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cbd tincture benefits

How does one deal with anxiety in ...

Today, the market for CBD oil, CBD vapors, and other downtown products is growing rapidly. Many people know about this...

cerebral palsy marijuana

Marijuana Helps Cerebral Palsy

People with cerebral palsy have great difficulties in everyday life and can not find an effective medication against it. Based...

weed and autism

Cannabis for Autism

Children with severe forms of autism are often aggressive towards themselves and others. They get hysterical, and they prefer to...

red eyes high

Why does Weed Make your Eyes Red?

Weed red eyes are probably one of the most known side effects of cannabis use. In fact, it is even...

smoking pot while pregnant

Does Smoking Weed Affect Pregnancy

We would like to start discussing such an important topic as marijuana and pregnancy by dispelling myths. The Myths Smoking...

weed allergy

Can You Be Allergic To Weed?

People who are allergic to marijuana have a specific reaction of the immune system to the entry into the body...

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