active, eats more protein, or is younger will have a shorter timeframe than the averages indicated above. The other individual, who is heavier, less active, or older, will take longer to reach the average timescales depending on dose and frequency of usage.

Use a Detoxification Program to Cleanse

You may have only recently learned that you urgently need to take a test. But do not worry so much, there is still a way out. If you have 7 days left, we recommend a detox program. This program will help speed up the body’s natural process of clearing THC. Thus, it will take you about a week to completely get rid of THC in the urine. These programs also provide home testing kits, so you can be sure you’re clean.

Is It Better to Be Inhaled or Ingested?

Comparing smoking cannabis and eating marijuana in the form of food, is it possible to say exactly how long it will take for THC to leave our body? Unfortunately, there is no exact answer. However, we can say that the level of THC in the urine will change, depending on how high you feel from food, compared to smoking.

THC will persist in your urine for a longer time if you eat edibles, anything from numerous hours to a day. However, there isn’t a substantial enough difference to affect the outcome of your test.

Factors of Physiology

Two elements influence how long THC lingers in your urine when it comes to your own body. Your metabolic rate is the first. You’ll excrete THCCOOH faster if you have a faster metabolism.

The second factor is your hydration level. The faster THC metabolites leave your body, the more fluids you ask your body to digest and the more pee you create as a result.

To Summarize: How Long to Get Marijuana Out of Urine?

Weed drug urine tests include a variety of flaws and deficiencies. However, they excel at one thing: showing whether the individual being tested has ever ingested cannabis in some manner. Unfortunately, many businesses with zero-tolerance rules may dismiss you or move on to the next candidate if this is the case. Knowing how long THC remains in your urine is vital information for everyone who smokes marijuana, regardless of how much or how often.

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