Best Redness Relief Eye Drops: List Of The Most Effective And Affordable Drops

Best Redness Relief Eye Drops

Eye redness is perhaps one of the most well-known side effects of cannabis use. In fact, it’s even good for health. The expansion of the vessels of the eyeball reduces internal pressure and is the prevention of glaucoma, for example. But for disguise, such a feature does not bode well. Why do eyes turn red and what is the best product for red eyes that can help deal with this side effect? This is what our article can tell you about.

Why Your Eyes Turn Red after Marijuana?

Someone thinks that this is due to the smoke irritating the retina. This statement is fundamentally wrong. The main cause is the cannabinoid THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana.

One of the features of the effect of this cannabinoid on the human body is the expansion of all blood vessels, as a result of which blood pressure decreases. Since they permeate our entire body, including our eyes, the latter turn red, allowing more blood to flow through them.

One of the first studies in this area showed that high THC cannabis strains were able to reduce intraocular pressure by 25–30%. However, the main problem with this kind of treatment is that marijuana only works for a few hours. This forces patients to use it regularly. Researchers hope that an artificial cannabis-based drug would soon be developed, the therapeutic effect of which can last much longer.

Let’s take a closer look at foods that contain THC. Many people like to make cookies and muffins with the addition of the powerful high-THC canna oil. After eating at least one cupcake, your eyes can turn red, just like when smoking a joint or bong.

There is a peculiarity in some people in which their eyes redden much more and more often than others. For example, you can smoke the same amount of weed with a friend, but his eyes would turn redder than yours, what is the reason? This can happen if a person is allergic to cannabis or their eyes are hypersensitive. The same effect of severely reddened eyes can be observed in a person after smoking hookah or cigarettes. In such a case, you should refrain from using marijuana or use effective and best eye drops for bloodshot eyes in advance. Some people think that eye drops make your high go away, but that is simply not possible. Below you can find a list of the best remedies for eye redness.

The Degree of Eye Redness from Weed

If you’ve been around people who often use marijuana, then you’ve probably noticed that each strain has a different effect on the eyes. This is due to a variety of reasons. What matters is the genetics of the plant, the amount of THC it contains, the frequency of human use, and the individual characteristics of its organism. In some people, the eyes turn red, like the Terminator, while in others, the difference is barely noticeable. Why is that?

The degree of eye redness depends entirely on the person’s blood pressure. For example, if you have a high THC, then THC won’t be able to lower it enough that your eyes turn red like an angry bull. If you have low blood pressure, then the effect would be reversed when using potent cannabis strains. In this case, in addition to severe redness of the eyes, you can also feel lethargy and weakness in your legs. This is especially true when using the potent Indica varieties.

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes?

As we already said, the redness of the eyes is absolutely nothing terrible from the point of view of physiology. But socially, this can cause a number of inconveniences. Red eyes easily betray the cannabis user in front of acquaintances, law enforcement officers, or just passers-by, which can negatively affect his reputation. Fortunately, there are several effective methods at once to reduce this inconvenience to nothing.

Eye Drops for Weed Lovers

The best and most common way to get red out after cannabis – eye drops. Any options designed to relieve allergy symptoms and redness. Almost all best eye drops for redness when you high contain tetryzoline, or tetrahydrozoline, which causes the dilated blood vessels to constrict.

Drinking Plenty of Fluids

This option is suitable for cleansing the body of almost any substance. Large amounts of water can speed up the metabolism and the elimination of THC from the body. But you need to understand that along with redness, the effect itself would disappear. Another disadvantage is that the eyes become normal only after 30–40 minutes.

Strains with Low THC Concentration

If your body’s level of cannabinoid tolerance is low, or you are using marijuana solely for medicinal purposes, it is recommended that you pay attention to strains that contain high amounts of CBD. In this case, the red-eye effect may not occur at all.

Best Redness Relief Eye Drops



The most top-notch and effective eye drops for stoners. For many years now, this miracle remedy has been helping stoners fight red eyes and remain unnoticed. In just 10 seconds after application, your eyes would be perfectly white.

Visine is the safest eye drops for red eyes. Many people hesitate to choose Rohto vs Visine eye drops, but we can assure you that both are very good. Visine is the best eye whitener.

Clear Eyes

Clear Eyes

These some of the best eye drops for red eyes from smoking weed can be found in almost any pharmacy or supermarket at an affordable price. Many argue that these are the best eye drops that exist. Be sure to take note of it. If you can’t choose Lumify vs Clear eyes, then definitely take Clear eyes drops.

Rohto V

Rohto V

Best Rohto eye drops, which have a chill effect and are announced as an improved version. Quickly relieves irritation, dryness, redness, and another discomfort. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Do Rohtos damage your eyes? No, on the contrary, they’ll help your eyes and remove redness. The statement “Rohto Ice eye drops are bad for the eyes” is fundamentally wrong, as these are very effective drops, but often using Rohto eye drops is not recommended, as they can be bad for you.

Equate Redness Reliever

Equate Redness Reliever

These are another good drops for removing redness. The point is, these best eye drops for redness relief can deal with any degree of eye redness. Are redness relief eye drops bad? This is not the case, the drops perfectly eliminate irritation in the eyes and do not have a negative effect.



If we talk about the pros and cons of Lumify eye drops, then there are many more cons. It is best to use other drops from our list, as their effectiveness can be very significant. Can Lumify damage your eyes? To some extent it can, if you abuse their use.

Cannabis Strains That Don’t Cause Severe Eye Redness

We present to your attention a selection of time-tested cannabis strains that do not cause severe eye redness after using them. They are more therapeutic and are able to relieve pain, awaken appetite, relieve stress and nervous tension.

An Unpretentious Strain for All Times

Cannabis strain Auto Ak fem can be grown indoors and outdoors. It is renowned for its unpretentious care and high resistance to negative environmental factors, which makes it an ideal plant for the vast majority of growers. The THC content in his buds is on average 12%.

A Pill for Creativity

Medical Seeds’ BCN Sour Diesel fem cannabis is a fast, unpretentious Sativa hybrid that boasts moderate THC levels of 12–15% and a bright, uplifting high effect, ideal for overcoming creative stagnation and getting the job done. Its inflorescences have a pleasant fruity taste with a light earthy aftertaste. The flowering period of cannabis lasts 9–10 weeks. It can also be used medicinally to manage symptoms after chemotherapy, as well as glaucoma and arthritis.

Natural Medicine

The FastBuds CBD Crack Auto fem hemp strain can delight its owner with a mild soothing effect and exquisite taste and aromatic qualities, which contain hints of citrus fruits and mango. A bright emotional upsurge and a wave of happiness await the user. The plant goes through its life path in just 9–10 weeks. Weed contains about 7% CBD and virtually no THC. This allows the cultivar to have a healing effect and not cause redness in the eyes.The authors of the blog tried to tell and sanctify the topic of the redness of the eyes from marijuana in as much detail as possible. Now you know what makes your eyes red, which are the best eye drops that can help relieve irritation and redness, as well as help you stay undetected after consuming cannabis products. As a bonus, we have presented for you a list of cannabis strains that do not cause severe eye redness.

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