Hemp seed skincare, treat yourself

Enormous breakthroughs in cosmetology, researches of skincare, new products, combinations of substances opened new cognition and knowledge we have not used before. Hemp seed oil is one of the products that can change your attitude towards your skincare routine and it doesn’t matter what type of skin you have. Skincare lovers are subdivided into 2 parts: for, against oils. So be attentive, the intrigue is opening.

Hemp seed oil for skin

hemp seed oil for face

There are dozens of information connected with oils, starting from coconut, olive to macadamia. Although the choice is huge, the task to choose the appropriate one for exactly your skin type is not an easy matter. There is no universal product that can solve all your demands. And it is a normal, common situation. But hemp seed oil skin benefits include a wider variety of usage. Dry, combination and oily skin have a good reaction to it.


  • supplies absolutely every cell of the skin with oxygen;
  • provides an anti-couperose effect because of good impact on capillaries’ walls, regenerate cells;
  • helps to reduce redness;
  • helps to build stronger skin’s protective barrier;
  • moistures and nourishes (having linoleic and stearic acids, oil prevents the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the epidermis, keeps water inside the skin);
  • has an anti-aging effect (reduces wrinkles);
  • has UV protection;
  • Receptor CB2 located in immune cells suppresses inflammatory processes caused by different factors;
  • Omega 3, 6, and 9 are fatty acids, help to renew the cells’ growth, it means to keep the skin and face’s oval in tonus;
  • Carotene – prevents hair loss, smooths hair, and skin;
  • Vitamin E – nourishes and smooths, prevents wrinkles.

As you could mention, the hemp seed oil is very useful, especially for the face, because the molecule’s size is small the skin pores “eat” this oil very fast. Why is it so important? If the molecular is bigger the skin cannot absorb it at once and it causes a greasy feeling. That is the key reason, why hemp seed oil can and should be used not only for dry but for oily and acne-prone skin as well. You can ask: how can I use oil for oily skin? I will shine like a pancake. Don’t confuse moisture with oil, oily skin doesn’t mean good moisturized and balanced. Hemp oil moisturizer gives only benefits for your skin, even if it is oily, the pores won’t be blocked. Don’t be afraid of using hemp seed oil for acne. Having omega 3, 6, 9 this oil “feeds” your skin. All skin types need moisture, it is an integral part of healthy skin. Essential amino acids help to keep the skin young and smooth.

Acne skin and hemp

hemp oil for face

One of the reasons influences on pimples are blocked pores, increased production of oil inside pore’s bag causes pimples, black or whiteheads. This oil doesn’t block pores, vice versa helps to regulate sebum production. If there is less sebum, less new pimples appear. Having anti-inflammatory properties, hemp oil soothes skin. It cleans the skin, moisturizes it from the inside, and normalizes the balance. In addition to it, reduces the size of the painful lumps. It is considered to be very effective for irritation skin and rash.

By the way, hemp seed oil helps to treat eczema and psoriasis too. Normalizing the natural cell’s subdivision skin looks healthier, without redness and dryness. “Treatment of dermatological diseases” magazine publishes the study connected with hemp seed oil and its effect on treating dermatitis. It reduces the inflammatory reaction that is the main reason of dermatitis.

How to use hemp seed oil for skin

hemp seed oil moisturizer

The best choice is cold-pressed oil. This way of production saves the highest level of all vitamins and microelements. The best result can be achieved by combining hemp oil with other serums, creams, and gels. Use it instead of your evening skincare. Wash your face, let it dry, pour several drops of oil, and put it on. Repeat it several times a week in the evening, not morning. Mask – you can use it separately or combined with clay, honey, tea tree oil, etc. put it on and wait 20 minutes, then clean your face. After 2-3 weeks of regular usage, you will see the first results. It is necessary to make pauses (week, month) while using it.

Is hemp oil good for your skin? Without any doubt, it is incredibly useful. Hemp seed oil keeps your skin healthy, moisturized. Helps to prevent dryness, premature aging. Besides, it treats acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It is 100 % natural and healthy. Treat yourself with this effective product for beautiful skin! The result will delight your reflection in the mirror every day.

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