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Can weed cause depression or amotivational syndrome?

can weed cause depression

Does smoking weed cause depression? Scientists cannot give a clear answer to this question today. However, many studies show rather curious results.

A 2005 study on animals by English scientists showed that there is a connection between symptoms of depression, amotivational syndrome, and the endocannabinoid system. Its activity produced an effect quite comparable to that of traditional antidepressants. The animal’s hormonal background was not disturbed in any way.

A series of more recent experiments conducted in 2015 by specialists of the Research Institute of addiction in Buffalo showed approximately the same results. The researchers found that endocannabinoids, affecting the sense of general well-being, activate the same receptors in the body as cannabinoid THC. It has been concluded that marijuana treats depression. But it’s not that simple.

Is weed an antidepressant?

A 2007 study shows that THC can be both a depressant and an antidepressant. The effect depends directly on the dosage. In the experiment, small amounts of cannabinoids have successfully stimulated serotonin production in rats. As a result, the mood of the rodents improved quickly and qualitatively. But in the case of large doses, the effect was directly opposite, exacerbating the symptoms of the disorder.

As for experiments carried out with the participation of people, curious results come from Canada. For example, by studying the mechanisms of depression and amotivational syndrome, scientists have concluded that those who use cannabis have a 4-7 times lower risk of various mental pathologies compared to those who do not use cannabis. As a result, it was found that among people who had not used cannabis, signs of depression were seven times more common. They were also four times more likely to have suicidal thoughts.

Weed helps depression

weed helps depression

Marijuana has some potential to fight this disease. It is confirmed by several studies, even if they are preclinical, as well as evidence from users themselves, indicating a general improvement in mood. Moreover, marijuana, unlike most drugs, does not cause irreversible and devastating changes in the body. Besides its advantages, cannabis has disadvantages.

The main one is a common problem with all antidepressants – they only remove symptoms, not fight with the root cause. Life’s difficulties will not go away: they will only lose meaning for a while. That’s the second pitfall. Under the influence of cannabis, it is smooth to relax and let everything go, which will only worsen the situation, and therefore exacerbate the overall stress.

That’s why the first step in the fight against depression should be to see a specialist. In this case, we can draw an analogy with pain. If you have a broken leg, it must be shown to the surgeon. Painkillers will help not to suffer, but the cause of pain will not go away.

The connection between relieving symptoms of depression and using cannabis exists, although not yet fully explored. But this does not prevent patients from getting a positive effect from marijuana under the control of their attending physician. This last factor is necessary, especially given the dual effects of THC on the body, which can both suppress and exacerbate the signs of depression. That’s why we recommend you avoid smoking weed on antidepressants.

Ultimately, the wisest solution would be to avoid delaying the problem and to see a specialist. You can use hemp to relieve your symptoms, but remember that it won’t solve all your problems. You should, therefore, use it responsibly, knowing the risks.


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