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Top 10 Criteria How To Compare Good Weed Vs Bad Weed. Learn How To Distinguish Weed

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It’s important to understand the difference between good weed vs bad weed, and between good and bad ones. Low-quality marijuana can contain pesticides and can be harmful to your health if smoked regularly. It is very important to be able to distinguish between bad weed vs good weed qualities.

Is It Grown on Organic Fertilizers?

Some people think that this is not essential. Moreover, it is not always possible to find out such information, moreover, it is not a fact that the seller or the person who raised it will answer the truth. But this factor is still of some importance. Since cones grown on organic fertilizers are “tastier” than on mineral fertilizers. In addition, good vs bad weed distinguishes them both “coming” and “releasing” – they are much better than organic.

Is It Well Dried?

Difference between good and bad weed – this is a well-dried cone that clicks when breaking the stem. If the stem breaks and does not click, then the marijuana is raw and not ready for smoking. Another indicator of good drying is the even burning of the joint, it has the same density along the entire length. To grind the weed, it is better to use a grinder, which can be bought without any problems at theme stores. With the help of a grinder, the weed is crushed to a state that is very convenient for rolling.

There are situations when the joint burns unevenly in spite of everything. This means, either, again, under the dried weed, or it is poorly treated (perhaps there are fertilizer residues in it, and this is even worse). It is important to remember, in contrast to good and bad weed, that you should never buy raw marijuana since the payment goes for moisture, which will evaporate in the future anyway. In addition, if raw hemp is sealed for storage, there is a good chance that it will become moldy. It is strongly discouraged to smoke such weed, you can catch any lung infection. To distinguish a good weed from bad, it must always be carefully inspected for mold. Outwardly, the mold looks like a thin cobweb that entangles the bump.

How Well Is the Weed Cured?

what is bad weed

Curing is just as important in the difference between a good weed and bad weed as drying. If the weed smells like a green, freshly cut lawn, then it is not well cured, and therefore not of the best quality. Properly treated, the weed has an incredibly rich, complex sweet aroma that is difficult to describe in words as it is not found anywhere else in nature. Marijuana that has been properly treated does not need to be crumpled to smell it. In fact, cured bots smell very good on there own and are unlikely to smell better when crushed. An important point: if you need a fragrant and killer weed, then the correct cure is required.

Type of Weed

With this criterion for evaluating good weed and bad weed, everything is simple. When you grind the weed, it loses its strength. Since hemp is a very delicate flower. When it is crumpled or grinded, many THC-containing trichomes are showered.

The bump itself should be dense and have a natural shape. If this is a shapeless heap, which does not even remotely resemble a bump, then it is a rotten weed, most likely.

The bump should not crumble with one touch and should be slightly elastic. A bump that is too soft, which loses its shape when squeezed, is evidence of either an underdrive crop or a decay process in the tissues. What is bad weed is one that will crumble almost to dust from the slightest press. The cone behaves in the same way, which rotted from dampness, and then was forcibly dried. The condition of the cone can also be determined by the stem. Weed, which is in the best condition, should have elasticity and break with a click – signs of good weed.

What Does the Weed Taste Like?

Among the many varieties of good and bad weed, there are those that smell great, but taste like regular smoke. However, there are varieties that taste as good as the smell. Mothership and HP13 varieties have this property. Technically, this indicator can be checked by the smell that the joint has in its second half. Most marijuana strains smell great when the first half of the joint is smoked, but when it comes to the second half, they just stink of tar. A weed that is superb tastes good even when the joint is already burning your lips. A good weed tastes fresh. If it is tasteless or unpleasant to the taste, it is most likely bad quality weed.

Does the Weed Hurt Your Throat?

It’s worth getting between good weed bad weed and not confusing it with the joint’s ability to induce a cough, as this is a good indicator. It is about the chemical aftertaste and bitterness of smoking that irritates the throat. If the answer is yes, it probably contains fertilizer. It is better not to smoke this weed. If the weed hisses and clicks, this indicates the same problem. It is better to quit smoking such a product than to smoke fertilizers.

What Do Trichomes Look Like? Are They Shiny or Hazy?

good weed bad weed

The most important indicator of how strong your buds are is the number of trichomes. The more crystals on the ganja, the higher the THC content, the more powerful the marijuana.

If the difference is good weed and bad weed, it is desirable to see it well in the light. If the crystals on the cone gleam, this is a good indicator. After all, the glands that secrete THC-containing oil shine. This is what is important! Many people mistakenly believe that weed, white, has the greatest “crystallinity”. However, this is not the case. White hairs contain almost no THC. To be convinced of this, you need to look at the white head in the bright sun. It can be seen that it practically does not shine, since there is little THC in it. It is for this reason that White Window is not the best variety. It has a lot of white hairs, but few real crystals, which are so necessary – this is the difference between good weed vs bad weed.

Does Marijuana Turn into Gray Ash?

This is what should be done with smoking good weed. For this, many things must be done correctly: drying, and curing, and proper storage. Among the Amsterdam weed, there are many that do not meet these parameters, so they are not considered the best.

Is the Weed Stale?

Often, marijuana lovers are faced with a situation where the weed looks great (to untrained eyes), but in fact, it turns out to be lousy, so you need to be able to distinguish between good weed vs bad. In addition, many varieties do not “give wings”, but only kill. This is most likely a variety belonging to the Indica family. However, this already applies to taste preferences.

The final verdict is drawn from the inflorescence sample. You will be able to get a complete picture of quality before using it, but the truth will only emerge after a few tries. The aroma of a high-quality inflorescence is powerful and sticks to the palette (spectrum of aromas) like nothing else. A mild, creamy inhalation rich in aroma can leave you satisfied with your choice even before you notice its effect. When weed burns too quickly because it is too dry, it often leaves a harsh, bitter taste with a weed (hay-like) flavor.

High-quality standards are pretty personal, so each stoner will have different requirements for their preferred experience. Regardless of the purpose for which you are using cannabis, whether it is for medical reasons or you are just an amateur – take the time to find out the cannabinoid and terpene content in your weed. Check your bad weed vs good weed THC and CBD levels. More than 20% of THC can be considered high-quality cannabis, but as we already know, there are many factors that contribute to this. Other people may choose only CBD and no THC.

Pests and Mold

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A cannabis plant that has undergone a pest or mold outbreak rarely makes it into the final selection unless the problem has been properly addressed and corrected during growth with minimal impact on the final yield. It may happen that, after harvest, the inflorescence may become moldy due to improper drying, curing, and storage. Finding mold when comparing good vs bad weed is unpleasant, but it is better to discard it, as mold should not be consumed for health reasons.Pest problems in the harvested plant may be due to insecticides or fungicidal sprays we also use. This does not mean that the inflorescence is destroyed and unusable, but the overall quality is significantly reduced and there may be chemical residues. Whether a moldy cannabis bloom is consumed is up to you, but in other cases, it will be considered a low-grade stock of harmful plants, and most people, knowing this, will opt for some good weed.

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