How To Make Bongs Out Of Water Bottles At Home By Yourself? 3 Different Ways To Make Bong

homemade water bottle bongs

How to make bongs out of water bottles is a hot question for the budding pot lover. A modern smoking device called a bong is gaining more and more fans. Bong is much cooler than a smoking pipe or a hand-rolled cigarette, so its relevance these days is fully justified.

This device consists of a flask made of glass or acrylic, a tube that goes into this flask, and a bowl.

Smoking a bong can be compared to smoking a hookah: both there and there is inhaled chilled smoke that has passed through the liquid poured inside (it can be water, juice, milk, coke, and alcohol). However, smoking staff through a bong is considered more economical than drinking it through a hookah.

Currently, there are a huge number of bongs on the market, made from different materials, different shapes, and sizes. However, you can make homemade water bottle bongs by yourself, just know the basic rules.

How to Make a Water Bottle ipe

how to make a water bottle pipe

So, the essence of the work of a bong is as follows: the smoke from a smoldering smoking substance must pass through the liquid before entering the lungs. Understanding the simple design and principle of operation, it becomes possible to make a bong with your own hands.

There is nothing complicated in the question “how to make a water bottle pipe at home”. To do this, it is enough to have available tools from which a smoking device will be made. And the “ingredients” used can be anything: plastic and glass bottles, chemical flasks, beer cans, ordinary light bulbs, and other tanks. The main thing is the understanding that you cannot do without liquid, therefore, if you decide to make a bong yourself, you need to choose a tank that will serve as a place for filtration through the liquid (by the way, you can experiment with this). You can do a soda bottle bong or even a coke bottle bong, but I can’t vouch for the result, since you may start to feel sick after that, check.

If you try, you can make not just a device for smoking weed, but also a real homemade beautiful bong. Here it all depends on your imagination because the device can be decorated with various prints and stickers, which will make it an original and stylish accessory. But how to smoke out of a bottle? Everything is very simple! This is almost no different from a regular bong; videos from YouTube are best suited for training.

How to Make a Glass Bottle Bong

Many who think about how to make a pipe out of a water bottle from glass themselves, mistakenly believe that this process is very difficult and time-consuming. However, it is not.

To make a bong from a glass bottle, you need, of course, the bottle itself, and special tools with which holes will be made in it. For manufacturing, you will need a drill and a diamond-coated drill, a brass tube (it is easy to get it at a plumbing store), a sealant, and a rubber gasket.

The process of how to make a pipe out of a bottle itself is not particularly complicated. First, you need to drill a hole at a distance of three to four cm from the bottom of the bottle – this is the future nest for the thin section. After that, another hole should be drilled at a distance of four to six cm from the top of the bottle (it will be closed with your finger). The next step is to fix the tube in the lower hole and coat the joint with sealant.

As a thimble, you can use an iron lid from under strong alcohol. Homemade best water bottle bong made of glass is ready!

How to Make a Pipe Out of a Plastic Bottle

Making a homemade plastic bong is as easy as shelling pears. The fact is that no special tools are required to manipulate a plastic bottle because it can be cut and pierced without problems. In addition, finding an ordinary plastic bottle is not difficult at any time of the day or night.

Cool water bottle bongs from plastic are made according to the same principle as from a glass one:

  • a hole is cut at a distance of 1,2-1,5 inches from the bottom;
  • a turbo hole is cut at a distance of 1,5-2,4 inches from the top;
  • an adapter with a ground cut is inserted into the lower hole.

As a sealant, you can use regular chewing gum, which will hold the section to the bottle.

Before making such a water bottle water bong, the plastic bottle must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

How to Make a Smoking Light Bulb

soda bottle bong

Today, one of the most popular devices for smoking a plant substance is a vaporizer. Such a device is really very practical, convenient and compact, so it will not be difficult to take it with you.

However, some are unable to purchase a professional vaporizer for financial reasons. Do not despair – a homemade smoking light bulb will come to the rescue!

To make a bong from a light bulb, you will need the following materials: the top of the bottle, the tube, and the light bulb itself.

First, you need to prepare the light bulb, namely, pull out all the internal elements from it. To do this, cut off the black ball on the base and remove the contents. The main thing is not to injure yourself and not damage the glass body of the light bulb at this stage.

The next step is sealing. After that, you should wrap the plastic part with electrical tape – fixation. You should not tie the neck to the bulb itself.

At the finish line, it remains to make a couple of holes (one for the tube, the other for the air). Here is the answer to the question “how to make a smoking light bulb”!

You can make yourself such a semblance of a pipe out of a water bottle, or you can save time and buy a ready-made device.

After reading this article, I hope you learn or at least understand how to make a bong from a bottle at home. It’s not difficult at all and even a beginner can handle it! This method is very budgetary, economical, and very easy to do. If you and your friends or yourself suddenly want to smoke weed in this way, then the skill of creating a bong from a bottle will be just very handy!

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