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Cannabis Ruderalis

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In our articles, we pay great attention to Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, bypassing Cannabis Ruderalis strains, which also merits attention. This flora is better known as weed or wild hemp.

Newcomers to marijuana often ask questions: what is wild hemp suitable for, and what can be made of wild hemp? Is it considered a narcotic substance, and what effect does it have on people? These are only some of the most frequently asked questions. With this article, we decided to answer most of them.

Appearance and Features of Ruderalis weed

cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is a subspecies of sowing hemp, better known as Cannabis Sativa. This affinity is also reflected in the appearance of the plant. The bushes are very similar to the strongly reduced version of Sativa.

You can distinguish the ruderalis plant by several external features: a ribbed and thin central stem and leaves, divided into 5-9 segments. Like its brethren, ruderalis has a stem root system. It means that the central part of the root grows deep in the soil in search of water, and the system of small roots is responsible for absorbing nutrients. The latter are usually located in the upper layers of the soil and have a branched structure.

Where does Ruderalis grow?

Hearth of weed growth is a bright marker of soil fertility. Ruderalis has extremely high immunity, super adaptability to any conditions, and auto-flowering. It is often used by breeders to create psychoactive, fast-growing, and durable auto-flowering strains.

How does wild hemp multiply?

Wild hemp is sexually multiplied. For this purpose, taller male plants pollinate lower growing female plants by opening the pollen sacs. The concept of height, in this case, is relative, as the cannabis ruderalis plant does not grow above 60 cm, unlike its psychoactive brothers. It is noteworthy that the viability of Ruderalis seeds is maintained for 2-40 years, while the offspring of even the most resilient representatives of Indica and Sativa have little chance of germination after 5-7 years if no special storage conditions were provided.

How much does the wild hemp grow?

ruderalis plant

Ruderalis marijuana seeds, which found themselves in the soil in autumn, germinate in April-May. The full life cycle of the plant lasts about five months and ends in late July / early August. – This is the answer to the question “when does the wild hemp ripen?”. However, the average life span from seed to the end of flowering is 3.5 months. It means that several generations of plants can grow in one season.

Can I Get Ruderalis High?

Beginners often ask the same question: “Can I smoke wild cannabis? The answer will be quite simple – you can, but you don’t have to. As we have written above, the ruderalis weed plant contains tiny amounts of THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effect. Even in the “strongest” wild marijuana phenotypes, it is present in no more than 2-4% of this cannabinoid. To obtain at least the weakest or highest effects, this content should not be lower than 8-10%. – is the answer to another frequent question: “is there an effect from wild cannabis”?

Despite the almost complete absence of THC, there is a certain amount of terpenes in the plant. These substances can slightly increase the impact of even the minimum doses of the required cannabinoid. As a result, when using wild marijuana in large quantities, a person may feel weak muscle relaxation, while the mind will be unaffected.

Now you know what is ruderalis. Maybe you can even dissuade your lucky friends who found wild cannabis not to smoke it. Wild cannabis is a survival warrior, it was not designed to smoke you. However, it can give some genetic lessons about resistance to more psychoactive relatives.


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