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Are Edibles Bad For Your Heart? Research On Heart Disease And Cannabis

cannabis and heart health

Are edibles bad for your heart? Today we’re going to talk about the potential health risks of marijuana smoking. Anyone planning to use marijuana should first discuss the possible health risks of marijuana with their doctor. It is also vital that people only use legal cannabis products because there is no control over the quality or composition of the cannabis products that are sold on the street, so people want to know, are edibles bad for your heart?

Some studies on how smoking affects your heart, analyzed by the medical team, have shown heart rhythm disturbances: tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, and other smoking effects on the heart. They can occur within an hour of using marijuana containing THC.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance in marijuana that creates a high, but it’s up to you to decide whether weed is bad for your heart or not.

What Does Marijuana Do to the Heart and Body:

  • Causes an increase in heart rate;
  • Increases the heart’s need for oxygen;
  • Destroys the walls of arteries
  • Helps to increase blood pressure in the prone position.

Cannabis smoke contains components similar to tobacco smoke, studies show that after smoking marijuana, the content of carbon monoxide and tar increases in the blood, as after tobacco, and this contributes to marijuana heart attacks.

For people with a weak heart, the risk of having a heart cannabis attack increases. Also, chest pain, heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances, and other serious heart conditions associated with both tobacco and marijuana intoxication.

In fact, cannabinoids, and heart disease studies reviewed by the medical team, have shown possible links to lower blood pressure. Also, decreased heart rate, and less inflammation, which is the main cause of narrowing of the arteries that can lead to heart disease and strokes.

There is one caveat to all of these research results: the available research on the relationship between marijuana and the heart is “short-term, surveillance and retrospective research that shows trends but does not lead to causality.”

As a reminder, a new study has shown that the psychoactive component of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), may prevent the onset of lethal symptoms of Covid-19-related pulmonary disorder in mice.

Risks of Cannabis Use

Risks of Cannabis Use

It is especially important to convey to adolescents and young people what disastrous consequences they may face in the future due to addiction to marijuana. If you are interested in does marijuana increase heart rate, then weed also has a detrimental effect on the heart rate.

The problem is that many American states legalize the supposedly “light” drug, although, in recent years of cultivation of this plant, the content of psychoactive substances in it has increased significantly:

  • The high potency of the drug can be expressed in a detrimental effect on the vascular system and heart muscle. This points to the need for more research on the health effects of marijuana and marijuana products, says Defillipis.
  • Marijuana contains over 100 compounds called cannabinoids, which are concentrated in the nervous system, but can also be found in muscle cells and other tissues and organs.
  • A new study on smoking weed to cause heart disease has shown that smoking marijuana causes angina more rapidly in patients with coronary artery disease compared to smoking a placebo.

Does Weed Make Your Heart Rate Rise?

Does Weed Make Your Heart Rate Rise?

Yes, smoking marijuana negatively affects the heart in this way:

  • the heartbeat is very frequent;
  • arterial and blood pressure rises.

If we talk about can marijuana lower blood pressure? The answer is most likely negative, since marijuana, on the contrary, puts a strain on the heart.

How much can marijuana increase a person’s heart rate? It is impossible to say for sure, each person reacts to smoking cannabis differently. If you are a beginner and try something strong, then your heart will literally jump out of your chest. If you have a lot of experience in using weed, then most likely your body and heart will react more calmly.

The last question: can marijuana cause a heart attack? Of course, and that’s the point. It is very dangerous.

Pros and Cons of Using Marijuana

Comparison of how does marijuana affects your heart in marijuana users with those who did not smoke marijuana showed that the former is on average younger: with less prevalence of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia (abnormally high levels of fat in the blood), and heart failure.

On the other hand, those who have used marijuana are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, psychosis, and alcoholism. But while patients with cardiomyopathy who have used marijuana are on average younger and less likely to suffer from heart failure, their risk of cardiac arrest is three times higher (2.4% versus 0.8% for those who do not smoke marijuana). Interested in has anyone had a heart attack from smoking weed care, then there is an exact answer with statistics above, so it is better not to smoke marijuana if you have heart problems.

The authors of the blog want you to take care of your health and heart, especially if it is weak, and you have problems. Marijuana can be very detrimental to people with heart disease, so try not to take risks, but rather quit smoking marijuana and be healthy.

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