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Bubblers or bongs what is better?

bubblers or bongs what is better

The first bong was used thousands of years ago. However, the cannabis culture has not changed much since then. Today, the market offers a huge variety of devices. You can find the simplest bong, which costs a couple of dollars, or a priceless work of art.


The main difference between a bong and a bubbler is the vertical arrangement. Also, a bong is usually much larger than a compact bubbler. And, of course, you should not forget about the huge number of additional precoolers that are available for bongs.


  • Bong is better for experienced users. Their size allows for powerful, voluminous puffs, getting more THC at a time.
  • Bong is convenient to use by a large group of people.
  • The design of the bong allows it to be serviced and cleaned quite easily.
  • Multi-chamber models allow you to customize the device according to your needs and desires. A good bong can give 100% individual experience of using cannabis.


  • It’s easier to drop a bong than a bubbler because of the difference in weight and size.
  • The large size makes mobile use of bong difficult. It’s not easy to “blow your roof off” when you don’t have a flat surface and can’t sit down somewhere.
  • Bong bubbles much louder than a bubbler, which can be a disguising factor.
  • Bong is not suitable for travel and outdoor use.


Bubbler is, in fact, an intermediate link between a bong and a pipe. Unlike the others, this device can be easily used with one hand. Usually, the bumbler has a fixed design and does not support different precoolers. However, this feature is compensated by the fact that the device already has all the necessary cameras initially. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of bubblers.


  • Any bubbler will give softer smoke than a cheap bong.
  • A water filtration camera allows you to fully enjoy all the taste and aromatic qualities of smoke.
  • Bubblers are more resistant to bumps and falls.
  • You do not need to spend money on additional chambers. Everything you need is already built into the Bubblers.
  • You can use it anywhere, even on the move.


  • Bubblers are harder to clean due to their undismantled and twisted design.
  • There is no space for customization. On the other hand, additional cameras would significantly reduce the mobility of the device.
  • Due to the small size of the bubbles, you need to clean them much more often.
  • This is not the best option for a large company.

If you need a tasty and powerful device that you can enjoy in a circle of friends without rushing anywhere, then a bong is the best option. You can modify this device as your soul desires with different precoolers. Some models have the option of using ice, which makes the smoke much lighter and fresher. You will not be able to do this with a bubbler. Again, bong can be cleaned much less often, and it is much easier to do.

If you’re an individualist, a solo traveler, or a smoker on the go, it’s best to pay attention to a bubbler. It’s quite durable and easy to keep on hand. Unlike the tube, which is usually used to use marijuana outside the home, bubbler provides full water treatment and delicious soft smoke. The variety of models is huge. You can easily find the one that is right for you. And, of course, the possibility to use it anywhere without looking for a spot is priceless.

In the end, we can draw the following conclusion: if you are an experienced smoker, it is better to get both devices because each of them perfectly performs its specific features.


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