Cannabis Nutrient Chart For Your Marijuana Plants – Top Best Cannabis Flowering Nutrients

cannabis nutrient chart

Cannabis nutrient chart for plants – like human food. They contain the elements necessary to build the cannabis organism and have a profound effect on the rate and vigor of growth. You can get a high-quality and abundant weed crop only from a bush that is fully provided with all micro/macro elements.

When cultivating marijuana in a commercially available soil mixture, the grower can do without cannabis flowering nutrients, since everything necessary is already present in it. For example, if we are talking about an auto-flowering variety, then the elements contained in high-quality purchased soil will literally be enough for it for a lifetime. But if we are talking about a photoperiodic variety that grows much longer than a couple of months, or about reusing the soil, then we cannot do without top dressing. The same applies to outdoor conditions and/or land taken from the infield. And in the case of a hydroponic system, a nutrient solution made entirely of water and flowering nutrients is generally the basis of all growth.

Two Types of Weed Nutrients:

marijuana flowering nutrients
  • Organic
  • Mineral

Organic Flowering Nutrients

They are decomposition products of organic matter and have been known to mankind since ancient times. This type of dressing includes all types of manure, plant humus, ash, bone meal, and so on.

The main advantages of organic fertilizers include:

Low cost. In most cases, such top dressing can generally be made independently, from improvised means.

The ability of the best nutrients for flowering cannabis to stimulate beneficial microorganisms to help cannabis extract maximum nutrients from the soil.

Low risk of overfeeding. In the case of organic matter, the absorption of nutrients is smoother and slower, which does not allow the bush to immediately “overeat” and die from chemical burns in a matter of days.

Marijuana grown with the best organic nutrients for weed does not need to be rinsed before harvesting. Also, you are completely insured against the ingress of unwanted chemical compounds into your body.

Best organic nutrients for cannabis soil have a beneficial effect on the ability of cannabis to absorb water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.

But this “medal” also has a downside. Bacteria need time to process organic matter into nutrients necessary for weed, which means that the effect of feeding will not appear immediately (usually changes occur after a couple of days). In terms of growth rate, bushes feeding on organic nutrients for cannabis flowering are significantly inferior to their counterparts grown on mineral water. Also, this type of feeding stimulates the development of not only beneficial microorganisms, but also pathogenic microflora, and therefore requires increased attention and control from the gardener.

Mineral Flowering Nutrients

Best nutrients for flowering are produced by the chemical industry and contain nutrients in their fully prepared (salt) form. The plant does not need to wait for the soil microflora to decompose organic matter into the necessary elements – it can start its “meal” immediately after application.

The main advantages of mineral fertilizers are:

  • Ability to quickly restore the level of nutrients in the soil.
  • Lack of sharp, unpleasant odor.
  • Relative ease of use. Growers usually include a dosage plate with marijuana flowering nutrients, and all a grower needs to do is follow the directions correctly.
  • They provide maximum plant performance.
  • Allows the use of hydroponic growing methods.

Without drawbacks, of course, also nowhere. Bushes growing on mineral water must be shed with clean water at least 2 weeks before harvesting in order to remove excess fertilizer. You can make a mistake with the dosage and just kill the plant. The mineral cannabis nutrients chart also tends to concentrate in the soil, killing all beneficial microflora. For example, it will not be possible to grow mycorrhiza, a fungus that completely monitors the bush, braiding its root and supplying the weed with all the necessary elements in the correct quantities.

Advanced fertilizers include base materials, specialty additives, and various trace minerals that marijuana needs in small amounts. As a rule, they contain from 3 to 10 types of such ingredients. The additives contained in them are various biological stimulants that have a positive effect on the growth of roots and aerial parts, as well as on the formation of inflorescence. Most of these cannabis flowering nutrients outdoors are suitable for use throughout the cycle, so growers who don’t like the extra headache are better off focusing on them.

Nutrients for Weed at Various Stages of Life

Depending on the stage of life, weed needs most of some elements, and least of all others. Therefore, in order to provide plants with all the marijuana nutrients chart, it is imperative to understand when and what they need. This will largely depend on the substrate in which the weed is cultivated.

For example, fertile soil can contain enough nutrients for several weeks or even months, so the need for additional feeding may not arise immediately. An article with a recipe for a soil mixture for growing weed. Autoflowering marijuana strains may not need any fertilization at all, as their life cycle is very short. If the cultivation takes place in a neutral substrate or in a hydroponic plant, then the plant needs nutrients almost always. Let’s take a look at what nutrients to use during flowering.

Marijuana Nutrient Chart for Cannabis Vegetation

flowering nutrients

At this stage, the main element that weed needs is nitrogen (N). It is he who is responsible for the formation of green mass, which will then carry out photosynthesis, feeding the bush with sugars and starch. The second most important is potassium (K). He is responsible for the immunity of the plant, the strength of the stems and shoots. Phosphorus (P) is also required but in much smaller quantities. Its main role is revealed during flowering.

Also, for the normal development of plants, Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and many other trace elements are needed, but in much smaller quantities.

Nutrients for Weed Flowering

After the plants have shown sex, their vertical growth gradually slows down and the flowering stage begins. Along with this, the required ratio of nutrients in the used best nutrients for cannabis flowering is shifted towards Phosphorus and Potassium (more of them are needed at this stage). Phosphorus and potassium play an important role in flower bud and resin production. The NPK ratio in fertilizers for flowering can be 2-7-4, 3-7-6, etc. For the final stage of ripening, fertilizers with a minimal or no nitrogen content are often used, for example, 0-5-6, 1-5- 6 or 0-13-14.

Popular Weed Nutrients:

cannabis nutrients chart

Flora Series HW + Ripen

These flowering nutrients for cannabis kit contain all the macro and micronutrients that marijuana needs. It can be used with all types of substrates and soils, in hydroponics and aeroponics. The kit consists of a three-component nutritional complex and a unique supplement Ripen, which is designed for the final stage of cannabis development. It increases yields and speeds up the flowering process.

GHE Bio Sevia

Two-component advanced flowering cannabis nutrients capable of providing cannabis with everything you need throughout your life. Grow fertilizer is used during the growing season. It stimulates the growth of green mass and promotes the rapid growth of seedlings. The second component, Bloom, is for the flowering stage. It promotes the formation of lush and resinous inflorescence, rich in active substances. The complex works well in soil and hydroponics. He is able to imitate natural processes in the soil.

Flora Duo Grow SW + Flora Duo Bloom

The kit consists of two components that are used at different stages of marijuana development – vegetation and flowering. Grow fertilizer contains a special cannabis nutrient uptake chart, supplements that make the plant more resistant to negative environmental factors, including low light and temperature changes. It accelerates the growth of the root system and the aerial part of a young plant due to the presence of biologically active substances in the composition.

Flora Nova Bloom + Grow

This organic nutrient chart kit can be used in soil and hydroponics. Both components are highly concentrated formulations that are used very economically. One is for the growing season, the other for flowering. They contain all the nutrients weed needs, as well as stimulants and supplements.

On behalf of the creators of this useful blog, we want to thank you for your interest in the article, and we hope that you can reproduce the knowledge gained to get a good harvest and be happy!

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