How to Cure Cannabis in Jars: Read the Article to Know Instruction

jar curing

Are you a lover of cannabis? Do you know how to cure buds in jars? Read here!

Cannabis curing buds is an important step in achieving the perfect flavor. By getting rid of substances unnecessary for the grower, the product gives a much more pleasant and softer smoke. It also allows you to store the crop for much longer without losing its main effective qualities. Our article will tell you more about the main methods of curing, and will give you step-by-step instructions.

When should you start cannabis curing and why is it needed?

Curing is the next step after the cannabis has dried. It is necessary mainly in order to rid the buds of chlorophyll residues and excess accumulated elements. Despite the fact that washing allows you to remove most of the salts, some of them still remain in the harvest. The process is not difficult and requires patience rather than special skills.

Curing tips from experienced growers highlight 3 main conditions:

  • Temperature 5-21 degrees
  • Humidity 30-50%
  • No light and oxygen
  • Glass curing jars it is better than curing cannabis in mason jars

The main ways of curing jars cannabis:

glass curing jars

Water cure

The best method for curing cannabis, but also quite time-consuming. Its main advantage is the almost complete disposal of the crop from excess chemical elements. How long to cure cannabis in jars? The whole process takes from a week to three (one for the cure itself, the rest for drying). In addition to a can, pine cones, and water, you also need a TDS meter.

It is necessary to put the cones in a jar and fill them with distilled water. By no means from the tap! Now send it all to a dark place. The liquid in the can needs to be changed daily. In this case, it is imperative to check it with a TDS meter when merging. The ideal PPM value is 0, but it is not achievable. A satisfactory reading would be 50-170 ppm. This will mean that there is practically no salt left in the product. Now all that remains is to dry the crop. Use a mesh and fan to avoid mold growth due to excess moisture.

You don’t have to worry about curing cannabis in mason jars – active ingredients and aroma. Terpenes and cannabinoids, unlike minerals, do not dissolve in water.

Quick curing cannabis:

Not the highest quality method, but it also takes place if you need to prepare the crop for more or less comfortable use as soon as possible. Just take a sheet of baking parchment (it will absorb moisture), place it in a dark cabinet, and spread the bumps evenly on top. The main thing is that the temperature inside does not exceed 21 degrees.

Now you only need to turn in the cones once a day for a week. As soon as they begin to crunch when squeezed, the process can be considered complete. The moisture inside is still retained, so it is better to store the crop treated in this way for no more than 60 days.

Classic cannabis curing jars:

In this case, everything is as simple and effective as possible. You will need an airtight jar with a lid (preferably dark glass), bumps, a dark place with low humidity, and preferably temperature (refrigerator, for example). Just fill the jar with product to the very top, but without tamping. Then close it tightly with a lid and put it in the refrigerator. If for some reason you do not have a refrigerator, then a cabinet will do, the main thing is that the temperature does not rise above 21 degrees.

In the first week, check the jar 1-2 times daily. Condensation will accumulate on its walls. Just open the lid and let it evaporate (about half an hour). In the second week, you can ventilate the jar once a day. To bring the process of cannabis curing jars to its logical conclusion, it will take from three weeks to a couple of months (depending on the characteristics and resinousness of the variety). You can use the product during the curing jars, but the longer it takes to heal, the more pleasant the experience will be.

A signal that the product is completely ready will be a change in the color of the cannabis bosses from green to brown. This indicates the complete decomposition of chlorophyll. Buds can last for up to a year (often longer), but after about 6 months the cannabinoid THC will begin to gradually oxidize and quality will decline. To keep this process as slow as possible, buds should be stored in favorable conditions with a minimum of oxygen and away from light.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Basic Marijuana jar curing methods

curing jar


This method of curing jar produces very high-quality buds. But not like water cure. Also, the buds will be completely ready for long-term storage. The method is pretty simple. All you need is to stock up on sealed cans and patience. On the other hand, no one bothers you to periodically test the crop. We can say that this method has no disadvantages.

Fast cure – how to cure cannabis in jars

In fact, this is drying and curing buds in one bottle. It’s just that one process flows smoothly into another. The method allows you to get high-quality and ready-to-use buds much faster. The only negative is that such inflorescences are best used within the next couple of months. Also, drying and curing if the technology is not followed can cause the breakdown of some of the cannabinoids. This reduces the strength of the impact.

Water cure

This method of drying and curing cannabis in jars is the most labor-intensive. On the other hand, the grower will be rewarded with the highest quality product. In addition to laboriousness, the disadvantages include the need to purchase a TDS meter. However, many growers already have it, especially those who grow hydroponically.

Also, you can do the curing cannabis with boveda packs. Why choose Boveda for storing and curing your cannabis:

  • Maintains accurate relative humidity for proper curing and storage.
  • Keeps buds fresh for up to a year. You will be removed from the container the product that was cut from the bush like yesterday.
  • Saves commercial growers money from moisture loss.
  • Protects the medicinal properties and potency of cannabis.
  • Removes harshness from smoking dry buds.
  • Prevents mold and associated health risks for the user.
  • Cannabis in an airtight container with Boveda retains 15% more terpenes inside than comparable containers without Boveda.

We are sure that after reading our article you will exactly choose your own way of curing cannabis in jars!

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