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Colorado Legal Weed Prices: Setting State Average Prices For Different Weights

Colorado Legal Weed Prices

Since the legal sale of marijuana began, Colorado medical weed prices have doubled. The legal sale of cannabis began in Colorado on January 2, 2014. Already in the first 24 hours of sales, store revenues exceeded $1 million, in just a year the state government received $67 million in taxes from the marijuana trade, and sales increased to $578 million.

In 2014, at the time of the start of sales of medical cannabis, one ounce for personal use at retail cost an average of $400 versus $200 for prescription marijuana. At that time, experts explained the rise of Colorado prices weed weight by a small number of stores and high demand. At the time, the executive director of the National Cannabis Growers Association (NCIA), Aaron Smith, argued that the cost of marijuana would decrease once enough shops were opened. And so it happened in the end.

The Situation with Prices at the Moment

As of 2020, the situation has changed dramatically. Colorado is about to have a big date – a decade of legalizing recreational marijuana. During this time many dispensaries, pharmacies, and specialty shops for medical and recreational cannabis have opened. Colorado legal weed prices have also changed a lot, and marijuana is much more affordable for people than it was in 2014. The positive trend of relatively low Colorado recreational weed prices has reduced the black market share of the illicit cannabis trade. Those who trade on the black market stopped making profits because people started buying from legal points.

Many people want to know about specific Colorado weed prices in order not to overpay and buy a quality product at a reasonable price. We have made a guide to prices at different points of sale in Colorado.

How Are Colorado Weed Dispensary Prices Formed?

The IRS has provided information on the Colorado weed prices a pound to manufacturers at dispensaries, which in October 2020 was worth about $1,300.

Marijuana growers sell it to dispensaries, after which a price is set. In 2020, there were such Colorado weed prices legal list:

β€’ $81.25 per ounce;

β€’ $10.15 per ounce;

β€’ $2.88 per gram.

After the dispensary delivers marijuana to the specialty pharmacy, weed prices in Colorado Springs would go up dramatically. They even became 2 or 3 times higher than they were. This is due to the fact that there are operating costs for the remuneration of employees, rental of premises, delivery costs, as well as the purchase of equipment.

As a result, people buy marijuana at drugstores with a very large mark-up. To calculate how much medical marijuana can cost, it would be easier to add 200%-300% to its cost, since there is also taxation.

What Are the Colorado Weed Prices after Legalization?

Colorado Weed Prices after Legalization

Colorado MED collects all the information you need to know about 466 cultivator purchases, 416 stores and pharmacies for recuperative and medical marijuana, and 216 marijuana manufacturers. After the retail margin is added, we end up with the following prices for weed in Colorado for recreational consumers:

Price for 1 ounce – $160 – 240

Price for 1/8 ounce – $20 – 30

Price for 1 gram $5.76 – 8.64

Let’s take these weed prices in Colorado stores and dispensaries for reference or baseline.

Weed Dispensary Colorado Prices:

1. Dispensary Botanico, Denver

Dispensary Botanico, Denver

There are several strains of cannabis on sale:

β€’ Crystal Gelato – $20 for 1/8, $160 per ounce;

β€’ Bazookies – $140 per ounce.

Botanico has consistently good popularity ratings. For more information on Denver Colorado weed dispensaries prices, visit their website.

2. Medicine Man, Longmont

Medicine Man, Longmont

There are several strains of cannabis on sale:

β€’ Cookies N ‘Cream – $19 per 1/8, $114 per ounce;

β€’ G6 # 3 – $19 for 1/8, $114 per ounce.

It is also a very popular selling point for cannabis and is considered one of the best in Longmont. As you can see, Medicine Man weed in Colorado prices are significantly lower than in Denver.

3. Organix, Breckenridge

Organix, Breckenridge

Only one cannabis strain is sold, it is possible to buy less weight:

β€’ GG # 4 – $15 per gram, $32 for 1/8, $155 per ounce.

