Cannabis for Autism

autism and weed

Children with severe forms of autism are often aggressive towards themselves and others. They get hysterical, and they prefer to play alone, having difficulties with verbal and non-verbal communicationŠ± some do not speak at all.

Medical marijuana for autism can help such children to find friends or be able to maintain eye contact. Usually, they are emotionally unstable, angry, or upset when there are any changes in their way of life. Autistic children seem unhappy. Their aggressive or malicious behavior is perceived as if they suffer from pain.

Approximately every 50th child in the U.S. suffers from this, and the number is growing. Cannabis treatment for autism can remove most of these symptoms and bring children back to normal interaction with others.

Does Weed Help Autism?

cannabis for autism

Some parents overcame their prejudices about weed and autism and followed the advice of specialists. Many of them were disappointed with medications for autism prescribed by doctors. These drugs do not help but even worsen the condition of children. In desperation, parents decided to use medical marijuana for autism treatment.

Parents noted that marijuana helped them to calm their children, make them smile, significantly reduce hysteria and aggressive behavior. And the reason for this was not the sedative effect. On the contrary, autism medical marijuana made children more alive and cheerful, able to perform actions that they would never dare to do before.

Parental Stories About Autism and Weed

weed and autism

The father of 8-year-old Sam states after CBD treatment for Autism his son relaxed and became less anxious. He started laughing for the first time. He and his wife were amazed by this effect. Anxiety, rage, and hostility left his son, and his behavior became more stable and calm. He began to take part in joint actions with ancestors, to make attempts of physical contact with tenderness instead of aggression. It was amazing!

Micke Hester-Perez, the mother of a 12-year-old boy with autism, said that she used to give him a combination of thirty prescription drugs. His weight has dropped to 21 kg. In addition to autism, her son was diagnosed with anorexia and malnutrition. Doctors said that he had only six months to live. His mother was completely broken and wanted only one thing – to find a way to keep her son alive and gave him medical marijuana. The first noticeable change is eye contact. Then her son gained more than 18 kg, became happier, and began to behave better.

Many parents do not doubt that marijuana helped them to save the lives of their children. It is noteworthy that Perez noted the appearance of visual contact between her and her son because maintaining visual contact means social interaction with a person. Children with a severe form of autism often have behavioral problems.

The father of a 9-year-old boy with autism told how his son put on his shirt and sweater for the first time in his life and started exploring new activities with curiosity after he was given marijuana. Screams, agony, and emotional instability are a thing of the past. Instead, laughter, a smile, and a simple desire to hug his parents.

Myung Lee, the mother of an autistic child, writes that one morning when she woke up, her son smiled and hugged her instead of waking her up with a scream of pain. From the age of three, he had never hugged anyone and could not stand it when someone touched him. Now he is looking for my eyes when he is proud of something to make sure that I saw it.

Lee noticed that the doctor was skeptical about marijuana for autism during the discussion of treatment. But when she brought her son, the doctor saw that the child was not as afraid as before. Instead, he said hello and allowed himself to be examined, although he used to be very scared and did not like it when someone touched his head. On previous visits, the doctor could not even listen to his heartbeat because the boy would pull out a stethoscope.

Marijuana helps children with autism in many ways

  • They become happier
  • Less anxious
  • Less aggressive

Parents consider it a miracle to change their social and empathic abilities. After taking marijuana, children can stay in visual contact longer, become more communicative, can play with other children, and hugging parents. They start doing things they have never done before, such as washing a plate after eating and wearing a T-shirt.

In most children whose parents risked using medical cannabis in the treatment of autism, the method has had a positive effect.

It should also be kept in mind that only drug-free hemp is used for children. In this case, the drugs should have the highest concentration, otherwise, the effect may be delayed.

Of course, all this information that marijuana cures autism is very unexpected and extremely contradictory for many. It is unlikely that a large number will dare to give their child drugs made of hemp. However, as they say, “All is Fair in Love and War.”

If you are interested in the information in this article, take your time, carefully weigh the pros and cons and be sure to find a specialist who will prescribe the appropriate therapy for your child.

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