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Bubble Hash – the purest high

bubble hash smoking

High-quality buds contain a lot of trichomes, which means a lot of THC. These little hairs on the surface of the flowers have a drop at the end. It is this drop that contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids – everything that makes us happier. So the formula is simple: the more trichomes, the better.

The development of this thought led to the first concentrates, which were collected by hand. Later, the methods became more complicated, we started to use solvents and heat, but the bubble hash is slightly different.

Have you never heard about it before? It’s understandable because the method spread only at the end of the last century, and since then, there have been many more technological methods for extracting concentrates. You can use compacts to get wax at home in a few minutes, so why do people keep asking for bubble hash? Well, let’s answer a few questions.

What is bubble hash?

bubble hash

It is trichomes collected by ice water. It is so simple. The concentrate is made without using hands or solvents if you forget that water is a universal solvent. Of course, we mean that bubble hash does not use chemical and toxic solvents, such as butane for shatters. It also uses cold, not heat, as opposed to the more usual ways of extracting concentrates. The combination of these factors makes bubble hash the purest kind of concentrate. Purity means the high of THC is not distorted by any external substances. Moreover, the absence of chemical solvents guarantees the absence of any hangover. So we can answer that bubble hash is the purest and safest kind of concentrate.

How to make bubble hash?

bubble hash recipe

Any hemp enthusiast will want to try it after reading the previous paragraph. Fortunately, it is not difficult to make a bubble hash yourself.

You will need it:

  • Bucket
  • Ice
  • Iced water
  • Bubble bag (screen or mesh)
  • Buds

By gathering these simple ingredients, you can immediately start separating seeds from tares:

Place a fine-mesh inside the bucket. Fill it with water and ice. (You need more ice than water.) Put flowers in water and stir.

Since you probably don’t have a bubble hash machine, you’ll have to make an effort and stir this ice soup for about half an hour. At this time, the ice water will wash out all the trichomes from the plant and will not let the essential oils dissolve. But do not hurry to drain the water or disturb the substance immediately after you finished. Give time to everything that floats in the water to settle on the bottom.

In about half an hour, take out the bubble bag and find the light green slurry that has accumulated at the bottom. It is the bubble hash. All you have to do is to dry it out. If you still don’t have a freezer for drying plants, you will have to wait about a week for the trichomes to dry. I know it’s hard, but the result is worth it. I think that at this stage I do not need to tell you how to smoke bubble hash – those who have come all this way will understand.

Bubble hash is a rare product. It preserves all the substances, including terpenes in droplets, about which we wrote at the beginning of the article. Although its potency is below average compared to other concentrates, it is compensated by its taste and minimal side effects. In other words, bubble hash is a pure high – try it!

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