Ghost Train Haze

ghost train haze strain

Ghost Train Haze strain is worthy of writing an article about it. First and foremost because it is the kind of piercing power that is used for those people who claim not to feel the effects of the weed.

It is a unique combination of high-energy and euphoric Sativa with the cerebral power of Indica. Ghost Train Haze review should begin with the words better less than more, take care.

The secret to these consumer qualities is unique genetics: a hybrid of Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck Sativa. However, do not rush to order seeds, perhaps 80 days of flowering will scare away impatient growers. But first things first.


ghost train haze

As we said, this is not one of the offspring of the basic varieties that have spread throughout the dispensaries. The parents of ghost train haze were genetically bred by the best engineers and this work did not go in vain.

The Ghost OG hybrid is the brother of OG Kush that targets your body. The vivid cerebral effects of this strain can put any inexperienced smoker into a sound sleep or at the very least chained to the couch. In addition to the internal effects on your nervous system, these buds have a lovely citrus scent and soothing medicinal properties.

Nevil’s Wreck Sativa is a bit prone to growing conditions and has dominant Sativa genetics with occasional Indica heaviness. The main purpose of this energizer is to overcome depression and increase appetite. This variety is designed to bring joy and promote Sativa among consumers.

Consumption qualities


The aroma of ghost train haze combines the characteristics of its parents: it has both a sour citrus flavor and a sweet floral flavor. Such light flavors, however, mask a very potent ghost train haze THC content.

18% THC is quite high for a Sativa which puffs you up with energy and euphoria and also has an interesting side effect. Attentive readers have noticed what are the side effects of ghost train haze and how it differs from regular Sativa in that it has a very strong effect on the body, which creates an even deeper immersion effect for the smoker.

It can greatly stimulate creativity and all kinds of artistic activity. But be responsible because too much can make you lethargic and even unconscious.


The future big bush of medical marijuana strain ghost train haze requires a lot of space and light to develop its full potential. The easiest way to provide this is outdoors. Indoor cultivation is also possible and practiced using hydroponics.

It’s a great choice if you want to grow something different, but if you’re a beginner you might want to opt for something more low maintenance and sustainable.

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