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Best Autoflower Strains: How To Choose, Advantages And Disadvantages, Best Strains To Grow

Autoflower Strains

Best Autoflower Strains

Autoflowering cannabis strains are in very high demand today. The reason for the popularity of autoflower strain is its unpretentiousness and vitality, high growth rate, as well as a short life cycle. Many modern autos from the well-known US and European growers also have high THC levels and good yields.

What is the best autoflowering cannabis strain? Agree, the criteria for evaluating autoflower strains can be different. For some, unpretentiousness in care is important, for the second – the destructive force of the impact, for the third – abundant yield. What’s more important?

Each grower decides for himself what to give preference to. That is why we decided to present you below a selection of the best autoflower strain of cannabis in several nominations. All of them were selected for a rather long period of time. A detailed analysis was carried out, which was based on consumer demand, feedback, and expert opinion.

First, the popularity of top autoflower strains is due to the fact that the bushes do not grow tall and unpretentious. Although the yield is somewhat inferior to photoperiodic varieties, this does not apply to quality, percentage of THC, and other properties.

Of course, everyone chooses a variety to their liking. A great variety on the one hand increases the possibilities, and on the other, makes it difficult to choose. Recommendations based on a comparative analysis of properties and the practice of experienced users allow you to navigate.

Autoflower Seeds Review

Autoflower Seeds Review

Autoflowering cannabis varieties are hybrids that automatically enter the flowering phase when a certain level of maturity is reached (usually 3 weeks after germination) regardless of the change in the light cycle. These super autoflower seeds are the result of crossing Sativa or Indica photoperiod strains with Ruderalis. Let’s start a little autoflower review.

Cannabis ruderalis is a variety of wild weedy cannabis that grows in Eastern Europe, Southern Siberia, Kazakhstan, China, etc. Outwardly, it is a small plant up to 60 cm in height, very resistant, and fast-growing. Due to the extremely low content of THC, Ruderalis in its pure form is of no value for recreational use. But fortunately, its ability to self-flowering to create super auto-flowering seeds was discovered and successfully introduced into the breeding work of breeders.

Autoflowering marijuana strains have unique advantages of their own that photoperiod strains cannot. So, in order, let’s autoflowering seeds review:

  • Short flowering period. This advantage leads directly to other rosy prospects. Firstly, it allows harvesting several crops per year outdoors in warm regions, which is impossible in the case of photoperiodic varieties that begin to bloom only at the end of summer. Secondly, residents of more northern latitudes are guaranteed to get at least one full-fledged crop, even with a short summer – most often the full life cycle of autos is 60-70 days;
  • Compact sativa autoflower dimensions. they genetically inherit short stature from ruderalis, which allows them to be grown in rooms with limited space – low grow tents, small boxes, balconies or even closets;
  • Firmness. Natural endurance and resistance to mold, disease, cold, etc. are also transferred from ruderalis to autoflowering.

Of the shortcomings in our auto seeds review, we can only note a more modest yield and a low level of THC, in comparison with photoperiodic varieties.

However, due to the fact that the number of people who want to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds is growing rapidly, today a huge number of breeders are investing all their resources in improving these indicators. Many are absolutely sure that the future belongs to autoflowers, so the work on improving their genetics gradually leads to the fact that autoflowering sativa ceases to be inferior to their classic counterparts.

Top Autoflowering Strains: Meet the 8 Best Autoflowering Strains

Top Autoflowering Strains

The Most Powerful

The THC content of FastBuds Gorilla Glue Auto fem speaks for itself. 24% are not jokes. Its finished product brings a killer, lightning-fast effect that combines an uplifting sativa high with a relaxing indica stone. First comes a bright unrestrained euphoria, which fills the body with vivacity and makes thoughts crystal clear. Over time, it is replaced by deep relaxation, which plunges the mind into a state of nirvana. This best autoflower also boasts a life cycle of 8-9 weeks.

The Most Productive

Most autoflowers have modest yields, but not Dr. Bulk Smash Auto fem. Krippling Seeds. This unpretentious plant is able to give its owner indoors from 280 to 750 g of cones per 1 m2, outdoors – from 200 to 800 g from one bush. The growth of best autoflower genetics reaches 80-150 cm, and the THC rate is 19%. Her finished product delivers a vivid, dizzying impact that will surprise even avid growers with ease.

The Most Unpretentious

B. Lee Auto (Kickass Auto) fem from Kannabia Seed Company received the title of the most unpretentious cannabis. The best plant for beginner gardeners is unlikely to be found. It does an excellent job of dealing with any hardships that Mother Nature brings. Autoflowering has a very strong immunity, and therefore is not at all afraid of diseases. Emus are not afraid of mold, fungi and insect pests. It is also worth noting the fast life cycle of 60-65 days, as well as the devastating impact.

Most Sativa

Sativa lovers should definitely try Tangiematic auto fem from American seed bank FastBuds. Its buds are endowed with a refreshing fruit aroma, and the taste contains notes of tangerine and spices. The THC content in them reaches 21-23%. This allows the most potent autoflower strain to give a good mood and a positive attitude does not let the grower go for a long time until complete relaxation comes. The hybrid takes 9 weeks from seed germination to harvest. Best sativa autoflowering strain indoor yield reaches 450-650 g / m2.

Most Popular

The public favorite in our selection is the Girl Scout Cookies auto fem from FastBuds. Its positive qualities have been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of growers around the world, especially on the west coast of the United States. Its main feature is its unique taste and aromatic qualities, which are very reminiscent of freshly baked scout cookies. Best outdoor autoflower produces 70 to 300 g of buds 8-9 weeks after germination, which contain 22% THC. They bring the taster powerful energies of cheerfulness, good mood, and boundless enthusiasm. It is great medicine for stress and depression.

Euphoric high

Paradise Seeds Automaria II fem is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. His life path lasts about 70 days. During the flowering period, the plant fills the entire surrounding space with a pleasant floral-fruity aroma, which instantly lifts your spirits. The growth of bushes reaches 70-100 cm, and the yield can reach 450 g / m2. The THC index of the finished product is 15-18%. It has a vivid uplifting effect, which is commonly called the euphoric high effect.

Union of two legends

Best autoflowers 2021 Grass-O-Matic Auto AK fem marijuana is a cross between the legendary AK-47 and the world’s first Lowryder auto. The hybrid is famous for its unpretentiousness and decent performance indicators. With a growth of 50-70 cm, it brings from 40 to 80 g of the finished product from a bush with a THC concentration of 13-15%. The buds of the plant are endowed with a sweet fruity aroma and a delicate lemon flavor.

Timeless Classics

Pyramid Seeds’ Auto White Widow fem has been at the top of the seedbank listings for several years now. Its older brother, the photoperiod variety of the same name, has long taken a place of honor in the cannabis hall of fame. Autoflowering variation is inferior to him only in yield. Best autoflower strains 2021 is famous for its unpretentious cultivation, a high level of resistance to adverse environmental factors and a fast life cycle of 50-70 days. They contain 15% THC and have a pleasant measured effect that brings a feeling of happiness and euphoria.

The creators of the blog have tried to share with you the most relevant and best marijuana varieties that you can always trust and try if you want. Happy cultivation and pleasant shopping for autoflowering strains!

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