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Does Smoking Weed Affect Pregnancy

smoking pot while pregnant

We would like to start discussing such an important topic as marijuana and pregnancy by dispelling myths.

The Myths

Smoking weed while pregnant damages the fetus. Prenatal exposure to marijuana causes birth defects in children, and cannabis leads to developmental disorders as children grow older. Marijuana use during pregnancy threatens the health and well-being of the next generation.

The Facts

Examination of newborns and young and older children did not reveal any persistent marijuana-related disorders in their physical condition, development, or cognitive abilities. Smoking weed during pregnancy does not have a significant impact on a child’s height and weight at birth, on the duration of pregnancy, neurological development, or on the occurrence of physical disabilities.

Hundreds of tests on older children revealed only small differences between the offspring of marijuana users and non-user women. Sometimes these differences were more positive than negative. Only two unconfirmed clinical trials using control groups identified prenatal exposure to marijuana as one of many factors statistically related to child cancer development. Given other available data, it is highly unlikely that pregnant women’s use of marijuana causes cancer in their children.

History of Weed And Pregnancy

can smoking weed cause a miscarriage

Warnings that marijuana causes congenital malformations appeared in the late 1960s. Some researchers claimed to have found chromosomal abnormalities in the blood cells taken from marijuana users. They predicted that young men and women smoking marijuana while pregnant could have children with birth defects. And while subsequent studies have not confirmed this, some current drug education materials still contain claims that genetic damage is passed on from marijuana users to their children.

Can smoking weed cause a miscarriage?

Currently, researchers are searching for direct effects of THC on the embryo. Animal studies have shown that THC leads to premature miscarriages, low birth weight, and physical deformities, but only in extremely high doses, in certain rodent species, and only when THC is given during certain pregnancy periods. Since the effect of drugs on fetal development varies significantly in different species of animals, these studies have only a little or no relation to humans. Studies on primates provide little evidence that smoking weed causes a miscarriage. In one study, the scientists exposed a group of chimpanzees to high doses of THC for 152 days and found no changes in sexual behavior, fertility, or the health of their offspring.

Marijuana And Pregnancy Today

smoking weed while pregnant

Dozens of studies compared newborn babies in women, who smoking pot while pregnant with women who did not use it. Most tests searched for differences in newborn weight, length of body, head and chest circumference, duration of pregnancy, neurological development, and physical abnormalities. Most such studies, including the largest so far, with a sample of more than 12,000 women, found no differences between children who were exposed to prenatal marijuana and children who were not.

Given a large number of studies and measurements performed, some random differences could still occur. Indeed, researchers did find such differences, but they were ambiguous. In some studies, children of marijuana consumers were healthier and stronger, while in other children of marijuana consumers were found to have more adverse effects.

In fact, the effect of marijuana on the fetus was less than that of alcohol or tobacco in all studies. Although it would be wise to advise women to refrain from taking any drugs during pregnancy, the full authority of current scientific evidence suggests that marijuana does not directly harm the human embryo.

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