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Can You Bring Weed On A Plane: Consequences, What Is Allowed And How To Bring Marijuana Legally

traveling with medical marijuana

As you know, flights traveling with medical marijuana with illegal products are prohibited, and control over compliance with all standards and regulations for passengers and cargo, including private air transportation, is very strict.

But after updating the conditions for traveling with medical marijuana on the official website of the US Department of Homeland Security, it became clear that restrictions on the transportation of prohibited products would be eased. Indeed, now you can safely fly with weed, but not with any! Traveling with medical marijuana only.

It’s hard to even imagine that you can come to the airport, go through customs and get on a plane with pockets full of hemp. Fly weed seems unthinkable as marijuana travel is strictly prohibited, especially on international flights. Let’s find out more about how to implement a legal weed fly.

Can You Fly with Weed?

And yet, in the United States, the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration, now allows travelers to fly while carrying certain types of drugs. But be careful before you allow yourself to smoke such a “pipe of peace” right at the airport, pay attention to some rules that must be strictly followed when flying with marijuana.

Marijuana and smuggled products are accepted onboard under one condition: for medical use and therefore for medical personnel. Flying with medical marijuana, the traveler will be required to present an official document confirming his right to possess such a substance.

The official website of the Department of Homeland Security states that “Products/medicines containing narcotic substances derived from hemp or approved by the FDA are legal as they are produced under the rules determined by the 2011 Agriculture Act.”

Thus, one cannot fully trust that the ban is being relaxed. TSA recalls that federal law prohibits the possession of marijuana and certain drug-laden products, including hemp oil. TSA employees are required to report any suspected violations of the law, including smuggling weed on a plane.

This is why we advise you not to cheat with the authorities and not try to transporting weed on a plane during your California vacation. You cannot board your plane!

Now, good news for those flying within Canada. Canadian authorities have allowed air passengers to carry cannabis on board.

According to the new rules, flying with marijuana in checked luggage up to 30 grams of cannabis is allowed. However, such innovations will only work on domestic flights.

Travelers from Canada have warned travelers not to take cannabis with them on international flights, even if the plane is heading to a country where the drug is also legal.

In addition, it is noted that smoking cannabis on board the aircraft is still prohibited, despite the fact that it can be carried into the cabin.

Earlier in June, the Canadian Senate legalized the sale and use of marijuana. 52 senators voted for the adoption of the law, 29 opposed. According to the bill, any adult citizen of the country can buy up to 30 grams of the drug and grow up to four hemp bushes at home. Marijuana is not allowed to be sold in places where alcohol and tobacco are sold.

What if the plane lands in the USA and you have marijuana with you?

On November 3rd, an Air Canada plane flying from Toronto to Vancouver was forced to land at Seattle-Tacoma Airport for technical reasons. One of the passengers asked what awaits those with marijuana. CBC journalists found out the answer from a lawyer.

Flight AC125 was approaching Vancouver when passengers were told the plane would not be able to land due to fog and problems with the auto-landing system. As a result, the plane had to be deployed to Seattle for refueling. When the plane landed in Seattle-Tacoma, passengers were asked to leave the cabin – they had a 13-hour wait while the ship was examined by specialists.

Of course, people did not expect them to end up in the US, and so many began to worry. One of the passengers asked what she should do if she did not have a passport to travel to the States. Another passenger asked if those carrying weed on a plane would be punished.

Lawyer Richard Karland warned Canadians that if they find themselves in a similar situation, it is best to immediately throw away any product containing cannabis.

Otherwise, the US authorities will consider you a lawbreaker transporting marijuana. The crew must warn passengers in advance that the plane will land in the United States. The best option is to get rid of the marijuana in the toilet.

How to Bring Weed on a Plane?

How to Bring Weed on a Plane?

They hide the forbidden substance in the most unexpected places. “In socks, in hand luggage, in some kind of packages. The letter or greeting cards may contain cocaine in the leaves. In a pack of cigarettes, in linen, a drug can be shoved with weed.

First of all, please note that the TSA does not test drugs, and if they do, they are not eligible to make an arrest for medical marijuana on a plane. People seem to think they’ll be sniffing dogs and all, and while this happens at some international airports, it’s almost unheard of at domestic US terminals.

However, they may notice unusual objects. Who packs the peanut butter jar when they go on vacation? Nobody. It is worth approaching the situation of traveling with marijuana accordingly. Here are some air travel with marijuana ideas:

  • Cookies: bake some marijuana cookies and place them in a container of regular cookies. Put it in your bag with other lunch items (sandwiches, fruits, etc.). It is best to put cookies in a separate container along with other foods so that they do not stand out and look normal.
  • Hash oil: okay, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about since i’ve never seen it, but isn’t there such a thing as hash oil? If so, pour it into an empty bottle (like one of these brown skincare serums) and place it in your toilet bag. Make sure it is below the ounce limit and remember to seal it well.
  • Mule style: this method is suitable for those who are really paranoid and very much afraid of finding out marijuana on planes. Put marijuana in a few tiny balls, swallow them, and then when you get to your destination, buy magnesium citrate (or whatever they prescribe before your colonoscopy); You drink fluids with plenty of water, and then after four hours your intestines are empty. It is not recommended because it is difficult.

There are a lot of cases when a person is flying internationally with weed by mistake, he buys some kind of cookie containing marijuana or candy with a prohibited filling and is detained when importing such “souvenirs” into the country, there are a lot of customs at the customs.

There have been cases when a person carries a box of chocolates, and there, instead of a couple of chocolates, something else is supposed to be. Or, for example, headache pills that have been replaced with something else. It used to be that hallucinogenic mushrooms were sent by mail. I doubt that a person buys such mushrooms to make soup. In the Netherlands, such substances are not sold in supermarkets. If you want to bring something as a souvenir, then you should carefully read the composition a couple of times.

Those who do run the risk of smuggling drugs are warned by customs officials that it is impossible to deceive a dog’s instinct, do not even try. Sprays that cause sudden sneezing and coughing in bloodhounds only increase the suspicion of dog handlers, so the offender is checked even more thoroughly.
The authors of the article tried to tell you all the available information about travel with medical marijuana. Proceed at your own peril and risk if you decide to illegally smuggle the drug with you. It is best not to break the law and act within the limits of what is available.

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