Weed For Dogs: The Dangers Of Edibles With Marijuana For Dog And The Consequences

Weed For Dogs

In those countries where medical marijuana is legalized, it is given not only to humans but also to animals – yes, animals also get cancer, epilepsy, psoriasis, etc. And if you have never thought about how animals can get high from weed, then today we’ll give the answer. In this article, we’ll talk about can dogs get high from weed and what to do if it happened.

People First

Let’s start with people, however. Our species has a unique part of the brain – the prefrontal cortex. It is she who gives us rationality and awareness of thinking. And under conditions where the body has received a large amount of smoke, the prefrontal cortex includes rational logic. She at this moment gives an assessment of what is happening and ensures the preservation of calm.

What about Dogs?

Can Dogs Get High

They do not have this part of the cerebral hemispheres. All their emotions are animal and primitive instincts. So if a dog ate edibles, then it won’t even be able to understand what is happening with its body. Dogs can become restless and gait can be difficult – nature did not provide him with an element of the brain that would allow the tailed beast to understand what was going on.

However, sometimes dogs on edibles can become playful, start fooling around. But don’t get carried away – medical cannabis is just a cure for them, not your entertainment.

THC in dogs goes through the same transformation path as in humans. And even as a forced passive “consumer” of marijuana, a stoned dog can get a hit, especially if she’s small and depending on when she ate.

Can Dogs Get High?

There are “clever guys” who breathe smoke into the noses and ears of dogs, ostensibly to “get high”.

Firstly, doing this to a dog is cruel.

Secondly, inhaling the smoke from weed is bad for dogs. In a study at the beginning of the year, it was found that if blood flow after tobacco smoke in rodents resumed after half an hour, then in the case of marijuana smoke, this took an hour and a half.

Can weed hurt dogs? Lethal levels of THC for dogs would be quite high – about 3 grams of THC are needed per kg of weight. Which, however, sometimes happens when dogs get to the owner’s edibles themselves.

If you ask “My dog ​​ate weed, how long will it last?”, we’ll answer that sometimes high amounts of THC are not fatal, but cause health problems. If your high dog has tremors, drooling, vomiting, nausea, he stumbles or drags his legs, became lethargic, her pressure and body temperature dropped, like her pulse, convulsions began, then this may be symptoms that either the dog accidentally ate edibles with marijuana, or someone “smoked” it.

And If the Dog Is Sick?

If the Dog Is Sick

Since cannabis began to be used to treat or maintain the condition of people, more and more people are beginning to use it for the treatment of dogs diseases, and it is clear that where it is allowed, veterinarians can prescribe such drugs, however, mostly human – for now, that few cannabis medications are available for dogs, and clearly not where the herb was legalized just the other day.

Many companies are engaged in the development and creation of medicinal products for animals containing medical marijuana. The demand for such treatment is very high. The network has reviews of people who have treated their dogs with cannabis edibles for skin diseases, epilepsy, arthrosis, chronic inflammation, digestive problems, to increase appetite, reduce nausea, etc.

What have we learned from all of the above? It is not worth making a dog intoxicated specifically for the sake of a joke, but if he is sick, and medical marijuana is legal in your country, ask your vet for a prescription, or, if he gives the go-ahead and dosage to feed, then look for a pet food store that sells treats with weed for dogs. Keep in mind that if you choose to use oil, there should be no more than 0.3% THC.

Medicinal Cannabis Use For Dogs

Medicinal Cannabis Use For Dogs

Recently, research has been carried out by Italian scientists. They found that giving dog cannabis (i.e., CBD) reduced his aggression towards humans. Ideally, getting high should help rehabilitate animals after being abused.

Cannabis News reports that for this, scientists have selected 24 of the “most evil” dogs from animal shelters in Rome. They were divided into two groups of 12 individuals – the first received meat with olive oil mixed with cannabidiol extract, and the second group received a placebo. The animals accepted both diets normally.

As a result, the level of aggression towards humans dropped significantly in dogs from the first group. At the same time, they did not become less active – that is, the marijuana effect on dogs was not due to the fact that they just wanted to sleep and therefore were calmer.

Experiments like this have been going on since the 1980s, but so far there is no consensus among scientists, veterinarians, and rescuers about whether to give cannabidiol to dogs. The creators of the blog told you about dogs eating marijuana and what can happen if a dog gets high. Take care of your pets and make sure that they do not get into trouble.

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