Drying cannabis: Are you a lover of cannabis? You will love it after reading this type of weed

drying cannabis

Do you want to know the best drying and curing method? Read this article and you will know!

After several months of work spent caring for the plants, the growers end up harvesting frosty, great-smelling buds that they just want to grind and taste right away. But first, you need to do drying and curing weed properly. Usually, beginners can be very tempted to quickly dry the cannabis (in the microwave, for example). Drying and curing cannabis is a rather long process of removing juices and moisture from a plant under strictly monitored conditions. This will provide a better end product for several reasons.

Drying weed increases its efficiency

Plants, especially high-yield cannabis varieties, produce tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and other cannabinoid compounds through a process called biosynthesis, in which certain compounds pass into new formations as they dry out. For example, THCA is almost the main psychoactive substance in cannabis – THC (THC).

Minute of science continues to blow your mind about drying cannabis! This process does not stop completely immediately after the plant is cut down. If the harvested crop is stored at a constant temperature of 15 to 20 ° C and a moisture level of 45-55%, the process of converting non-psychoactive cannabinoids to THCA will continue, and all the juices of the plant will be absorbed. Knowing how to dry cannabis and drying quickly under favorable conditions speeds up the stage significantly.

Drying marijuana: how to dry marijuana while maintaining its structure and qualities?

drying weed

Proper drying of marijuana is important for long-term storage, it will allow you to preserve the inflorescences for a long period, without thinking about mold and the loss of cannabinoid content. Solidly cured and dried fruits should be stored in a drying and curing pot in a cool, dark place. Marijuana drying time is for up to 2 years or more, without a noticeable loss of the potential of the active ingredients.

Marijuana drying process

Before considering quick methods, it is worth figuring out how, in principle, to achieve high-quality drying, if time is not running out. To get an excellent result, it is important to follow the conditions:

Complete darkness

While the bush is growing, light is vital to it, but it becomes the grower’s worst enemy when preparing the harvest for use. Light lowers THC levels, which is why you need to dry and store marijuana in a dark place. Cones can be placed in a dense cardboard box.


A constant flow of air is important for marijuana to prevent mold growth. Consuming cannabis contaminated with fungus is dangerous and unpleasant. Mold on inflorescences and foliage resembles a white cobweb. Good ventilation will speed up the process, as it promotes moisture evaporation.

Humidity and temperature

These parameters play a key role in cannabis drying. Humidity should be kept between 45% and 55%. The optimum temperature is 21-25 ° C. Better to control the conditions with a thermo-hygrometer. If the temperature rises above 30 ° C, the composition of the terpenes may suffer.

Do not touch

Dry hemp easily loses trichomes with every interaction, and in fact, they contain THC. Therefore, it is better not to touch the inflorescences without urgent need. It is important to make sure that the cones are not close to each other, but are located at a short distance. This will help keep the fungus out.

Follow the process

It is undesirable to touch the cones unnecessarily, but you need to keep an eye on them constantly. Then it will be possible to notice in time if something goes wrong.

After drying buds, the inflorescence becomes 2-3 times lighter but contrary to common misconception, THC does not change, because it depends on genetics. But due to the decrease in mass, it corresponds to THC per unit volume of the inflorescence. Professional growers say that 50% of the impact of cannabis comes from drying and curing.

Marijuana drying in the microwave

drying buds

Another method on the verge of blasphemy, but the fastest. It is important to set the oven power to a minimum. The hemp is placed in the microwave as a whole and dried until fully cooked at intervals of 15-20 seconds. On average, the entire process takes 10 minutes.

Especially mercilessly set the timer for 3-5 minutes, but in this case, the taste will turn out to be disgusting. With such a rush, the risk of losing efficiency increases significantly.

Drying and curing marijuana: features and necessity

Many novice cannabis growers perceive visually cured cannabis to be ready to eat. But this is fundamentally not true, because liquid may remain inside the inflorescences and leaves. The potential of the herb has not yet been revealed at all, it is necessary to withstand it – to make a cure.

The cure promotes the evaporation of residual moisture from the buds, reducing them in size. As a result, the grass will burn evenly in the product, all the smells, and tastes stated in the description of the seeds will be fully revealed.

Dry hashish will keep well after curing. But untreated inflorescences placed in a resealable container can become moldy. Curing is indispensable for those growers who want to get quality seeds for further cultivation and hybridization.

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