Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Roll A Honey Blunt At Home

honey blunt

Many fans of unusual types of smoking have heard such a word – “blunt”. And some may know exactly what it means. In general, it has two definitions at once, meaning practically the same thing. The first is a tobacco leaf, which was not cut but was used as a wrapper for rolls. The second meaning is directly ready-made rolls.

Each of you knows what the usual blunt with marijuana is and its taste, but there are a lot of different options, for example, honey blunt. If you wish, you can purchase both almost ready-made cones, into which you just have to fill in the raw materials, and sheets of different shapes. They come in green, bleached, and even flavored. Berries, fruits, chocolate, coffee – blunts can have almost any taste.

Honey blunt is one of the tastiest and sweetest ways to smoke weed. We’ll talk in more detail about how to roll a honey blunt, which varieties are best to use, and what their flavoring properties are.

Regular Blunt

honey on blunt

Blunts began to be actively used in the 80s of the last century by immigrants from Jamaica living in New York. These emigrants (despite moving to America, who remained real rastamen) took a cigar, carefully cut it lengthwise, took out the inside, leaving only the outer 1–2 layers of tobacco leaves, and filled it with cannabis in the form of marijuana or hashish.

Now blunts are widely represented on the market and the names of their manufacturers are well known among smokers. Blunt Wrap, Juicy Jays, King Pin, Cyclones – these are just the most famous of them, but there are a lot of them and it would be difficult to list them all. Moreover, even now they are often advertised by celebrities. For example, popular rapper Snoop Dogg has been the face of the aforementioned Blunt Wrap for years.

Honey Blunt

honey joint

When rolling dutch honey blunt, tobacco sheets or special paper are used in the same way, but they are sealed a little differently. The fact is that cigar paper is equipped with a special adhesive tape, but we use real honey to make the honey blunt.

With the help of honey that part of the blunt is smeared, which is folded and glued. You can grease blunts with honey both from the outside and from the inside. Thanks to this method of making honey blunt, you can smoke for a very long time and it’ll be enough even for 3 or 4 people.

Also, as we already mentioned, honey joint or blunt is something of a dessert in the world of marijuana. Indeed, when smoking, a cloud of very sweet and soft smoke is released, and a pleasant veil envelops the throat. A pleasant aftertaste and light sweetness from the honey would settle on the tongue. These blunt wrappers ideas would appeal to girls.

Differences Between Honey and Regular Blunt

Way of Blunt Rolling

honey blunt wraps

Surely from the above, you have already understood that the most important difference between honey blunt and ordinary blunt is the manufacturing method. When curling a regular blunt, we can use a special adhesive tape on the sealing paper, and when making a honey blunt, we seal everything with honey in a blunt.

Taste Qualities

There are also differences in the taste of each type of blunt. Plain blunt tastes like a joint, but most often contains a very powerful herb and can sometimes taste bitter. The smoke from regular blunt is very heavy and smells like the kind of marijuana you put in and roll. Also, this blunt has a rather powerful and vigorous effect.

Honey blunt wraps, on the other hand, are not as powerful as usual. It has a more relaxing and calming effect. The smoke is also very thick but has a very pleasant smell, which also has a beneficial effect on your nervous system and removes stress. After smoking a honey blunt, you’ll feel a pleasant sweetness in your mouth from honey, so for those who love sweets – this type of blunt is definitely for you.

Duration of Blunt Smoking

We all know that blunt can be smoked much longer than joint because it is much larger and denser and usually lasts for several days, but things are a little different with honey blunt. The fact is that honey-dipped blunt because the paper from which it was twisted is soaked in honey. Due to this, it smokes much longer than a regular blunt, and it may be enough for you even for a small company.

How to Roll a Blunt with Honey?

honey dipped blunt

You’ll need:

  • Tobacco sheets;
  • Filters;
  • Honey;
  • Milled grass.

How to Put Honey on a Blunt:

  • Prepare all the necessary ingredients for the honey blunt;
  • Prepare a couple of filters;
  • Unpack packages with tobacco sheets and extract the contents;
  • Moisten a piece of paper with your tongue outside until it is damp, just do not wet it with saliva so that it drips. A Blunt that is too wet can tear, and smoking a cigar soaked in a liter of saliva is disgusting. Next, coat the inside with a thin layer of honey.
  • We put the filters and carefully pour the grass straight from the grinder, it must be fresh.
  • And now the hardest part, actually folding honey on a blunt. Hold the blunt shell with both hands, crush the grass inside the shell, be gentle and press lightly. Use your thumbs to tuck the lower lip of the shell inside the upper lip, but so that the grass is inside. You can use your thumb and forefinger on both hands to gently tender and fold the sheathed grass to help spread and compress it.
  • Once you manage to slip your lower lip under your upper lip, some recommend rolling a blunt with honey all at once, which is great if you can get it right on the first try. Just use your fingers to roll up tighter, but be aware of what the grass is doing at the other end, as this method is easy to scatter.
  • Moving along the blunt, do not forget to seal it, but without saliva; all you have to do is run your tongue inside the outer sheet of the shell, if it is too wet it’ll be difficult to seal it; use saliva sparingly.
  • The next stage is putting honey on a joint. Brush one of the blunts with honey on the outside in a thin layer and set it aside.
  •  The blunt that we smeared only from the inside – put it in the freezer for 15–20 minutes, so that the honey hardens. Another blunt, which is smeared with honey on the outside, is put in the oven for 5–10 minutes at a temperature of 320 F. This would dry the honey outside, so you can smoke peacefully without getting dirty.
  •  So, you have learned to roll a blunt with honey and everything is ready to eat! You can use honey blunts right away or set them aside for a special occasion.

The honey blunt burns much more slowly and improves the flavor of the old marijuana cigar in a big way. This is a great option when you smoke in a small company since it is very important here that the blunt burns slowly, and if you smoke, for example, together, the cigar would last even longer.

Best Weed Strains for Putting Honey on Blunt

honey in blunt

After you’ve learned how to make a honey blunt thanks to our instructions on rolling honey blunt, we want to share the most suitable cannabis strains for this. It is important to understand a certain principle because honey itself is very sweet and if you add a sweet variety of weed to such a blunt, you get a very cloying and too sweet taste. It is necessary to choose something neutral or exotic so that honey can enhance the taste of such a strain of marijuana. Here are the 7 best weed strains for honey dutch blunts:

  • Cream Caramel;
  • Tiger’s Milk;
  • Purple Paralysis;
  • Tangerine;
  • Moonshine Haze;
  • Popcorn Kush;
  • Purple AK 47.

The blog authors unequivocally advise you to at least try to make a honey blunt yourself and enjoy its taste. Do not forget that this blanc has not only a pleasant taste but also beneficial properties for your body and nervous system. You should go to make or buy a honey blunt and experience its effects.

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