Can You Freeze Weed: Frequently Asked Questions & Tips for Freezing Weed

can you freeze weed

The choice of storage method for marijuana largely determines how long your buds stay strong and flavorful. Properly stored, cannabis looks bright and rich – most often the buds are green with orange hairs, although sometimes you can find other colors – purple or pink. Today, you will learn about one of the methods for storing cannabis, namely freezing.

The idea of ​​freezing cannabis may seem very strange, but lately, more and more growers, commercial growers, and ordinary cannabis enthusiasts are practicing it. And although the process itself carries certain risks, in some situations it can bring tangible benefits. In this article, you will find answers to such questions as: “can you freeze weed?”, “what happens if you put the bud in the freezer?”, “what does putting weed in the freezer do?”, and lastly, “is it ok to freeze weed?”. Read on to learn all about freezing weed.

Why Keep Weed in the Freezer?

weed in the freezer

It’s probably not surprising that many growers put weed in the freezer. Most often, dry leaves are placed in an airtight glass jar, after which they are placed in the freezer for storage to make some kind of concentrate out of them a little later. But some gardeners do it differently by freezing the inflorescence. Outdoor growers who grow cannabis seasonally or even biennially are great at this way of storing their crops.

Ordinary glass jars with airtight lids will keep the buds fresh for a long time. Most gardeners will agree that if placed in a cool, dark place, the cannabis is guaranteed to keep for at least 18 months, provided it has been well cured, of course. However, if a grower has harvested a few kilos and doesn’t want them to go to waste, they need a way to store cannabis even longer. In this case, freezing marijuana can be quite useful.

How to Freeze Dry Weed?

Before proceeding with the freezing of hemp, it is first necessary to carry out the standard procedure for harvesting, drying, and curing it. An evacuated glass jar is best for long-term storage, but any other non-static container, such as plastic, will work. It is necessary to place cones in it and make sure that it is tightly closed. After that, you can safely put the container in the freezer for storage.

In a year or two, when the grower requires the finished product, he will simply need to take the container out of the refrigerator and let the cannabis thaw. It is better not to touch the buds with your hands while they are still frozen, as in this state their trichomes are very fragile. Also, don’t be foolish by trying to defrost them in the microwave.

As a rule, the top layer of inflorescence after defrosting becomes nondescript in appearance. This happens as a result of exposure to air and moisture. In general, such a product will remain of high quality, which is comparable to cones stored in the usual way. If during storage, the container with frozen marijuana remains sealed and moisture does not get inside, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

Cold Concentrates

freezing weed

European and American cannabis growers also resort to freezing marijuana in the process of creating concentrates. Frozen concentrates are much easier to store than marijuana florets. Here are some examples of popular cold marijuana concentrates:

“Dry Ice”

This method of creating cannabis concentrate is quite common in the USA. It allows you to prepare the finished product in minutes. To do this, place the cut cannabis leaves in a container and add dry ice. The whole process must be carried out in protective gloves, otherwise, you can freeze your fingers.

After the green mass and ice are in the container, they must be thoroughly mixed. Dry ice will absorb the cannabis trichomes during the sublimation process, after which it must be sieved. As a result, the grower will have a beautiful snow-white concentrate in the form of a powder. The entire process of its preparation will take a few minutes.

Ice Hash

Ice hash has always been the most popular concentrate among cannabis lovers, the process of which does not use any kind of solvents. For best results, the grower should have special hash bags, the bottom of which is a sieve with holes ranging in size from a millimeter to several microns.

Cut plant material should be placed in bags, then pour ice water over them. All contents must be thoroughly mixed until a sufficient amount of ready-made hash seeps through the bags. However, it still needs to be dried before use.

Live Extract

Professional extractors from the USA have succeeded well in freezing fresh cannabis inflorescence. They use cryogenic installations for these purposes. After freezing, the buds are subjected to various extraction methods to obtain a live hemp resin concentrate.

Live concentrate today is rapidly gaining popularity. Freshly frozen florets are made into bubble hash, which is harvested and placed in an industrial dryer for 24 hours. Then it is pressed with the help of special installations, turning it into living rosin.


Many bad-informed growers think that storing weed in a freezer is a bad idea. However, the positive experience of many European and American growers and growers suggests otherwise. Freezing marijuana for longer storage is a real way to preserve your crop for every home gardener. In pursuit of the same goal, it will not be difficult to make an ice hash or “dry ice”. But you can enjoy the live extract only in a coffeeshop. In general, if you are still interested in whether should you store weed in the freezer, then only you can answer this question. If you want this, then you can freeze weed without any worries. It is completely safe and not harmful to weed.

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