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Why Isn’t Drinking Bong Water a Good Idea and What Effects Does It Lead To?

does drinking bong water get you high

What is bong water? Bongwater is contained within a bong or water pipe. These devices use water to filter out potentially harmful chemicals so that you don’t inhale them when you take a drag. Because of its filtering function, bong water quickly becomes dirty and can be hazardous to consume.

Can Drinking Bong Water Get You High?

Does drinking bong water get you high? Definitely not. It is ridiculous to drink dirty water from a bong, and the process itself is stupid. Is there THC in bong water?

The main thing is to know that toxic substances are practically insoluble in water.

Don’t believe me? Let’s find out what is in bong water? For the sake of argument, imagine that 5 mg of a substance is required to achieve a psychoactive effect. 1 mg contains 1000 micrograms. Hence, you need 5000 micrograms to get high. Using the calculation of two micrograms per ml, means that you will need to drink 2500 ml or 2.5 liters of bong water to achieve the desired effect.

what is bong water

First, it doesn’t matter at all, because you really won’t enjoy it. However, can you guess what happens if you try to drink 2.5 liters of water from a bong? You would feel disgusting to say the least!

What happens if you drink bong water? Some people recommend putting mint in the bong and leaving a dirty bong water drink so that it smells good. This will make the water less disgusting, but it probably won’t stop you from vomiting. There are a lot of effects of drinking bong water.

For example, you will also have terrible stomach pain. Those who claim to be high have probably experienced the placebo effect.

Cleaning the Bong!

Instead of experiencing the disgusting and useless activities of drinking bong water, make sure you change your bong water regularly. There are several benefits to this, and at least it gets rid of the temptation to drink. Pure bong water also has a positive effect on the taste and effectiveness of the herb.

First, bacteria will enter the used bong water less than 24 hours after you smoke the weed. Since when the bong hits, we breathe in all the contents in the water, using dirty water ensures that bacteria can enter your lungs. As you might guess, this process increases the risk of contracting an infection.

alcohol in bong instead of water

Water also contains chemicals, so as it gets dirtier, its color changes. After a while, the water will have a dark color and resemble sewage; still want to drink it? Bong users who are concerned about the chemicals in the water tend to filter it before using it or add alcohol in the bong instead of water.

Even if you’re not worried about bacteria, you need to be wary of how dirty bong water will affect the taste and effectiveness of your stash. You just don’t get the same taste from dirty water as from freshwater. Plus, the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to remove matching stains from the bong, and if you’ve spent a small fortune on a high-quality glass bong, why make it harder to clean?

Finally, have you ever spilled water from a bong? If so, then you know that trying to clean everything up is still a challenge. Clean water, in turn, is a minor inconvenience. Just imagine how hard it is to clean a carpet that is soaked in foul-smelling water!

How to Clean a Bong?

does drinking bong water get you high

Hopefully, you’ve read enough to dissuade you from trying to drink water from a bong. Clean your bong regularly and everything will be in order. In addition to salt and hot water, you should prepare the following things:

  • Cotton balls
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hand towels
  • Q-tips
  • Zip bags
  • Pipe cleaners or bottle brush

Instead of drinking the dirty water from the bong, throw it away. Then disassemble the bong by separating the shaft and bowl from the bong. You should also separate the stem and bowl if they are separate parts. Some bongos are complex and have multiple parts; in this case, you have to take it all apart.

If you want, you can soak the slices in hot water for a while. Then start rinsing with water as hot as possible for you and your bong pieces. It is best to wear rubber gloves during this step. Rub the parts to remove a good deal of the build-up resin from the surface.

Place each piece (except for the main bong piece) in a separate bag; you can also use a container if it has a lid. Pour a quarter glass of rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of salt into each container. Salt is abrasive and, together with acidic alcohol, destroys the sticky resin. Shake the containers so that the mixture of salt and alcohol gets to the most difficult-to-reach places.

After five minutes of shaking, allow the solution to soak into the pieces for another 15 minutes. For the bong, place it in a container and add up to three tablespoons of salt to the hot water using the bong. Add up to half a glass of rubbing alcohol and cover the holes in the bong with a hand towel. Cotton balls are a great alternative if your bong has small holes. Shake the bong container again for a few minutes.

Remove all pieces from containers and discard the solution. Rinse each item with hot water and use cotton swabs or pipe cleaner to get rid of stubborn stains. After making sure everything is clean, rinse all items one last time. If you haven’t cleaned the bong for a very long time, you will need to complete the entire process at least one more time.

If you spend ages cleaning the bong this way, you will feel the need to quickly clean the bong after each use. If you notice hard water stains on your bong, pour a few tablespoons of vinegar into the bowl of the bong and rinse for a minute. Let the bongo stand with the vinegar for a couple of minutes. When you are sure everything is clean, rinse with hot water and let the bong dry.

Summary and Conclusion for Your Health

There is no room for ambiguity in answering the title question. Can you drink bong water? And can bong water get you high? You can drink water from a bong, but this is a terrible idea! So, don’t drink the bong water. It doesn’t make you feel high, and you will almost certainly feel sick afterward. Instead, be sure to drain the bong after each use and clean the device regularly.

Otherwise, bacteria from dirty water and bongs can slowly but surely damage your lungs. A dirty bong also reduces the activity of the herb and negatively affects the taste. It also reduces your overall enjoyment of the bong session.

We’ve heard of some interesting ways to keep your bong clean for a long time. For example, you can replace the water with cranberry juice and still enjoy a nice bong. The acidity of the fruit juice keeps the glass cleaner for longer.

Those in the know say that using ice water is the gold standard for using bongs. Distilled and chilled water not only cools the smoke, but also gives it a fresh taste.

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