🏡|420 Culture|How does COVID-19 change the cannabis industry in the United States?

How does COVID-19 change the cannabis industry in the United States?

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States last month, the legal cannabis industry has turned the crisis into an opportunity to show maturity, remove prejudice and strengthen its role in economies, communities, and people’s lives. While challenges remain, the past six weeks have been a major leap forward for the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry immediately gained a significant victory when states that announced business closures almost unanimously declared that medical cannabis was essential during the pandemic, allowing the show to remain open.

Governments made an important announcement at several levels by declaring cannabis necessary in certain states. That designation helped to blunt the negative prejudice that had long been associated with cannabis.

Legitimate cannabis is now treated as a traditional pharmaceutical product. And it’s a big win for patients and consumers, as well as for dispensaries and retailers.

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