Does Weed Make You Lazy?

marijuana makes you lazy

There is a stereotype that weed makes you lazy, but is it true? We’ve done a lot of research on this subject: we’ve smoked many ounces of cannabis, but we still have the energy left to do more! It proves that you always find the energy for the things that are a priority for you.

So it is with those things that you avoid with the excuse that marijuana makes you lazy. You just allow yourself to put things aside before you smoke. But what is the ratio of psychological to physiological laziness from cannabis use?

Marijuana and laziness

weed makes you lazy

When you just exhale the smoke from your lungs your body is filled with a pleasant wave of relaxation. This is the effect of lowering your blood pressure and even a little oxygen deprivation, but can we claim that smoking weed makes you lazy? You will collapse on the couch and not want to do anything for the next hour. Then you will begin to feel the intensity of the high decrease and the body sinks into pleasant fatigue that pulls you to sleep. Such physiological sensations are hardly related to active physical activity.&

If you smoke in the morning, pot makes you lazy and you can consider your whole day ruined. At first, you will be satisfied and your morning coffee will be the most delicious. Later you will feel tired and relaxed. If you don’t smoke some more you will be in a very slow mode in a few hours and therefore you have less and less chance of doing anything productive until the evening. The evening is the right time to smoke, isn’t it?

An isolated incident won’t change you, of course, but if the algorithm described above is repeated every day you should start to worry. The laziness, in this case, is not the difficulty of performing complex back tasks, but the absence of such tasks in general. As an inveterate smoker, you simply won’t set yourself tasks that you don’t want to do when you’re high. What’s more, you will always be high.

Plateau of Ambition

marijuana and laziness

In some cases, people who like to smoke daily are not asocial individuals but have simply fallen in love with the habit too much. The catch is that weed makes you lazy enough to have the energy left to provide a standard of living for regular smoking, but no more. Since weed itself provides a great condition and a substitute for “happiness” you just don’t do anything else.

When you can provide yourself with happiness for every evening, morning, or even all day what more do you need from life? This formula works when you get “happiness” from a varied personal life where there is room for sports, family, career, and other hobbies. These areas activate different neurotransmitters, so-called happy hormones, and ensure a harmonious existence.

Regular cannabis use makes you happy and can narrow down your range of interests because you no longer need grueling workouts, relationships with other people, and the recognition of others to feel well. At the same time, people with some successes who are hooked on cannabis are no longer motivated to try and improve their situation.

How do you stop being lazy and stoned?

does weed make you lazy

Perhaps the most obvious answer would be to stop smoking so much, but we’ll leave it to your acquaintances. Smoking marijuana makes you lazy if you let it happen. Necessity will make you do any job in any condition, so a stoned state is more of an excuse to avoid something unpleasant. You can certainly claim that you smoked too much to get the job done, but if you put the bad habit first, then the problem is not with your body, but with your psychology.

Everyone runs from problems, but they can’t run away. Weed, like alcohol or your favorite TV series, helps you to move into an illusory world where there is no place for suffering and injustice, but you know that everything is not real. The more you understand it, the more you blame yourself for running away. The more you condemn yourself, the more your personality splits, and you smoke again to feel relieved.

Chances are you’ve been smoking for months or even a year, and it hasn’t felt vivid for a long time. Those who smoke more than once a day just aren’t capable of getting the full range of sensations. So it becomes just a ritual to feel normal.

Our advice is to regain the feeling of celebration and to smoke much less often. You may have forgotten, but there are many ways to enjoy yourself and feel fulfilled just by living the way you like it.

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