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Countries where cannabis is legalized

countries where cannabis is legalized

How many countries have legalized marijuana? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question because of the different statuses of medical and recreational cannabis, the difference between legalization and decriminalization, and the specific conditions of legalization (legal use, storage, distribution). These are the countries where the grass was legalized in 2020:

  • Australia. Recreational use has been decriminalized in several territories and medical marijuana is legal at the federal and regional levels. Quality requirements vary from region to region.
  • Austria. In 2016, possession was decriminalized for personal use. Medicines containing cannabis are permitted for medical use.
  • Antigua and Barbuda. An island State in the Caribbean Sea where recreational use and storage have been decriminalized but medical use is prohibited.
  • Argentina. Recreational use is decriminalized, medical use is legalized.
  • Belgium. Growth and possession (up to 3 grams) have been decriminalized. Medicines containing cannabis are permitted.
  • Bermuda. Recreational use has been decriminalized (up to 7 grams), medical marijuana is legal.
  • Bolivia. A country where medical cannabis is illegal but where as much as 50 grams are allowed to be stored for private use.
  • Brazil. It is possible to store “small quantities” for personal use, but in some cases, possession may involve community service and education about the consequences of drug use. Cultivating, storing, selling, and transporting quantities larger than necessary for personal use is criminalized drug trafficking. The use for medical purposes is acceptable.
  • Vanuatu. Medical marijuana is legal.
  • Great Britain. Recreational use is prohibited. Medical use is allowed in cases of severe nausea caused by chemotherapy or multiple sclerosis with a prescription from a physician.
  • Germany. Medical marijuana is legal, “small quantities” are allowed for domestic use.
  • Greece. Medical marijuana is legal.
  • Denmark. Legally medical use in a four-year pilot program launched in 2018.
  • Egypt. All marijuana is illegal, but in practice, it’s not punishable.
  • India. In general, it is illegal, but domestic use is allowed for the cooking of the Bhanga.
  • Spain. Private use and storage are allowed, but a fine of up to €30,000 for public use is imposed. It can be grown on private premises, including “social clubs of cannabis”.
  • Israel. Recreational use is decriminalized, medical marijuana is legal.
  • Italy. Recreational marijuana is decriminalized, allowed for religious use. Medical marijuana is legal.
  • Cambodia. Recreational use is illegal here, but in practice, it is rarely punished.
  • Canada. A country where both recreational and medical cannabis is fully legal.
  • Cyprus. Medical marijuana is legal.
  • Colombia. You can store 22 grams or grow 20 plants for personal use. Medical marijuana is legal.
  • Costa Rica. Recreational use has been decriminalized.
  • Luxembourg. Medical is legal, recreational is decriminalized.
  • Malta. Recreational marijuana (up to 3.5 grams) has been decriminalized, medical marijuana is legal.
  • Mexico. Decriminalized for personal use. Medical use – with restrictions on THC content.
  • Moldova. Recreational use is decriminalized, medical use is not.
  • Nepal. Legally during the Maha Shivaratri.
  • The Netherlands. Medical use is legal. Contrary to popular belief, the use for recreational purposes is not legalized, but decriminalized (up to 5 grams and 5 plants), also allowed for sale and consumption in licensed coffee shops.
  • New Zealand. Only medical marijuana is legal.
  • Norway. There is a process of decriminalization of recreational marijuana, medical cannabis is legal.
  • Paraguay. Decriminalized (up to 10 grams).
  • Peru. Recreational marijuana has been decriminalized, medical marijuana is legal.
  • Poland. Small quantities are allowed for daily use, medical marijuana is completely legal.
  • Portugal. Up to 25 grams of weed or 5 grams of hashish have been decriminalized, medical marijuana is legal.
  • Romania. Drugs containing cannabis are allowed.
  • San Marino. Legal medical cannabis.
  • Slovenia. Marijuana has been decriminalized for daily use, and medications containing it are also permitted.


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