🏡|Weed 101|Do You Want To Know Best Ways To Smoke Weed? Here Top 9 Best Ways To Smoke Weed And Get High

Do You Want To Know Best Ways To Smoke Weed? Here Top 9 Best Ways To Smoke Weed And Get High

best ways to smoke weed

What’s the best way to smoke weed? That is the question. Over the years, stoners have come up with new ways to get high. Using all kinds of tools and science. Yes! The science! We went from wooden pipes to joints to bongos and brush strokes. It looks like it was.

Even experienced smokers may not know all the best ways to smoke weed. Here are just a few of the most popular methods for getting cannabis into the lungs.

People have been smoking cannabis for thousands of years, with some of the earliest recorded cases dating back to ancient Greece. We’ll focus on the best way to smoke weed to get the highest and see how many interesting things people have come up with. There is the best way to smoke marijuana without even smoking it. Here are 9 best ways to smoke weed:

Pipes and Bongs

Perhaps the easiest and best way to smoke marijuana is to light cannabis with a pipe or bong. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designs and materials. However, they all contain the main ingredients: a pot for pot and a pipe through which smoke passes for inhalation. For some hobbyists, these devices have become not just a way to smoke, but a work of art.

Pluses: Perhaps the softest and best way of smoking weed. The smoke, being cooled by water, does not tear the throat and suffocate so much. And bongos are also very beautiful and cool.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of bongs is that they are often bulky. In the field-field conditions or for a spy-guerrilla smoke, they are not very suitable, unless, of course, this is some kind of micropysydical model. Finally, the bong is expensive these days. And if it is made of glass (which is most often), then it can be accidentally broken, there have been cases.

Chemistry: Yes, if you thought that some of the THC from hemp is deposited in the water of the bong, then you are absolutely right. According to the latest data, the water in the bong can filter up to 13% of the THC. And therefore, if you want to smoke from a bong straight from the bottom of your heart, to a semi-pale state, then you will need more grass. However, there is good news in ways to smoke marijuana – water also filters out some of the harmful toxins produced by burning herbs.

Joint and Blunt 

best way to smoke marijuana

What is the best way to smoke weed? The other most popular way to smoke marijuana is “cigarette”. It’s very simple: the cannabis is crumbled and wrapped in paper. Some people find that joints and blunts are less economical than bongs and pipes because of the amount of weed burned. And advanced smokers add hashish or extracts to the joints and blunts for the best way to smoke weed. But that doesn’t compare to the giant Thai stick, which is essentially a canna cigar.


A vaporizer is the best way to smoke weed to get the highest and is considered the most technologically advanced, efficient and safest way to smoke weed. The herb does not burn, which means it does not emit toxins, and THC, CBD and other goodies are not destroyed either. If you ask me what is the best way to smoke weed through a vaporizer, then I will answer you: “It’s a pity that after smoking through a vapor, rushing is very, very weak, especially if you switched to it without a break after a woodcut, bong or joint.”

Pluses: It is completely harmless (if not useless). In addition, foreign marketers assure that this is how you get the maximum amount of THC.

Disadvantages: However, judging by the strength of the cigarette, it is hard to believe in it. You need to smoke a lot of grass through the vapor in order to demagnetize it more or less decently. And this rubbish costs from several hundred dollars to several thousand.

Chemistry: There is such a calculation. When you smoke grass with an open fire (a joint, for example), the smoker gets 20 to 37% of the THC originally found in the grass. At the same time, scientists claim that the vaporizer raises this percentage to 60.

Homemade Devices

For those who find it difficult to get a good bong, imagination comes to the rescue to come up with how do you smoke marijuana. In places where there is no legalization or decriminalization, household items are very popular. They are used like a pipe, they make holes in objects and go! These smoking methods are limited only by the imagination.

Wet and Dry Bottle Bulb

ways to smoke marijuana

Whats the best way to smoke weed out of the box? This method is very popular and is made from improvised household materials. The main difference is that this method of smoking uses water (like a bong), as the name implies. The type and size of this device can also be anything, it all depends on the imagination.

Advantages: As for the dry roll, it is very fast, the best way to get high on weed, inconspicuous and quite effective if you smoke a good drape. If we talk about wet, then this is the most sprawling and economical way of smoking weed. Stronger than smoking weed through wet, only extracts or hemp food is taken away.

Disadvantages: Plastic already heated over 50 degrees is very, very toxic. Therefore, there are two options – to carefully monitor that the neck does not heat up, or to make a roll of glass for yourself, or order one online, for example. Expensive, of course, but health is more expensive.

Chemistry: Open burning of grass. And in the case of wet, you get the best ways to get high on weed and along with THC and a portion of toxins from the smoke to the last drop.

Eco-Friendly Devices

What is the best way to smoke marijuana for hippies? The hippie theme will live on forever, and given the popularity of environmental themes today, it’s no surprise that someone smokes through vegetables and fruits. It is extremely easy to make such devices, but they will not last long.

Making a pipe from an apple is one thing, but eco-people go further and try to use natural sun instead of lighters and matches! Yes, you heard right, some people think that using lighters is very harmful and not environmentally friendly, so they light their stuff with a magnifying glass and the sun. These are the modern hippies in the world today.

Hot Knife, Dubbing and Hotbox 

Whether the device is made of glass, metal, plastic or paper, there are no restrictions on how you can smoke pot. For example, a hot knife is a method for smoking hashish, which uses two red-hot knives, between which the staff is burned.

Dabbing is the best piece to smoke weed extracts, and a special device has even been invented for this. A hotbox is secondhand or active smoking in a car or room filled with hemp smoke.


best way to get high with weed

Marijuana how to smoke through a pipette? Conventional pipettes from an ordinary pharmacy for instilling anything came into our lives not so long ago – only about 10 years. You can’t put a lot into a pipette, and an ordinary one will not work, because what you smoke – what you listen to the radio, there is no difference in effect. But if you make a killer variety in pipetos – this is the very thing and you no longer ask what’s the best way to smoke weed?

Advantages: Best way to get high with weed and an ideal device for stealthy smoking – small, inconspicuous, and it costs a penny – if anything, it’s not a pity to throw it away. You will make the cap fatter, hold the smoke longer, and there is practically no smoke at the exit. However, there is still a smell.

Disadvantages: He is essentially one. If you catch up with tolerance, it will take a lot of pipettes to get high. And the situation when micro doses no longer work develops very soon.

Chemistry: Open burning of grass with all the consequences – toxins in the smoke, burning in the throat while smoking, excess combustion of THC.


Best way to get high without weed smoking. There are plenty of good ways to use the gifts of the god Jah without staining your lungs with tar. Also, if you still do not have the means and the opportunity to purchase grass of acceptable quality, but at the same time grow in an area where completely unstable hemp varieties live and in the front garden nearby you have seen characteristic bushes – rejoice!

Since the atomic component of ganja is a lipophilic (fat-soluble) substance. Cannabinoids can be extracted with fats or organic solvents.

Managa (milk) is the rarest of the oral products. It is prepared in milk (milk – there is a very thin emulsion of animal fat in water), or water with the addition of condensed milk, by boiling wild hemp, followed by filtering and drinking.

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