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British Jailers Supply Cannabis – Now Legally

British jailers supply cannabis

British police are proposing to give free marijuana to drug-addicted inmates to reduce violence and deaths from overdoses from dangerous synthetic drugs now prevalent in prisons.

According to North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones, prisons would require measures to reduce injuries and violence among inmates, as well as to combat the spread of cheap and dangerous synthetic drugs among them.

Many prisoners receive heroin substitutes like methadone, while everyone else is prescribed strong analgesics that are addictive and can damage health. At the same time, illegal drugs are common in prisons.

According to the commissioner, nothing prevents inmates from giving marijuana instead of opiates.

After all, opiates are much more dangerous than cannabis. It would also be an improvement over the illegal Synthetic Cannabinoids, which are smuggled into prisons by corrupt employees.

In the last five years, more than 300 prison officials in Wales and England have been imprisoned for passing drugs, tobacco, and cell phones to inmates. Marijuana is technically illegal in Britain, but the plant itself has been allowed to be used for medical purposes.

According to Commissioner Jones, a special regime could be established to test marijuana on inmates in prisons, where there is a notable high rate of drug smuggling and deaths from synthetic overdoses. This should make prisons safer, reduce the use of dangerous drugs, and protect the health of prisoners.

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