Do Edibles Make Your Eyes Red? Let’s Consider The Main Reason

Why Do Edibles Make Your Eyes Red

your eyes get red from edibles? One can recall the saying “Eyes are the mirror of the soul, they don’t lie, and when these are the eyes of a smoky person, this mirror conveys the entire palette of feelings without distortion”. Of course, this is a joking statement, but there is some truth in it.

We all know what this is about, glossy and red eyes are a tell-tale sign for the smoker to instantly recognize other herbal aficionados when they’re high. It is also a boon for worried parents, suspicious cops, and discerning teachers.

Maybe Your Red Eyes Are Not Related to Smoking

To find out why do eyes get red when high, let’s figure out the sequence of the eye reddening mechanism, there is nothing complicated and mysterious about it.

There is a widespread claim that the eyes turn red due to smoke entering them and irritating the retina. However, plain tobacco has an equally thick smoke but does not cause such a side effect.

Reddening of the eyes is in fact due to the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana – cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – which lowers blood pressure, in turn causing blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. When the eye capillaries dilate, blood flow to the eyes increases, and intraocular pressure decreases. The increase in blood flow creates redness, which is the same effect that benefits patients with glaucoma (a visual impairment that damages the optic nerves, which can ultimately lead to blindness). The eyes turn red from the use of marijuana because the capillaries under the surface of the white eyeball expand. Being wider, they can contain more blood, which in our case is bright red because it carries fresh oxygen into the tissue. As a result, the tiny blood vessels in your eye become more visible, and because they are so small, anyone standing nearby would see a pinkish-red icing where there used to be white.

The aforementioned dilation of blood vessels serves to lower blood pressure, because if the heart continues to pump blood at the same rate, then blood can flow more easily through the dilated corridors of the vascular system, which requires less pressure. These processes take place on a subconscious level, so we have no control over vasodilation (a term that defines the process of vasodilation) or its opposite, which is called vasoconstriction.

In addition to affecting the brain, THC dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, causing the capillaries in the eyes to fill with blood.

In simple terms, why does pot make your eyes red? The stronger the drug, the more pronounced the symptoms. If a person initially has low blood pressure, then the substance provokes a rupture of small vessels, and the eyes turn red.

But does the redness of the eyes from edibles work the same for everyone? No, it is worth noting that there is an individual factor in the degree of redness of the eyes since each organism is unique. While for some this symptom is inevitable, others are less sensitive to this effect from marijuana. In people with high blood pressure, redness of the eyes is not pronounced. But can edibles make your eyes red?

Do Edibles Make Your Eyes Red?

Do Edibles Make Your Eyes Red

Similar to smoking, eating edible goodies with THC can also cause eye redness. As we said above, it is not smoke that makes your eyes red, but the cannabinoids themselves which lower your blood pressure, causing capillaries and blood vessels to dilate. In case you don’t know what edibles look like?: they can be cookies, muffins, and any other food that has been cooked with canna oil containing THC.

Is This Harmful to Health?

This is absolutely not harmful to health because red eyes are a normal reaction to the effects of THC. It has the ability to bind to certain receptors in the nervous system, and that is why smoking a joint or eating a magic cake affects the biological processes in our body. The cannabinoid THC, in addition to its effects on blood vessels, capillaries and the heart, also affects many other internal organs, especially the brain.

“The Redder the Better?”

Some researchers argue that the higher the percentage of THC, the more the sign of eye redness appears, so you can kind of use your red eyes as a sensor to check the power of your weed, but such claims have not bee verified by laboratory research.

How long does the redness of the eyes from the weed last? As already mentioned, this is a completely natural symptom caused by the use of cannabis, and it usually lasts only a few hours and can be dealt with if you knowingly prepare.

How to Avoid Red Eye Detection?

The surest way is to avoid anyone who might be suspicious. But if something went “not according to plan”, then I have a few simple steps that you can take in order to reduce the degree of redness of the eyes during or after smoking.

How to Clear Eye Redness When You’re High:

How to Clear Eye Redness When You’re High
  • It’s a good idea to have sunglasses on hand. As for me, this is the most harmless and beautiful way out of the situation, but certainly not suitable for the evening time of day.
  • Eye drops from eye redness can help you, but this item should definitely not be abused. We would advise you to resort to using drops only in case of strong need, and here’s another little advice: use eye drops for red eyes from weed smoking in advance for a more effective result.
  • Eat herbs with lower levels of THC,. Unfortunately, not all of us have choices and ways to measure the percentage of cannabinoids, or the desire to smoke weaker weed;
  • Eat varieties with a high content of CBD and CBN cannabinoids, but again, not all of us can choose and measure these parameters of cannabis.

Just let everything take its course and plan some leisurely smoking minutes spent at home in comfort so as not to think about how to clear red eyes after smoking weed. After all, ultimately, red eyes do not lead to negative consequences.

Addiction and Other Symptoms of Smoking Weed

According to research, addiction to cannabis develops from 2 to 5 years. In this interval, only a mental need is characteristic. Physical dependence is acquired from 5 to 10 years of regular drug use.

Does weed make your pupils big? In addition to redness of the eyes of drug addicts, dilated pupils, reddening of the lips and face, unmotivated laughter and increased physical activity give out.

Scientists Have Told How Marijuana Affects Vision

How Marijuana Affects Vision

Consumption of marijuana leads to visual impairment, Spanish doctors warn. This is due to both the effects of marijuana on the brain and the pain-relieving effect, which reduces the frequency of blinking and dry out the eyes.

What happens to your eyes when you’re high? The use of marijuana affects visual acuity, sensitivity to contrast, the ability to focus, and other visual functions, experts at the University of Granada in Spain have found. They talked about this in more detail in an article in the journal Scientific Reports.

The harmful effects of marijuana and does CBD make eyes red have been examined in other, earlier studies. The study involved 31 volunteers aged 19–43 who regularly used marijuana. During the study, some of them were under its influence. The researchers tested the volunteers’ visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, stereoscopic vision, focusing ability, and glare sensitivity. Those who used marijuana before testing had much worse results.

The authors of the blog tried to talk about doing edibles with THC makes you high and whether redness of the eyes after smoking marijuana is normal. Now you won’t worry and think that it can be hazardous to your health.

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