How To Defeat Depersonalization From Weed? Tips For Dealing With Derealization From Weed

depersonalization from weed

So you have smoked weed. You had a bad experience, and now you feel that you are still drugged, and you cannot in any way let go, in other words, you have depersonalization from weed.

Let’s start. Derealization from weed disorder is very common, and as highly annoying factors become commonplace, marijuana depersonalization becomes unusually frequent.

The most common situation is when you have had a bad experience of weed and depersonalization, a panic attack while using, and now you feel that you still have not let go, and you are still high.

You feel fake or out of touch with reality. You feel like you are constantly in a dream. Furthermore, you feel like you are outside your body. You feel disconnected from your emotions and your body. Time and space seem distorted, and the surrounding world can lose volume as if it were in 2D. Perhaps you have these feelings after hours and days. And while they may seem strange and intimidating to you, they are actually some classic symptoms of derealization.

Depersonalization is one of your brain’s natural responses to stress and trauma. These feelings can suddenly appear, fall out of the sky, and be very frightening. But, just by understanding a few ideas and doing a few simple things, you can immediately feel better and make sure that it doesn’t become a long-term state. And today I’m going to give you the top 10 tips for what to do if you have weed depersonalization.

Don’t Panic

With these strange thoughts and sensations, you will feel a strong urge to panic. But don’t worry, you don’t go crazy. The symptoms of depersonalization weed feel strange and intimidating, but for now, the only thing you need to understand is that this is actually your brain’s defensive reaction.

Depersonalization is a completely natural response to stress. It won’t last forever and can’t hurt you.

What You Feel Is Not a Drug Coming

derealization from weed

It is very important. If you have given enough time for the onset of the weed or other drugs to dissipate, but you still feel high or the depersonalization of marijuana … It is not the action of the drug that causes these sensations.

There are no permanent traces of drug use in your body. And drugs have not caused any permanent changes in your brain or your perception. These things could not and did not happen. What you are experiencing is your brain’s temporary reaction to what it perceives to be a traumatic experience. Feelings may persist for now, but don’t worry, they won’t harm you. So keep this information in mind and stay calm.

Don’t Use Drugs

You might think that smoking weed got me into this, so maybe smoking weed will get me out of here. It won’t work. Taking more drugs to treat this drug-related condition is obviously not a good idea. If anything, then, in fact, taking drugs can make you feel worse, depersonalization from weed recovery will occur if you do not use the drug.

Don’t Drink Coffee or Other Sources of Caffeine

The feeling of depersonalization after smoking weed can mislead you that you are tired or that you need to wake up right now. Because of this, some people drink a lot of coffee or other stimulants to help them feel energized. It won’t work either. Trust me, this is exactly what I did when I first developed depersonalization. But this only made the symptoms worse. Caffeine will only increase your anxiety levels even more and strengthen the feeling of depersonalization after weed. From now on, if you are thirsty, have a glass of mineral water or a cup of chamomile tea.

Don’t Investigate This State

You will have the urge to go into Google and start figuring out everything related to the derealization weed. View each social group network or every forum you find. But don’t do it. What you are currently experiencing is a state of anxiety. And what guarantees a longer continuation of the symptomatology is concentration on this and research into it. When you constantly think about it and become obsessed with it, you only exacerbate the symptoms. And not only this! You’re bound to see scary stories that will only upset you, exacerbate weed-induced depersonalization, and make you feel worse. I made these same mistakes when I first got the DP. I spent weeks, months studying the condition. Likewise, I buried myself in reading forums and scared myself. Trust me, this condition is on the rise due to research. So don’t do it.

Distract Yourself with Something

Don’t sit back and worry about your condition. Do something else. Play video games, play a musical instrument, learn a foreign language. In general, do what your heart is about. You may still feel derealization after smoking weed at first, but that’s okay, it will go away later. The important thing is that you will break the chain that goes from anxiety to depersonalization and then to panic in your head. What’s the most effective way to do it right now? Remain distracted.

Be Patient

Depersonalization is your body’s natural response to intense anxiety. It sounds illogical now, but nature provides that this state will dissolve automatically if you allow it. If you start to fear and panic that it is not going away right now, it only increases your level of general anxiety and increases the level of weed derealization. The best thing you can do is be patient. Accept that depersonalization disorder from weed is present at the moment, but do not focus on it. Stay busy with something, puzzle yourself.

It Is Always the Same

weed and depersonalization

People are known to experience depersonalization all the time. Nearly 50 percent of adults in the United States will experience depersonalization at least once in their lifetime. This can often occur as a result of trauma, violence, car accident, and so on. Most people experience this for a few minutes at a time, ignore it and the effect goes away on its own, without lingering, absolutely naturally. But at the same time, although the beginning of derealization and weed can be for many reasons, it is a very important thing to understand – it is always the same. If you have developed depersonalization from smoking weed or another drug, it is the same as if it was provoked by another stress in the form of a car accident, the death of a loved one, and the like.

Depersonalization and derealization from weed or other drugs are not distinct types of the condition. There is nothing special or unique about it, and the methods of dealing with it are always the same.

Don’t Feel Guilty

This is not your fault. You are not the cause of what has happened. Don’t get hung up on whether it’s caused by that last joint you smoked or other drugs you’ve used. Yes, the drug can provoke it, but DP / DR is an anxiety-based condition. You have not permanently damaged or altered your brain, or anything remotely similar to it. For depersonalization from weed cure, it is necessary to understand that you are not in danger, and you are not going crazy, and this is not your fault.

You Are Safe

Remember: you are safe. Depersonalization and Derealization, whether caused by drugs or anything else, cannot harm you. And what’s more, these feelings came about to actually protect you. It’s a natural brain response to intense stress and intense anxiety.

Although DP / DR is not that well known and studied, it is still the most common occurrence. So don’t worry, you are not alone. DP / DR cannot harm you. Does depersonalization from weed go away? If it does not go away, it will not outgrow and go into some other stage or into some other state, and you have not caused permanent damage to yourself. You are safe and sound. And you can and will be able to return to your normal state.

General Output

marijuana depersonalization

Depersonalization and weed usage is often a component of anxiety/panic attacks that some users experience as a result of altered states of mind (or similar perceptions) that account for a significant portion of psychoactive effects.

Although, on the contrary, depersonalization can also be experienced by users who are adapted/accustomed to psychoactive effects, instead of anxiety it causes an altered mental state itself.

How to cure depersonalization of weed? Pharmacologically, the commonly used marijuana/cannabis strains do not appear to produce psychoactive effects profound enough for the user to experience a noticeable dissociative/detached state.

My point is that the link between the psychoactive effects of marijuana and depersonalization is not medically clear yet, and I have read many sources on this topic. However, it is not uncommon for symptoms that refer to depersonalization as a “consequence or experience” of marijuana use. Be careful when using drugs, but rather do not intoxicate your head.

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