Honey Weed: The Most Delicious And Easy Recipe For Beginners And Cannabis Lovers

honey weed

Honey Weed

In recent years, natural canna honey has not only gained popularity, but also remains an invariable subject of numerous discussions, as well as promising scientific developments. Everyone knows about the benefits of the weed honey recipe, and recent publications have significantly expanded the understanding of the healing properties of cannabis, which means that this combination can be a panacea for many ailments. However, until recently, such a product could only be perceived as a figment of fantasy, if only because marijuana is not a honey crop. Now it is clear that man is destined to tame nature without harm to it and with great advantages for himself.

It is clear that honey weed is made from resin, and not from a special substance that this plant, as mentioned above, does not give. Weed infused honey has a pleasant meadow color and aroma, shades can vary from greenish to yellowish or even creamy white. Since laboratory studies have not been carried out, no one knows the exact answer to the question of how much cannabis, and how many psychotropic components are contained in canna honey. According to the correspondents who were able to treat themselves to the canna product, it tastes as sweet as all analogs but has a slight smell of freshly harvested cannabis, which sets you in a blissful mood.

Honey bud weed tastes as sweet as regular honey but tastes like freshly cut cannabis, which makes sense since the plants didn’t have time to dry before the bees harvested the resin. This honey is a delicious treat for all cannabis lovers. We will look at the homemade canna honey recipe below.

How to Make Marijuana Honey

canna honey

Weed honey is very easy to make, very easy to use, and can be added to everything from cookies and pies to coffee and tea.

Raw marijuana plants contain very little THC, but tons of THCA. Drying the weed after harvesting converts a small percentage of THCA to THC, but still not enough to feel any results.

Add more heat to convert as much of the marijuana honey oil THCA to THC as possible. Basically, you need to bake before baking.

Decarboxylation in two steps:

1) Preheat the oven to 240 F. While the oven is preheating, spread plant material in one layer on a baking sheet.

Note: we suggest a low temperature like 240 F because the terpenes in weed honey oil start to evaporate at 320 F.

2) Bake the hemp for 40 minutes. Be sure to turn the leaf and stir the cannabis a couple of times so that all the marijuana is cooked evenly.

Now that you have a ready-to-cook product, we can turn our attention to the main event: a honey oil recipe infused with cannabis.

Cannabis Honey Recipe

canna honey recipe

Ingredients in cannabis infused honey recipe:

  • Multicooker.
  • 0.03 pounds of cannabis (decarboxylated).
  • 2 cups of honey (homemade, if possible).
  • Gauze (10″ x 10″ or larger).
  • Thread.
  • Quart canning jar.

Cannabis Honey Recipe:

  1. First take 0.03 pounds of cannabis that you previously decarboxylated and wrap in cheesecloth, then tie the resulting bundle with string.
  2. Slide the cannabis roll into the jar.
  3. Pour 2 cups of homemade honey into the jar.
  4. Place the jar in your multicooker.
  5. Pour enough water into the multicooker so that all the honey in the jar is surrounded.
  6. Close the lid on the multicooker.
  7. Set the multi cooker to low-low and the honey needs to cook for 8 hours.
  8. It is better to check a jar of honey every 2-3 hours. This is necessary in order to monitor the pressure in the bank. Open the cover slightly and then tighten it again.
  9. After 8 hours, turn off the multicooker and let the jar cool down. You can leave the jar in the multicooker or get it out of there, just be careful – it’s hot.
  10. After the honey has reached such a temperature that you can touch it, remove the gauze from the jar and squeeze out as much golden mucus as possible.
  11. Do not throw away this gauze! Use it to brew some tea.
  12. Cover the jar with a lid and refrigerate or any cool and dark place.
  13. This is it! You can see that cannabis honey tincture is very easy.

Benefit for Health

weed infused honey

A huge number of researchers from different countries have agreed that cannabis is beneficial because it helps to achieve a healing effect in some types of cancer. Substances called cannabinoids that are not psychoactive to strengthen immunity, relieve acute conditions and severe pain. These miraculous elements are concentrated primarily in the leaves and inflorescence, due to which they are called phytocannabinoids. In particular, cannabidiol is a rapid pain reliever and can help reduce inflammation. Certain types of cannabinoids can help reverse the unpleasant effects of chemotherapy.

Currently, the antidepressant qualities of hemp medicines, their anticonvulsant effects, and powerful analgesic results have been experimentally confirmed. For insomnia, tea is very good, which does not have a narcotic effect. It is assumed that taking this delicacy will help in curing even very serious pathologies. As we know, the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes began more than three thousand years ago, now we can talk about the continuation of these traditions, and the new sweet composition is worthy of comprehensive study.

The creators of the blog will be glad if this article was useful to you and you were able to independently prepare delicious cannabis honey for pleasure, and also learned about how it is obtained thanks to bees. Have a nice day and enjoy your homemade cannabis honey!

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