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What Are Canna Bumps: Snorting Weed Powder And What Happens If You Do It

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According to statistics, smoking is the most common way of using marijuana, it is rolled up in joints, and it is also often smoked through a bong, a device similar to a portable hookah, with a water chamber. Cannabis can also be used as a spray or powder. Today we’ll take a look at all types of snuff cannabis and find out which one is the best and safest.

The Emergence of Snorting Cannabis

snorting weed

More recently, a new product has entered the market that has been billed as a “unique cannabis concentrate”. It was featured in a commercial for Canna Bumps. This product looks like 3 grams of powder which contains 600 mg of THC. This bottle comes with instructions and a spoon.

Unfortunately, stoners and cannabis aficionados took this product very badly. A lot of people didn’t like the new version of the weed – snuff and THC Living immediately decided to cancel the product.

Many people did not understand how snuff cannabis works and people did not know about its benefits, so they negatively perceived its entry into the market. Snuff cannabis has a quick effect, affordability and a bottle shape that makes it easy to swap with friends.

What Is Snorting Cannabis?

can you snort weed

We still decided to understand this topic in more detail, since many of our readers like to try something new. Snorting weed is a spray that looks exactly like a cold spray. The only difference is their composition. A spray called snuff cannabis contains THC. This type of cannabis use is much safer than inhaling smoke and is very often used for medical purposes. Let’s take a look at a few THC nasal sprays:

Cannatol Rescue

This spray contains 5 mg of THC per dose and is very often used in the emergency room for acute seizure activity. It can also be used to get high, but the effect would be weak enough that it is better to use other sprays for this purpose. Cannatol Rescue is most commonly used for medical purposes and in cases where the patient needs urgent help.

Verra Wellness

This snuff contains not only THC, but also CBD in a 10 : 1 ratio. One of the co-founders of Verra Wellness, Paul Johnson, claims that using this spray is much safer than other methods of using cannabis. If you want to try something new and have never heard of this spray, then take a look at snortable THC Verra Wellness.

What Is Cannabis Powder?

snortable thc

Many people think that only other drugs can be sniffed, but not cannabis. But this turned out not to be so, because everything that you can feel with your nose can theoretically be inhaled. In recent years, a new cannabis product has been developed, a powder that is very different from the nasal spray we discussed above.

One type of powder is soluble cannabinoids. They are designed to be dissolved in liquids or to create instant products. How is THC powder making? These soluble cannabinoids are manufactured using a nanoemulsion that provides a fast-acting powder and a pleasant after-consumption effect. Previously, a fatty base was used, which worked much slower. Let’s note that none of these powders have been tested for nasal use, so take the risk and only use the powder to dissolve in liquids.

Can you snort kief? Many magic weed lovers sometimes get the urge to sniff the kief they get after grinding cannabis. This is not a powder that you can sniff and get high. If you nevertheless decide to sniff the kief or other cannabis residues, you’ll get pain and a burning sensation in the nose and mucous membranes.

What Happens If You Snort Weed?

can you snort kief

Unfortunately, no research has yet been conducted on cannabis snuff powder, so we have no reason to say anything about this powder.

But there have been other studies that have shown that when used as a medicine, cannabis nasal spray has greater bioavailability due to its highly permeable structure. This means that after spraying the contents of the spray, the composition begins to work instantly and is absorbed by the mucous membrane.

Bioavailability is a clinical and pharmacological term for the portion of a drug that reaches the systemic circulation. The fact is that oral administration of cannabinoids takes a very long time to reach the right place in our body to provide some kind of effect, since they have to overcome the stomach, intestines and bake.

Insufflation is another term that refers to the injection of powdered THC into the ear cavity, upper respiratory tract, wound cavity, etc. using a powder blower. All ongoing pharmaceutical research has been conducted using nasal sprays rather than powders, which are new to the market.

Why Would You Sniff Weed?

how to make thc powder

Why sniff weed when there are so many other ways to use it? Many people believe that weed can be sniffed for exactly the same reasons that we sniff other substances.

Suction speed

When snorting marijuana and getting it into the nasal mucosa, an instant absorption of all active substances is triggered. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to feel the effect of cannabis in just a few minutes. With smoking or other methods of using the weed, the rate of onset of the effect is much lower than with sniffing.


This type of cannabis use is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this can help to hide in public the fact that you are getting the effect of THC, since there is no smoke when using the spray. On the other hand, after you put cannabis spray into your nose, you can suddenly start coughing and people around you’ll naturally pay attention to you.

Social factor

Consider canna powder as a fun way for friends to share cannabis, and it can also be the start of a fun conversation at a party or just an unusual trick. But other people’s negative attitudes towards cannabis snuff should be considered. Some people may be put off by this unusual way of using weed in the form of a spray, as they may think that it is some kind of very powerful drug and get scared. In very rare cases, people may even react aggressively, so be careful before showing your cannabis snuff.

What Cannabis Products Can You Sniff?

Growing cannabis indoors, hemp cultivation technique. Growing pot in groutent. Vegetative stage of marijuana growth. Medical marijuana. Background of cannabis leaves. A large amount of marijuana.

With the Canna Bumps market inaugurating and closing instantly, there is virtually no cannabis sniffing product left. This is not critical because other manufacturers have alternatives in the form of nasal sprays and soluble powdered weed for liquids.

As we mentioned earlier, there are still quite good Verra Wellness spray and other sprays on the market designed for emergency treatment of patients in case of seizures or other problems. It is not recommended to smell powdered marijuana, it is better to use it as stated by the manufacturer and not put your health at risk. You want to enjoy cannabis, not a burning and sore nose and throat.

Cannabis Snuff Change in the Future?

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Most people still associate sniffing with hard drugs, which are highly addictive and have dire consequences. Cannabis, which is a soft drug, should not make people associate it with something like that. Therefore, based on this opinion of most people, we can conclude that a marketing move towards snuff cannabis can be unsuccessful, since first you need to overcome this stigma.

The cannabis industry is a constant innovation and it can be expected that other products besides the white weed powder can come to the market very soon, which would be very popular with stoners and can gain public approval. The blog authors advise you to try something new for yourself and explore what other cannabis products exist in this world. If you were skeptical and did not know can you snort weed, then we hope that we have dispelled your doubts and possible fears.

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