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What Is Smoking Dabs: You Need to Learn All the Rules and Information about It Right No

smoking a dab

Dabbing is about smoking a plant. But! With one very important amendment. This term means the consumption of a plant not in the form of dried inflorescence, but in the form of an extract obtained from the same inflorescence.

Dabs THC percentage: ranges from 10% to 25%. Whereas in extracts this figure varies between 50-90%. That is, it makes sense to get confused to get a concentrated substance.

What Is Smoking Dabs?

Now let’s define what we mean when we use the term “extract”. We are talking about a concentrated product. And it can appear before you as oily, pasty, wax-like, syrupy, glassy. It can have the consistency of a thick, viscous liquid. In general, many options, but one point. There are also many names – wax, crumb, oil, wax or amber, honey, hash oil. It is important to understand that the culture of dub smoking unites all the sounded types of concentrates. Whichever extract format you use, it will be dabs smoking.

Concentrated THC dabs have been known to mankind for at least 2000 years. However, dab smoking, as a way to consume the gifts of Jah, gained popularity quite recently – in the fast-moving 21st century. The first devices and devices intended for oily substances were created around 2005 and became widespread in 2010. Sunny California is considered the birthplace of dabbing.

Pros and Cons of Smoking a Dab

wax and dabs

Pros of dabbing marijuana:

  • The use of concentrates is more efficient. You will come to the expected result much faster. Because the content of tetrahydrocannabinol in the oily substance is many times higher.
  • Since the concentration of active substances in the extract prevails, then its consumption will be lower. Even though amber oil has a higher price tag than humble buds, you end up winning in the long run.
  • A concentrated product, when properly manufactured, is cleaner than a dried plant. When you smoke dried staff, you inhale the smoke, generously flavored with resins, carcinogens, heavy metals, etc. With dabbing, you will be inhaling cannabinoids without the “seasoning” of combustion products.
  • The taste of the final product is more pronounced, more pleasant, and softer. Moreover, different types of concentrates (oils, THC wax dabs, etc.) have an individual flavor palette. There is an opportunity to experiment with different shades of taste and aroma, to choose what you like best.
  • The extract is easy to store and carry. Because a pasty substance takes up much less space than a dry plant matter. A couple of grams of wax is much easier to hide than bulky buds.
  • When viewed through the lens of medicine, dabbing is an effective way to manage chronic pain and nausea. The concentrated product acts on the body faster and stronger, instantly relieving the patient from painful attacks and unpleasant symptoms.
  • The industry does not stand still, it is constantly developing. Smoking technologies are moving forward. New ways of obtaining extracts appear, new terpenes are discovered and studied. All this allows you, as an adherent of oily substances, to keep pace with the times.

For all people smoking dabs, we have prepared cons of dabbing smoking:

  • Inability to assess the quality of the extract obtained (both if you extracted it yourself, and if you purchased a finished product). A poor-quality concentrate is a real health hazard, as it may contain solvent residues and chemical impurities.
  • Dabs and wax: High levels of THC in concentrates can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced users. It is necessary to clearly control the amount of oily substance that you plan to use. An excessive dose leads to unpleasant consequences.
  • With frequent and regular dabbing, tolerance to the substance develops, since the content of tetrahydrocannabinol varies between 50-90%.
  • The need to purchase a special device for consuming a Wax – bong, etc. Whereas for smoking cones, the unit can even be made with your own hands from improvised means, or you can resort to the services of a good old hand-rolled cigarette.

Wax and dabs: Wax is one of the most popular concentrates, which connoisseurs respectfully refer to as soft gold or amber.

What Is Wax?

Dab THC wax: Classic wax is a plant-based cannabinoid extraction product, one of the many varieties of butane hash oil.

Dab and wax: How are such concentrates obtained?

Potent cannabis concentrates, known in slang as dub, are obtained by extracting active substances with organic solvents that separate trichomes from less productive parts of the plant.

Smoking wax dabs with butane: The use of butane as a solvent has a number of advantages:

  • gas cylinders for refueling lighters are easy to purchase;
  • No special equipment is required for extraction;
  • plant metabolites and chlorophyll are not mixed with the active ingredients, which gives the concentrates a dark color and a bitter taste;
  • low boiling point simplifies the purification of the final product.

Harmful impurities are a hidden threat in the use of butane, which a beginner dabber needs to understand. One of the butane poisoning from dabs symptoms is intoxication. To avoid this, use highly purified N-butane to extract the cannabinoids.

Can You Die from Dabs?

can you die from dabs

It may be different and everything depends only on you. It is unlikely that it will be a revelation for someone if we say that the consumption of the gifts of Jah brings not only positive emotions. Smoking THC concentrates is directly related to the risk of overdose, since the content of active substances in them is up to 90%. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to be greedy, especially if you have no experience in the matter of consuming wax. The amount of herbal extract should be increased gradually, starting from a minimum.

Dab Overdose Symptoms:If we talk about the side effects when using concentrated products with CBD, then in addition to the risk of overdose, there is the likelihood of tolerance formation. It is possible that the use of oily substances increases the likelihood of developing an addiction. Also, we will attribute the possibility of getting a bad trip to a side effect. And also – the risk of poisoning if you purchased a low-quality product with foreign impurities. If you do not want to be a guy who dies from dabs, then carefully read this article and take into account all our savings.

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