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Hemp Eco Fur from Ukraine KSENIASCHNAIDER x DevoHome Collaboration

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Ukrainian designer ‘KSENIASCHNAIDER’ and producer of technical hemp textile ‘DevoHome’ presented a mutual collection of winter outerwear with hemp fur as an ideal alternative to animal fur.

The issue of sustainability in fashion united them and became the reason for successful work. The KSENIASCHNAIDER x DevoHome collaboration consists of the brand’s best-selling winter denim jackets and vests, complemented by DevoHome’s fur alternative made from technical hemp fibers.

DevoHome invented hemp fur several years ago, and only this year they managed to make it completely natural and biodegradable. This fur behaves perfectly when worn: it withstands frosts down to -20°C, feels soft, smells like fresh hay, and gives people an alternative to artificial fur and fur of killed animals.

According to designers, the main advantages of these clothes are comfort, naturalness, and functionality. Also, the collaboration can be worn by both girls and guys. Girls will appreciate the attractive design and harmless production. Guys should understand that even if you smoke all the fur, there will be no psychoactive effect because only technical strains are used for production. The outfits are already on sale and can be purchased online.

Maybe the fashion industry will pay more attention to the possibility of using THC or at least CBD in the production of clothing to add recreational and medical properties to the closet soon.

With their collaboration, both brands want to show that technical hemp is the perfect alternative material for the fashion industry and the stigma around this topic needs to be removed.

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