Cannabis Growing Kits: The Main Components Of The Kit And Tips For Growing Marijuana At Home

Tips For Growing Marijuana At Home

Cannabis Growing Kits

If you love to smoke marijuana and are thinking about starting to grow it yourself, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with special kits for growing it.

There are 2 types of cannabis growing kits:

Kit for Indoor Growing

Cannabis Growing Kits

Since the ambient temperature should be in the range of 20-30 oC, this corresponds to the conditions of most living quarters, but if you live in a cold climate, then you need to get a thermometer and hygrometer, these things are included in the kit. It is necessary to maintain moderate humidity (45-60%). The kit includes a special soil for growing cannabis, which partly makes the task of the grower easier. The seed of a plant survives when grown at home. Costs are dramatically reduced, guests are less stressed, and the plant’s growth regulator role returns back to nature. Specialized plant bait and fertilizer. So, to summarize what is included in indoor growing weed kits:

  • Growbox
  • LED grow light
  • Hangers / Beams
  • Ventilation system, built-in fan, and carbon filter
  • Thermometer and hygrometers to maintain an optimal environment
  • Timer
  • Pots
  • Drying grid and scissors
  • Fertilizers and substrate

Kit for Outdoor Growing

Select the right variety for the climate and grower’s preference. Prepare seedlings and plant them at the right time, decide on the landing site and prepare it. To meet these criteria, the kit will include a special fertilizer suitable for normal soil, as well as a variety of marijuana that can survive outdoors. Growing outdoors is a fairly straightforward process.

There are quite a few people who believe that growing marijuana at home (indoor) is a very complex science available only to a select few. However, you will be surprised at how easy this task is when approached smartly and fully prepared – armed with growing kits for weed equipment and knowledge. So how to grow marijuana? You will need a Grow Box, lighting, ventilation, substrate and fertilizers, and everything else we have listed above. However, first things first.

Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit

Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit

We will now look at each piece of the indoor marijuana growing system set.


What kind of lamp will be in marijuana indoor growing kits, of course, depends on its price. If you want a very cheap kit, then you can limit yourself to sunlight, but this will not always help create a good harvest. The use of the sun greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of the growing process. This option is not only suitable for outdoor use. If you want to raise a bush, but you don’t want to spend a lot, then you can use a balcony or loggia. LED photo lamps can be used as supplementary lighting. Even household ones are suitable, 2-3 pieces of 40 W for each bush. The weak point of this growing method is the relatively modest harvest. Therefore, if you want a rich harvest, then choose a set with high-quality LED lamps or professional lighting with a grow box.

Weed Primer

Weed is an annual plant, it needs time to grow and give offspring in a short time. But the accelerated life cycle of marijuana is more than offset by its metabolism. Cannabis absorbs nutrients easily and grows vigorously. In order to help the plant, special attention should be paid to the composition of the soil in which it will grow. The soil in indoor grow kits for weed should be porous, well-aerated, and not accumulate moisture.

Topdressing and the Chemical Composition of the Soil Mixture.

There is a wide variety of specialized hemp fertilizers on the marijuana indoor grow kit market today. When feeding plants, it is worth remembering that it is better not to top up than to overdo it. Themed platforms and grow reports will help you with the choice of a line of cannabis fertilizers. The latter will tell you exactly what fertilizers can be used and in what proportions for a particular variety.

Particularly popular among growers are special indoor growing kits with fertilizers designed for the entire life cycle of cannabis.

Choosing the Right Variety

After the place is prepared and all the necessary measures are taken, it remains to choose the appropriate variety that you will grow in the indoor weed grow kit. Read more about the variety included in the set that suits your price. This will help you quickly decide and know what you will get in the end, this advice will be especially useful for beginners.

General Recommendations When Choosing a Variety:

Choose mixed genetics. A pure sativa will be very capricious, long-flowering, and can reach enormous sizes (3 m or more). Pure indica is less whimsical, but its effect can be disappointing. It will be much easier with hybrids.

Autoflowers mature very quickly (2 months on average), but are not as productive as photoperiod varieties. They are also less resistant to stress.

For open field conditions in the northern regions, it is better to choose Fast-versions of varieties or strong indica autoflowers. The latter is also great for indoor grow boxes with low light or on a windowsill.

Complete Indoor Growing Kits

Complete Indoor Growing Kits

We want to share with you the best complete indoor grow kits and why you should buy them.


Grow tent kit:

This complete indoor grow kit includes a tent along with a built-in 1200 Watt LED lamp, working in unison. The lamp is a CMH ceramic metal halide plant growing lamp. Designed to create even illumination for the plant. Such an awning fits well in a closet or pantry, and will also look good in the corner of a room. Size: 48 “x 48” x 80 “

Grow tent complete system:

Complete weed growing kit includes 4 “charcoal air filter, 2 steel ducts, 6 duct clips, 3 rope hangers, 4 5 gallon pots and 14” plastic saucers, temperature and humidity monitor, electronic timer, fan with clip , pruning shears, 2 germination domes, 10 quick-release root vegetables, power cord, leather gloves, 2 16 oz fermentation vessels and 2 32 oz fermentation vessels. The filtration system in the complete marijuana grow kit is via a 4-inch fan.

Growing tents:

This tent is perfect for growing tall plants and ensures their long-term use and preservation. The tent is reflective. All kits and tents are handcrafted so you can grow medium to large plants right at home. All tents are made of quality materials to ensure efficient marijuana cultivation.

Hydroponics growing system:

This complete marijuana growing kit comes with a specially formulated (two bags / 10 lb) Kind Soil “Hot Soil” and Fox Farm Grow Mix (1.5 sq. Ft.), It is like little sponges that control the level and quantity well. water so as not to flood or dry out the plant.

You can purchase any of these featured kits on, starting at $ 653.59 to $ 1295.95 per set.


Benefits of a complete cannabis growing kit:

The tent retains all the light, the lining in the tent is made of Mylar with 98% light reflectance, this helps to retain it and create more comfortable conditions for the plant to grow in complete grow kits for weed.

In the complete cannabis grow kit:

• Tent 24 “x 24” x 48 “

• Air Filtration Kit (Inline Premium Fan and 4 “203cc Australian Virgin Australian Activated Carbon Filter)

• Special inner and outer mesh (provides 53% open space for free air circulation)

• Glasses

• Timer for 7 days

• Thermometer and hygrometer

• 300W LED with maximum power

The entire kit will include all the necessary parts for customization. This set for growing marijuana costs $ 339.99 + $ 225.64 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to the United Kingdom.


The set includes:

• 300W LED lamp. Light includes 100PCS x 3W LED chips. The red, yellow, blue, and purple chips instead create a nice purple glow that encourages the growth of marijuana. This light is suitable for any plant cycle.

• 2 cooling fans positioned on top of the complete weed growing kits provide airflow and help regulate the temperature inside. Will serve you 5000 hours. The ventilation system also helps to get rid of possible unpleasant odors and particulate matter in the tent.

• Grow a tent. Made of dense mylar on the outside. It has a high reflectivity, which retains light well, and also contains 2 layers of mylar to protect against water leakage.

• Carbon filter, flexible duct, duct clamps.

This kit will work well for novice growers and you can easily gain new experience in growing marijuana with complete grow kits for cannabis. The price for TopoGrow is $ 1,510.00.

The creators of the blog have tried to find for you the best kits for growing at home. Be sure to try it at home and indulge in some fresh marijuana.

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