What Is Caviar Weed: The Most Powerful Cannabis Product for Experienced Stoners

What Is Caviar Weed

A fifth of US sales come from MoonRocks, Sunrocks and Caviar Weed, the most popular cannabis products with very high THC levels of 70 to 90% or more. Let’s discuss why stoners began to massively switch to such an expensive product, what is the difference between them and what effect to expect – the concentrated future is already here!

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

A concentrate can refer to any product obtained by extracting cannabinoids from hemp plant mass by mechanical and chemical methods. Depending on the preparation method, cannabis concentrates differ in cannabinoid and terpene profiles, but in any case, the proportion of active ingredients is much higher than in buds – from 40–50% in liquid oils to 99% in crystalline form.

What Is Caviar Weed?

what is caviar weed

Marijuana Caviar is a potent formulation that is blended from the world’s finest cannabis buds together with premium concentrates for incredible post-consumption benefits.

Somewhere in the early 2010s, the term caviar appeared in online stoner use. This was the name of the buds, which were dipped in hash oil and then dried a little until they hardened.

We all know that fish roe is very expensive and not available to all segments of society. Marijuana caviar costs no less than fish. Caviar weed is sold at high-end dispensaries at very high prices, as it is an excellent treat for avid stoners.

Some people use the words weed caviar and MoonRocks interchangeably. According to the blog post of Colorado cannabis company The Greenery, “MoonRocks” is just the Californian way of saying “caviar”, which is just the Colorado way of saying “pumped-up bud”.

What Are MoonRocks?

What Are MoonRocks

MoonRock is made up of layers of incredibly killer cannabis. The first is the bud itself, the second is hash oil, the third is hash crystals (kief). As a result, we get Caviar Gold Moon Rocks with a hard hashish shell, which hides completely oil-soaked shishulence, well, just like a sandwich cookie!

Smoking Moon Rocks caviar, twisting it into a joint is difficult because of its fragility. The easiest way is to use a pipe or bong, mixing it with a little grated cannabis, or by itself.

What Are SunRocks?

What Are SunRocks

This canna product is somewhat similar to caviar Moon Rocks, but much better. They are made from the highest grade mariuana. At the moment SunRocks are made by the main manufacturers of California – Big Tray Deee and Apollo Sun Rocks.

In appearance, SunRocks and MoonRocks are absolutely identical – this is a resinous and dense cannabis bud sprinkled with a layer of kief, from which you can get a very strong effect and seal to the sofa for 5 hours. Be careful and do not consume a large dose at once, otherwise you risk spending the whole day in a state.

Pros and Cons of Weed Concentrates

Concentrates do not smell, but using MoonRocks or caviar on the street is quite dangerous for your health, because this product has a strong effect. Experienced stoners find a number of additional advantages in the use of concentrates:

  • exact dosage of active ingredients;
  • the ability to receive pure THC or CBD preparations;
  • fast and predictable effect;
  • prolonged action;
  • guaranteed absence of impurities and pure deep taste.

However, you shouldn’t expect concentration to keep stoners forever, keeping their spirits up and getting back to work quickly after hitting parties. Tolerance formation with the use of Caviar Gold weed strain has not been sufficiently studied yet. It is possible that when taking canna extracts, the gears in the brain rotate differently than when smoking weed, and addiction develops more often. However, for consumers of medical cannabis in the countries of the winning legalization, the risks are minimized. The dosage and regimen for taking canna drugs is prescribed by a specialist who calculates all the nuances.

In addition, the Caviar Gold weed price is very high. Firstly, elite cannabis products are too expensive to use every day, and shopping on the black market is risky – they can slip a low-quality handicraft product. Secondly, sooner or later you would have to switch to professional devices, which are also expensive. Upgrading a bong or vaporizer is also quite expensive.

How to Smoke Caviar Weed?

For the first excursion into the world of concentrates, there are enough available tools. The restless rastaman fantasy has given birth to many ways of budgetary income. If there are no smoking devices in the house in the form of a bong, break off a piece and put it on the heated tip of a knife and draw in the smoke through any means at hand – a funnel, cocktail straw. You should not heat the blade on a gas stove, as an unpleasant taste and harmful substances remain in the mouth.

An alternative method is smoking Caviar Gold marijuana in pipes. Just one slice of heated caviar enhances the sensations! But keep in mind that this type of simplification of this product has a number of disadvantages:

  • rapid growth of tolerance up to the development of addiction;
  • higher likelihood of withdrawal syndrome;
  • severe side effects in the form of sleep disorders.

Marijuana Caviar Gold Weed Facts

  • THC caviar burns very slowly. This unique property makes it an ideal product for medical use to relieve pain or dull the effects of a serious illness;
  • Caviar emerged sometime in 2010 when former Death Row Records executive vice president-turned-marijuana mogul Kurupt met with music artist Dr. Zodiak. They developed a collaborative mixtape to launch the Moonrock lineup. Subsequently, amateurs of the Munrocs called them cannabis caviar.
  • The most famous cannabis caviar company is Caviar Gold. Their caviar is considered the strongest in the world and is designed for very experienced stoners. The company manufactures cannabis caviar from high quality buds and infuses it with oil right down to the stem.
  • The worst enemy of the cannabis caviar is the grinder. You can use caviar in any way you want, just do not put the product in the grinder. You can destroy all the most valuable compounds and lose THC. The caviar texture is too sticky and oily, your caviar would just get stuck and ruin the grinder.

The blog authors advise you to get some more experience before trying canna caviar, moonrocks or sanrocs, because these are very powerful foods that have a very strong psychoactive effect.

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