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Have you tried Hemp Seed Milk?

hemp seed milk

Hemp seed milk is a trend gaining popularity faster than other plant-based milk substitutes. It has an original taste, health-improving qualities, and is easy to make. We found out why organic hemp milk is so trendy and how to prepare it in your kitchen.

Milk, as well as hemp, has come a long way with humanity. It was one of the first products used in our daily lives, and we continue to use them today. As marijuana, milk tolerates oppression because of modern trends.

People give up milk because they suddenly find they are lactose intolerant. Following public demand, more and more milk producers are presenting lactose-free products. This trend has opened up a marketplace for non-dairy milk. At first, customers were attracted by nut alternatives, such as almond milk, but nuts can also be a dangerous allergen.

Hemp seed milk called to please everyone. It is a super nutritious product, saturated with amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins. It helps relieve inflammation, prevent cancer, and form red blood bodies. The benefits of organic hemp milk can be compared with cannabis, only, of course, without psychoactive effects and with a more pleasant taste.

What does hemp milk taste like?

Despite the lack of nuts, hemp seed milk has a nutty-earthy flavor, which takes time to get used to it. Almond milk, for example, has a softer and less pronounced flavor, so you should try both options to determine what you like more.

In any case, we don’t recommend to stay on the original taste and experiment with the hemp seed milk recipe. The simplicity of production is another significant advantage of homemade hemp milk. You will need a minimum of ingredients and techniques.

How to make hemp seed milk?

what is seed hemp milk

Gather the ingredients:

  • Hulled hemp seed (hearts)
  • Water
  • Blender
  • Sweeteners

Buy hemp hearts, considering you need about 100 grams of hearts for four servings of the drink. Put your hearts in a powerful blender. Add the desired amount of water. Beat for a few minutes until all ingredients have turned into a homogeneous mass. DIY hemp milk is ready! You can strain it to make the structure lighter. Less water will make homemade hemp milk thicker. Try both to find what’s perfect for you.

Drink it fresh or keep it in the fridge for a week. The best hemp milk includes cocoa powder or fruit sweeteners. These supplements will help make your drink even more attractive. Use hemp seed milk as the basis for your breakfast or healthy, non-dairy cocktails to make you feel great every day.

To sum up, organic hemp milk deserves your attention if you were looking for a vegan replacement for animal milk, a healthy food supplement, or just a new taste. It is another product that increases the credibility of marijuana as a source of well-being. We recommend that you add homemade hemp milk to your diet!


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