Does CBD show up on a drug test?

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The drug test is a very common practice in employment, driver’s license exams, and in many areas. Everything is clear with fans of THC (you should not spend time with your favorite variety on the eve of a responsible event), but with CBD users everything is not so clear. What to do if you have to take a test, but CBD helps you to solve your health problems? Should you be afraid of a positive result?

In this article we want to shed more light on this issue, considering that the CBD industry is growing at an incredible pace, and the cannabinoids itself is legal in a lot of countries around the world.

Even though the tests are not able to detect the presence of CBD in the human body, since they are simply not designed to find this substance, no one is immune to critical failure. What could cause a false positive drug test using CBD? Let’s find out.

What can cause a false positive on a drug test?

Urine tests for marijuana have very little tendency to false-positive results when it comes to non-psychoactive cannabinoids. However, if the user takes mega doses of CBD, for any reason, some metabolites may still be initially detected in urine samples. However, after retesting by chromatography-mass spectrometry testing, the initial result will be found to be false.

Can you fail a drug test from CBD oil?

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It should be noted that all CBD products originate from a cannabis plant that naturally synthesizes the cannabinoid THC. Therefore, even if the CBD product is made from industrial hemp strains, it may still contain some form of THC.

A scientific report entitled “Evaluation of the impact of cannabis food consumption on drug test results among workers” published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, addresses a potential problem with THC in foods that contain cannabis seeds or oil derived from a cannabis plant. It includes the various CBD products available on the market today.

The authors argue that the presence of low doses of tetrahydrocannabinol in these products does raise concerns among physicians about their impact on marijuana test results. Previous studies, which the authors wanted to supplement with new data, showed that consumption of hemp food could give a positive result in urine tests.

The purpose of the new study was to determine the levels of THC and its markers present in biological material after the daily consumption of hemp oil. In doing so, the THC levels were emulated in quantities that are usually found in hemp seed products.

Fifteen people participated in the study and used THC oils containing doses between 0.09 and 0.6 mg over ten days. At the end of this time, they were given urine samples, which were tested with chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Will 0.3 THC show up on a drug test?

It has been documented that none of the subjects in the study who received THC doses of 0.45 mg had a positive result at the 50 ng/ml threshold. However, a sample of one participant who had taken a dose of 0.6 mg THC showed a positive result.

The most interesting thing is that to obtain 0.6 mg THC every day, 125 ml of hemp oil or 300 g of seeds should be consumed.

If you rely on the results of the study, it is clear that the consumption of large quantities of hemp products creates a risk of failing a drug test. The main way to avoid this unlikely but still possible result is to strictly control the consumption of hemp products and CBD before passing the test. If the products are purchased on the legal market, it is necessary to carefully examine their composition to determine how much THC they contain. And only after that, the decision on their consumption and dosage should be made.

THC and its markers are known to be well visible in biological material for only a certain time. On average, this is about 4-12 days. Here, everything depends on factors such as the level of physical fitness, metabolic rate, the amount of food consumed, and the amount of fat deposited in the body. Everything is individual, but this does not mean that you do not have to pay attention to the dosage and choice of the most appropriate product.

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