Weed prices in Colorado dispensaries are average and reasonably affordable for shoppers, and this place is also in high demand.

4. The Lodge, RiNo Denver

The Lodge, RiNo Denver

This dispensary has only one cannabis strain on sale, but you have the opportunity to buy a small weight:

Sour Chunk – $13 per gram, $32 for 1/8, $150 per ounce.

Average Price per Gram in Colorado?

Since we cannot tell you about absolutely all price categories in all dispensaries, pharmacies, and stores in the state of Colorado, you can do it easier. Average Colorado weed shop prices per gram were calculated.

At the moment, this price ranges from 6 to 9 dollars per 1 gram, but in some dispensaries, including the ones above, you can see that this price is much higher.

So, in fact, it can be argued that Colorado weed shops prices for 1 gram would be 10 – 15 dollars. This is more like the truth. It can be concluded that it can be much cheaper and more profitable to buy marijuana in large quantities.

What Is the Average Price for a 1/8 in Colorado?

Colorado’s publicly available data estimate that the average price for that amount of marijuana is $20-30. If you look at the Colorado weed stores prices above again, it becomes obvious that their prices are at the bottom of this range. Denver Colorado weed prices at Botanico dispensary are $20 and at Medicine Man $19.

Now let’s move to the upper end of the price range of the average price for 1/8 of marijuana. In two other dispensaries, or rather in Organix, it is $32, in The Lodge – also $32.

Average Cost of 1 Ounce of Marijuana in Colorado

From the calculated data above, we can say that basically, the average cost of 1 ounce is $160 – 240. If you take another look at the weed prices in Colorado dispensaries, you can see that they range from $114 to $160 for a marijuana unit. Weed prices in Denver, Colorado for 1 ounce (ca. 38 g) are the highest.

Setting the Prices of Weed in Colorado

Prices of Weed in Colorado

As you know, the setting of prices is also influenced by the region, the manufacturer’s brand, the amount of supply and demand, as well as a number of other factors.

But where without feedback between the state, cannabis producers and dispensaries. They must exchange and collect information to establish weed dispensary prices in Colorado.

To do this, Colorado MED uses information from cannabis growers and sellers (dispensaries and pharmacies selling marijuana products) every 3 months to determine the Average Market Rate (AMR). This is a very important indicator for determining the amount of tax, which is revised depending on the weight of the cannabis sold and produced.

There is a chart that can be found on the Colorado Department of Revenue website that shows Colorado weed prices per pound in 2019 and 2020. As we can see, the cost for 1 pound (0.45 kg) of grass in October 2019 is $999, and exactly a year later in October 2020, this price increased by 30% to $1.316 per 1 pound (0.45 kg).

Why Is the Market Rate So Important?

It is important to understand that the consumer buys marijuana at double and sometimes triple the price, as mentioned above, which is much higher than the average market rate. This is because dispensaries need to pay their expenses and generate income.

The Other Side of the Average Market Rate

Restrictions are imposed not only on people who use marijuana for entertainment and entertainment purposes but also on those who have certain diseases and indications for using medical cannabis on the recommendation of a doctor.

Those looking to buy a pound of marijuana for recreational purposes will not be able to do so. They are only allowed to buy 1/16 of a pound of cannabis at weed prices, Colorado.

Surely many have heard during the period when cannabis was illegal about the headlines in the news or newspapers about the fact that the police confiscated or found somewhere in the amount of $1 million in marijuana. But was there really such a huge amount of the drug? In the past, the average market price for marijuana sold illegally on the street was much higher. Therefore, the police considered the cost of seized marijuana at this rate and received a value in the millions of dollars.The blog authors tried to find the latest information on marijuana pricing in Colorado. If you are looking to buy marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, then try to take a close look at weed dispensary prices and recreational weed prices in Colorado. This would help you save money and not overpay. Do not abuse or use marijuana, and always obey the law.

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