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Cannabis Side Effects: Addiction And Side Effects Of Medical Cannabis Treatment

cannabis effects

Marijuana is made from a plant called hemp or cannabis. Cannabis is considered a “soft” drug, and it is even used as a medicine due to its relaxing and anesthetizing effects. The side effects of smoking cannabis are hard to determine, because there is no clear cut distinction between side and desired effects. It depends on the result you would like to achieve. For example, for some people the relaxing effects might be desirable, but for others they might make it hard to focus. It all depends on how you use cannabis and how your body reacts to it.

What Are the Side Effects of Cannabis?

Is Cannabis Addictive?

Side effects of cannabis are largely individual and can change from use to use. It is impossible to know how it would affect you, unless you are very experienced, and not everyone may experience all of the effects We can broadly categorize the effects into the following types:

  • Relaxation, both emotionally and of the muscles
  • Euphoria
  • Pain relief
  • Higher sociability and interest in the company of people
  • Heightened sensitivity of all senses
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead lead reddened eyes
  • In some cases, but not for all people, overuse of cannabis can lead to experiences of anxiety and paranoia. If you have this experience, it probably means you used too much of it, so decrease your dose if it happens to you.

These side effects of cannabis use start about 10-30 minutes after smoking. If you consume it by ingestion (eating), time of effect is longer, usually 1-2 hours.The duration of the action of the drug is about 4-6 hours.

The long-term side effects of smoking cannabis are debated in the scientific community. Excessive use can lead to concentration and memory impairments, so it is not advised to use it more than once or twice a week for years. There is some evidence it may cause fertility problems, and it has been associated with psychosis although no causal link has been established. This means that we have no evidence that cannabis causes psychosis, but there is a tendency of people who suffer from psychosis to use it. In the “cannabis”.

Medical cannabis side effects are essentially the same as the cannabis side effects list from above. Medical cannabis is still cannabis so there is no difference from non-medical cannabis in terms of its effects.

The signs and side effects of cannabis long-term from the fact that a person smoked a joint, all manifest themselves in different ways. It depends on the type of hemp-derived drug, the person’s age, body weight, and the amount smoked.

Is Cannabis Addictive?

Best Way to Use Cannabis

No. An addictive substance is a substance which leads to biological dependency. Biological dependency is when your body cannot function normally without the drug (you can’t concentrate or have very low energy), and if you don’t use it for a while you would go through withdrawal symptoms. These are drugs such as heroin, nicotine, caffeine, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Cannabis cannot lead to withdrawal symptoms.

However, since cannabis can be very pleasurable, relaxing and euphoric, people might get psychologically dependent on it, and this is one of the most negative side effects of cannabis. This means that whenever they are not under the influence of it, they constantly think about wanting to use it, and feel sad when they can’t use it.

To avoid the psychological dependency cannabis side effects long term, make sure you take breaks from using cannabis. If you feel an urge to consume cannabis, this is exactly the right time to stop. Wait until you stop thinking about it, especially if it is hard, and only then consume it again. If you notice you start needing greater doses to achieve the same effect, this is also a time to take a break until your tolerance level goes back down (this usually takes about two weeks).

Best Way to Use Cannabis

We have shared with you the major side effects of medical cannabis, so now you know what to expect. But many of them can be in fact pleasurable, therapeutic, or medical. So the best way to enjoy it without suffering from the bad side effects of cannabis is by applying caution. If you notice your tolerance levels start to increase, take a break immediately. This is very important because when your tolerance increases you enter a vicious cycle where you constantly increase your dose to achieve the same effects.

A common scenario is the following:

  • A person begins to indulge in cannabis, only occasionally allowing himself to smoke it;
  • Consumption becomes daily, as a person feels they “need” its calming effect;
  • The addict ceases to have enough of the effects of cannabis, and he begins to look for a way to use stronger drugs or drugs;
  • A person is addicted to more “heavy” types of drugs, which are more destructive and bring more harm, which completely destroys the psyche and internal human organs.

It is important to be aware of this scenario so you can avoid it.The creators of the blog are grateful that you paid attention to this topic and take care of your health. It is very important to know what the risks and long-term cannabis side effects are. Study the list of side effects of cannabis in detail and if you start experiencing undesirable effects lower your dose.

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