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How Critical Kush was created?

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In this article, we want to introduce everyone to the strain of cannabis, whose name is Critical Kush. The plant is famous for its monstrous psychotropic effect, which fully justifies the big name. Even experienced, highly tolerant smokers can lose all physical ability to move and talk. The impact is a portal to another reality. This reality is available thanks to the 25% of THC contained in the Critical Kush buds.

Doctors appreciate this plant for its high (1.8%) CBD content, which makes it one of the most influential and competent representatives of medical marijuana. The plant helps people overcome depression, headaches, migraines, and insomnia.

Where did this astonishing plant come from?

We will take a short trip to the Hindu Kush mountain range. This region is very hard on people (there are ongoing military conflicts) as well as on the plants that grow on its territory.

Thousands of years ago, a grain of a plant that we know today as Cannabis Indica hit the soil on the slope of the Hindu Kush Ridge. The soil was very fertile, and the seed grew into a small bush. But the plant was exposed to harsh conditions. The temperature after sunset fell to critical levels, and the harsh winds did not stop blowing for a minute. The bush was in great need of light, but the wind didn’t let it reach for the sun. The wise plant began to grow wide to continue swimming in the rays of light.

But new trials were waiting. Nothing could protect delicate stems and leaves from burning ultraviolet high in the mountains, but the bush didn’t give up. All the stress, dozens of burns and scars covering the leaves made him strain all his trichomes and start producing incredible amounts of resin to protect himself.

Eventually, nature itself bowed to the plant’s endurance and allowed it to live. Seeds have been falling into the soil of the Hindu Kush Ridge for centuries, growing more durable, and resinous with each generation, accumulating giant amounts of THC.

For this reason, we know the Hindu Kush as the home of the world’s best hashish and most impactful Indica.

The selection of these “savages” in milder climates has created strains with an even more sweeping impact. That’s how the legendary OG Kush first appeared. It is famous for its stone effect and aroma that makes the strain, which is several decades old, demanded even nowadays. It was OG Kush who became one of Critical Kush’s parents. His second ancestor was Critical Mass, which also comes from a dynasty of soldiers from the Hindu Kush Range.


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