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Happy New Year, Smokers

happy new year smokers

Dear Bong and Blunt Killers! We had a great year at home. We smoked a lot being even more isolated from the world. Many grams and even ounces went through our lungs and made this hard year easier and our spirits higher.

Cannabis continued to take over new countries and regions this year. Even more states in America have gone green. The UN has recognized cannabis as a medical substance that cannot be associated with hard drugs and needs research. It means that people all over the world will get relief from severe symptoms and be free from the persecution of the law.

Maybe marijuana will become a symbol of a healthier world in 2021 and continue to take over more territories. Our blog will continue to post the latest news, interesting stories, and tips on cannabis use.

We wish you find your strain, choose your device, and spend the New Year’s holidays at your best. Burn as many buds as you can on New Year’s Eve and spend the next year cough-free.


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