Gas Mask for Smoking Weed: Why Marijuana Lovers Prefer This Item

gas mask with bong

What Is a Gas Mask Bong?

Perhaps you’ve seen a gas mask for smoking weed on the internet. Perhaps you only learned about weed gas mask bong at a party. Perhaps you mistook it for a joke. But what is it? Today we will try to figure out what a gas mask with a bong is, how a gas mask bong work, and even how to make a gas mask bong on your own. We will also try to answer questions such as “is a gas mask bong safe?” and “why use a gas mask bong?”.

So, What Is a Gas Mask Bong, Exactly?

A gas mask bong is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a genuine bong linked to an actual gas mask’s mouthpiece. The user’s hands are free to light up the bud because the entire apparatus is fastened to their head. You may have already seen what kind of bongos there are. They are completely different, from shape to material. For example, some are made of glass, some are made of plastic, and some are even made of metal. While many individuals create their gas mask bongs, you can now get them from several vendors online. Yes, it’s true!

How to Properly Smoke Out of a Gas Mask Bong?

weed gas mask bong

It’s easy enough to figure out how to use a gas mask bong, but it’s also a bit of an adventure. Here is a gas mask bong instruction. The first step is to secure it to your head so that the mask is properly placed and tight on your face. It may be necessary to tweak the straps or move them about until you find the most comfortable fit. Fill the bong with water about a quarter to a third of the way up, just enough to cover the end of the stem that extends down from the bowl.

Make sure the bong is securely fastened to the gas mask – depending on the type, this might involve screwing it on or locking it in place with a different method. Next, double-check that the bowl is securely linked to the bong’s end. It is obvious that you do not want it to slip off just as things start to heat up!

Last but not least, load up the bowl with some top-shelf green bud and light it up! To get the best impact, inhale as much smoke as possible. If you want to leave the bong on for a while, then the best solution for air circulation is to exhale back into the gas mask. This way you will get the maximum effect. Just be sure to get some oxygen in there as well. Now you know how to use a gas mask bong, so you can enjoy smoking weed with a gas mask.

What Are the Advantages to a Gas Mask?

This may seem like a gimmick to some, but it actually has many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that it is a terrific way to save cannabis and get a bigger dose than a typical bong or joint because the gas mask allows you to use more smoke than nearly any other technique of smoking. Another benefit is that you don’t have to put your lips on a mouthpiece or the bong’s side, making it more hygienic. The air is forced up the bong stem and into your lungs as soon as you inhale since the gas mask makes an airtight connection.

How to Make Your Own

gas mask for smoking weed

You can create your gas mask bong in as little as an hour or two if you’re up for a fun DIY project, though it does take some basic tool skills. The first thing you need to do is obtain a good quality gas mask, which you can obtain from an army surplus store or online. Look for one with a filtered vent hole that’s about the same size as the bong pipe you’re going to use. If the gas mask has any extra vent holes, you’ll need to remove or seal them if you want your gas mask bong to be airtight. As a result, a gas mask with only one central vent hole is your best option.

Now you must tie the bong pipe to the gas mask in such a manner that it creates a secure seal that not only prevents air from escaping but also prevents the pipe from coming detached if you let go. While electrical tape can be used for this, drilling and the installation of seals that can be tightened to a locking position are preferable. These seals may be found in the plumbing area of a hardware shop. Finally, connect your downstem pipe and bowl, then carve a little carb into the downstem’s side. You’re all set to rock and roll now!

Is It Really Worth It?

This item can be great for parties because people don’t have to put the same pipe in their mouths, in which case it is very hygienic, and also fun! Even so, it’s awkward since you have to unbuckle the mask, disconnect the bong, and then do it all over again every time you give it to someone else.

This bong is suitable for those who are constantly looking for new ways to smoke weed. This is quite an interesting way, but in fact, it is not very convenient. In truth, there are no substantial advantages to utilizing one of these devices. They’re not going to get you any higher than a traditional bong. They’re also a little annoying to use.

Stick to dabs if you’re looking for a way to go very high. Concentrates will get you high faster than flowers, and they will do it without compromising flavor or scent. Dabs have a superior flavor and fragrance than budsbud.

Finally, if a gas mask bong matches your style, it can be a fantastic addition to your paraphernalia collection. But it’s not the correct visual or mood for a lot of cannabis smokers.

Who Was the Inventor of the Gas Mask Bong?

That is an excellent question. Many herb lovers may not have even heard of the person who invented this bong. Therefore, here is some information about the genius who once combined the bong and the gas mask. Lewis P. Hallett created the gas mask in 1849. It was employed in combat to filter out chemicals used in warfare, and during the first world war (WWI), it was routinely provided to American soldiers battling the Germans, as the Axis forces’ use of poison gas had become a conventional strategy.

The bong, on the other hand, has an entirely different origin narrative, one that involves peaceful activities rather than combat. The water pipe is a centuries-old device that has been chronicled in China, India, and other Asian civilizations. However, a glass craftsman named Cameron Tower developed the contemporary bong right here in Washington State. Tower chose to learn glassblowing and pursue a profession as a pipe maker after spending years listening to the Grateful Dead and immersing himself in cannabis culture. He experimented with traditional water pipe designs until he came up with the single-piece bong with its tall upright stem, which is still used all over the world today.

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